Los Angeles: Monday, 11/24/14

Dear Constant Reader,

What to do with our last, beautiful, sunny day in L.A.? We decided to be total tourists and head for the Santa Monica Pier. I’ll admit it — I didn’t know that it was the end of Route 66. It took a while for us to get the snapshot because a bunch of models were having a shoot in front of the sign. Just another day in Southern California.

Despite my horrible fear of heights, I insisted on riding the Ferris wheel (that would be the solar-powered Pacific Wheel). The ocean view was amazing — when I could look around.

Then we went hunting for the carousel. I love vintage carousels. One of my favorite moments was riding the Flying Horses Carousel on Martha’s Vineyard for the first time and getting the brass ring. Pure magic. At this one I was torn on choosing a mount. Most of the horses were original and normally, I’d make sure to get one of the originals. However, the two replacements, which were not horses, were made by Big Daddy Roth. Guess which one I picked?

Later we went to Venice Beach and took a stroll. Had we planned things better, we might have seen the Freak Show, instead of just visiting the building (they’re currently only open on weekends).

In the evening we headed out to Monday Night Tease: Erotic Titty. Monday Night Tease was basically the whole reason we came to L.A.. Of course, we were hoping to perform, but with a Prince-themed show, there was just no way to shoehorn any of our acts in. Next time.

We were on our way to dinner, just one minute late for our reservation and about to turn onto Vine when On Vine (that’s the restaurant — see how close we were) called to say they had a sewer pipe rupture and were closing down. Glad it happened before we got there! They helpfully directed these out-of-towners to one of their near-by sister restaurants and we had a pleasant meal.

The 3 Clubs (home of MNT) has a fabulous lounge, very Old Hollywood, where we ran into Vikki Fahrenheit, who I thought lived in Las Vegas, but is now a CA resident. We didn’t have to hang out in the lounge for long because Lili set us up at our table while the last bit of sound check was going on. The performance room is pretty small, less than 100 people, and it was *packed*. I was not surprised, given the quality of the show.

I’ve got to say that the house cocktail, the Erotic Titty, was delicious, but I knew I’d fall asleep if I had one, so I opted for my usual Captain & Coke, but it was made with a spiced rum called Coffee & Cigarettes, with a fascinating coffee finish.

The show had a loose connecting story, delivered by Morris Day (Mad Dog Delaney) and Baby (Heather Henderson) with the occasional assistance of Jerome (Mr. Snapper). Side note, I learned after the show that Heather is the vocalist for Penn Jillette’s NoGodBand (her “Ardent Atheist” tattoo had been noted).

Let’s see if I can remember all the acts in any sort of order:

  • Glama Sutra, living Sheila E.’s “Glamourous Life”
  • Egypt Blaque Knyle as Prince’s cat (her moves were *incredible*)
  • Glama Sutra and Jessabelle Thunder dancing it off as Apollonia and Vanity, backed up by Red Snapper, Nikita Bitch Project, Sheila Starr Siani, and someone I forget. Of course, it devolved into a catfight…
  • Caramel Knowledge as “The Purple One”.
  • Jessabelle Thunder, sexy as all get out
  • Sheila Starr Siani with her award-winning harem girl act. I saw it at The Expo last year, but this time I was at the right angle to see all her sensual floorwork. Oh yum.
  • Lux LaCroix, of course, brought the house down as Prince himself. I’ve seen her do the act on video, but that was nothing compared to the real thing. And so close she could sweat on us.

The energy in the room was amazing. Everyone was just having the best time, audience and performers, as well they should. I’m so glad we got the chance to see this show.

And afterward Lili invited us to join some of the cast at The House of Pies for their usual post-show breakfast. Scratch & I looked at one another and knew there would be no sleep for us. There was cherry pie and a chance to really talk with Lili until the chairs went up on the tables around us.

It was a fantastic trip. We’ll be back and sooner rather than later.

We did manage to get two hours or so of sleep before heading to the airport to return to cold, damp Boston and one really annoyed cat.


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