Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Never fear, my multi-part Expo report is coming. I’m just waiting for the photos to start coming back from our official photographers.

Here’s your Friday tip!

Live entertainment should be enjoyed live. No pictures please!

This is a special tip for audience members. Stop taking photos and video at shows. Just stop it. You’re annoying the performers and producers, getting crappy pictures, and missing the actual show.

Many shows arrange for their own photographers and/or videographers. Their job is to get the best shots that showcase the performers in the most flattering way. They are professionals with professional equipment who are often allowed special access to get those good shots. The producers, venues, and performers can then control what goes out into the wide world. Wouldn’t you rather see a clean, crisp, attractive shot of your favorite performer than your dim, blurry cellphone picture?

The Boston Babydolls are happy to pose for pictures after the show and we’ve started letting the audience take pictures of our final lineup at curtain call. But not during the show. As Scratch often says, we don’t come to your job and take pictures of you making fries, please don’t take pictures of us while we’re working.

We promise, we’ll make good photos and videos available to our fans, but they’re going to be ones we are happy with and have control over where they’re posted. We have actively gone after folks who post unauthorized video and the results weren’t pretty.

Assume that no photos are allowed at any burlesque show, even if the MC doesn’t specifically make an announcement forbidding it. I forgot to make that announcement when I was hosting on Sunday at The Expo and Security had to tell a lot of people to put their damn phones away. Even on nights when the announcement was made, some audience members ignored it. There were even signs posted at the Reg Desk/Box Office reminding people of the no photo/video rule. It’s just rude to think you’re so special that the rules don’t apply.

Besides, don’t you want to enjoy the show while it’s happening?

Next week, a related tip for performers.


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