Mystery Box Challenge Progress

Dear Constant Reader,

The Mystery Box Challenge continues. Everyone has complete routines and complete costume concepts, if not completed costumes. I think Evie might have been wearing one actual component of her costume last night. And my mission to make a panel skirt this weekend completely failed. I have makings for the hip belt, but no panel fabric.

I’m finding — and I think everyone is — that it’s impossible to give equal weight to all the requirements. In my case, if I try to highlight my prop, my costume item, *and* my specialty move, I’m losing the mood.

Personally, I’m kind of frustrated. I feel like there is a key something I’m missing that will make everything hang together, but I have no idea what it is. Adding to it is the fact that I am an inexperienced asseler. I know, I know, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was within my comfort zone. But some acts are turning out to be real winners and I feel like I’m flailing.

Because I know you pay more attention if there are pictures, here are a couple from rehearsal last night. I’m bad about taking photos — I forget I have the camera and just watch the act. So, I missed Devora and Stella, Betty is still in California, and I obviously couldn’t shoot myself.

One of Evie’s requirements is stockings and her mood is “playful/funny” So far, she’s spot on.

Brigitte has to wear pants and use a cane.

More updates as we progress!


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