Continuous Improvement

Dear Constant Reader,

The other day, Scratch wrote the following on Facebook, and I just had to share with you. I think it’s thought provoking and hope it might start a little conversation. Obviously he’s writing about burlesque, but you can apply this to any performing art.

I read yet another performer gushing “Burlesque is great! Anyone can do it!”. Well, that’s true — anyone can write a poem, play the guitar, throw a baseball, or draw a flower. The question is, do you want to be good at it?

Being good at burlesque is constantly learning and training — sometimes burlesque classes, but many times learning other skills that you bring back to burlesque. Being good at burlesque is not taking an introductory class or two, doing your first (or even second) performance, and thinking you know it all.

It’s learning all the time from everything and at every opportunity. It’s watching video clips and movies of modern and classic performers… and yourself — to see what you can glean from that. It’s heading to museums to pull inspiration for costumes and acts. It’s getting outside of your comfort zone and outside your city to see how you stack up against performers in other parts of the world. It’s honestly assessing both your strengths and weaknesses… and working on those weaknesses, even when you’d much rather be playing to your strengths.

It’s not listening to your friends when they tell you you’re great — and, instead, trying to actually be great. You probably won’t achieve greatness, so few people do, but if you live your life as a performer in the middle of a mutual congratulations society, you’ll never get anywhere significant… and worse, you’ll think you have.

What do you think? How do you improve your art?


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  1. THE march entry that you wrote quoting scratch is dead on! it was excellent and I agree with what he said about getting better. In that vane I would really love some feedback on my routine at this year’s great burlesque Expo. WHy?
    I am trying to be better and get better. thank for the wonderful article Mina. vvv

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