Expo 2015: The Main Event

Dear Constant Reader,

(Read about The Rhinestone Revue, The Bordello, and The Conference.)

This is the big deal — the competition. Once again, I had the honor of being a judge and sitting right up front, along with the previous Howard Award winners: Scarlet Starlet, Red Velvet, Blaze, Whisper de Corvo, and Nina La Voix.

It’s so hard to choose the winners. There were so many good acts, but we only have a few prizes. I’d like to recognize a couple of acts I really liked that didn’t receive awards or honors:

  • Dahlia Fatale: She gets better every time I see her! As Rachel from Blade Runner, she did some impossibly bendy things on a chair.
  • Matt Finish: A hot take on the classic gorilla suit strip.
  • Dot Mitzvah: It’s always a pleasure to hear Dot sing. In a change from her signature opera, she did a Broadway showtune. While stripping, of course.
  • Hard Corey: I’m delighted by his complete commitment to whatever ridiculous concept he’s chosen.

(Photos by John Bilotti)

Just before the big announcement:

The Honorees this year were:

Bella Blue’s choice: Mika Romantic

Angie Pontani’s choice: Zoe Ziegfeld

Kitten Natividad’s choice: Jolie Stripes

And the Howard Award winners:

Best Hybrid: Kiki Allure

Most Humorous: Chérie Nuit

Most Classic: Mika Romantic

Most Beautiful: Gala Delicious

Best Solo: Sailor St. Claire

And then we all went to the pool party!

If you want next year to be even more amazing as this year, please consider making a contribution. M2

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