Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

I’m sorry I have not been a faithful correspondent recently, but things have been busy. A quick rundown:

Despite your valiant efforts, I was not a finalist for a Golden Pastie award, so you won’t have to see me beg for votes in the weeks leading up to The New York Burlesque Festival.

However, I *was* the winner of The Great Teaseday Cookie, so you will be able to see me at The Teaseday Club on October 7th.

The Burlesque Your Way students had their final class last night and I can say for certain that the Student Showcase on September 23rd is going to be a treat! Get your tickets so you can say “I saw them when…”

OfB-mediumAnd finally, The Boston Babydolls are taking their show on the road in October. Because Boston and the environs are terrible when it comes to venues (and getting worse all the time), we could not find a space that was appropriate to bring you The Wrathskellar this year. Instead, we’ll be presenting Out for Blood, our spooky & sexy Halloween revue, as we travel around New England! So far we have dates in Western MA, VT, and RI.

But I know what you’re really here for… your Friday Tip!

Kill your darlings.

It’s been attributed to Mark Twain, William Faulkner, and several other famous authors. Who cares who said it; it’s good advice. They were talking about editing out some of your favorite verbiage, but we can apply the same philosophy to burlesque.

Sometimes you’ve got that one wonderful thing in an act. Maybe it was the concept that the entire number was built around. But things aren’t going so well. As painful as it may be, jettison your wonderful thing and see what happens. You might go in a whole new and better direction!

I speak from experience — the whole reason for “The Faerie Queen” was so I could perform a particular magic trick. Although I worked very hard to master the trick, I couldn’t do it consistently well, which was making me crazy — this was the raison d’être of the act! And then I realized that even if I could do it perfectly, there was absolutely no way to transition smoothly into and out of the trick. Reluctantly, I cut it out entirely. And the act is the better for its sacrifice.


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