New York Burlesque Festival, Friday

Dear Constant Reader,

After the excitement of Thursday, I was ready for a more relaxed Friday. After a delightful breakfast in Brooklyn, some gaping at the fabulous view (see photo), and Scratch fielding a number of business calls (I won’t complain when it’s people who want to hire us), we headed into Manhattan to meet the lovely Mimi Mischief and go shopping.

It was mostly window shopping, but we did get some items to bling up our demon costumes. Eventually we were joined by Mimi’s very handsome swain, but too soon, it was time to return to get ready for the Friday night show. Brooklyn not being Manhattan when it comes to parking, we elected to drive, which was the right choice.

We got to Brooklyn Bowl while the opening band was playing and it was too loud for me in the main room. Happily, Delilah and her friend had a table out front and invited us to join them where it was fractionally quieter. The food was better than expected and the smoked trout salad was a real winner (thanks for the recommendation!).

The main room was *packed*, no great surprise. Thank goodness they were projecting everything on big screens or I wouldn’t have been able to see the performers from about the thighs down. We found a good spot was in the back, up a level where it was easy to see the stage and a couple of screens.

Amongst the acts that stood out for me:

  • Raquel Reed: beautiful costume and a great surprise. I thought she was wearing a full-skirted coat, but it was really wings, belted.
  • Tansy: an etherial tease in a elegant gown
  • Ivory Fox: beautiful pole work
  • Evelyn Vinyl: it was a striking act with all the electronics, but that was just icing on a really good cake.
  • Sydni Deveraux: just stunning. The embodiment of The Golden Glamazon.
  • Aero Trapeze: It was Harvest Moon and a name I didn’t catch. I was awestruck. They obviously had an agreement with gravity — they wouldn’t bother it and it didn’t bother them. So much strength & grace.
  • Apathy Angel: she blew me away with her asselling. Best I’ve ever seen.
  • Trixie Minx: a very cute first song and quite the stocking remove for the second
  • Ellie Dorado: it’s pretty obvious why she’s now the Queen of New Orleans burlesque
  • Jonny Porkpie: I really liked this number. Being a Raiders fan, how could I not love the premise. And the music was a great choice.
  • Dangrrr Doll: breakin’ the rules again…

I’m sorry we missed the Saturday & Sunday shows, but family and troupe obligations came first.


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