Expo 2015: Prologue

Dear Constant Reader,

This was without a doubt the most challenging Expo since the first one.

Even if you’re not from the Northeast, you’ve probably heard of the crippling snowstorms that have hit Boston. As of today I think we’ve gotten about a hundred inches of snow and almost no thaw. There have been parking bans, collapsed roofs, total shutdown of public transit, giant icicles destroying cars, nowhere to put the snow — it’s a mess.

Trying to get tech gear from the various storage units to the hotel in the snow and bitter cold was a nightmare. No fewer than 2 dozen performers canceled. Some of our mainstay staff members, like Linda B., Mr. Wrong, and Marek, couldn’t make it for various reasons (and none of them were happy about it). Volunteers were scarce. Ticket sales were down. The hotel was not always so helpful and sprung some surprise charges.

And yet, we pulled it off again. And people seemed to have a really good time, despite the weather.

As predicted, the event lost quite a bit of money, but Scratch is doing it again next year, for the 10th time. He’s got all sorts of ideas to make it even more special. If you had a good time this year, if you want to come next year, please consider donating a little to the Expo fundraising efforts. Just a few bucks can add up, but if you’re a high-roller, there’s a special one-of-a-kind reward from Blaze & Red Rose Regalia.

Thanks for your indulgence and I’ll start my blow by blow report soon!


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