Friday Tip

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday!

Here’s your tip:

Help others when you can.

My gentle readers, Whisper de Corvo, who won Most Beautiful at the 2014 Expo, and her family have suffered devastating losses recently. Dr. Jen of Atomic Cosmetics wants to help them out. In her own words (with real names redacted):

Sometimes bad things happen to really good people. Sparkle tribe, something bad has happened to one of our own. Our beloved Whisper de Corvo and her partner need our help-they have experienced a loss in the family, followed by losing their housing (A giant F**K YOU to Capitol Hill Housing Authority). Their situation breaks my heart, and I simply can’t sit by and do nothing. That said, I am asking all of you to please come to Atomic on Saturday, April 4. We will be donating every single dollar we make that day to Whisper and family. If you can’t get to the store, please shop online at We will be donating every dollar made online as well. You guys, PLEASE help however you can. I know no one has a lot of money, but this is our sparkle family, and they need us. When I was down and out, the community came out in force to help me. Now it’s time to help them.


Glitter folk, I want to put this out there: if you saw my earlier post about Whisper, you know we’re donating every dime we make on Saturday to them. Well, I don’t want to stop there. If we can hit $3,000 in sales that day, I will personally donate another $1000 to them. Please share Saturday’s event with everyone you can. Let’s make this happen!

You’ll not only be helping out some lovely people who have had a heart-breaking tragedy, you’ll be treating yourself to some great cosmetics and skin care products too. As Scratch said “It’s good for your skin and good for your soul.”


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