Rebirth of a Dance Floor

Dear Constant Reader,

When B.A.B.E. moved to its new studio space, we had to have a *lot* of work done to make it fit for dancing. Chief among the rennovations was laying a wooden dance floor over the horrible concrete floors. After 3 years of abuse, the boards of the floor had begun to drift, leaving gaping holes between them.
A view of the whole floor doesn’t look too bad, but you get closer and you can see…

…dangerous gaps. Also, the exposed edges of those boards were getting chipped and we were in danger of tearing the padding underneath.

It was more than time for repairs.

On Saturday all The Boston Babydolls converged on B.A.B.E. for a day of hard labor. We started by clearing off the dance floor, which also involved moving a huge heavy cabinet which I have hated from the day I bought it and getting it the heck out. I’m looking forward to shopping for better storage options.

Then we pulled up all the boards, hoping to reuse as many as possible.Gosh, we have a lot of stuff…

Here’s Scratch pulling up the last of the boards. We’re all in sock feet so we don’t tear the precious padding that saves us from dancing directly on concrete. Then we tried to sweep up all the glitter, sequins, and rhinestones that had filtered down between the boards.

We began re-laying the floor. We knew a bunch of the boards would be unusable, either because they had gotten damaged or they were cut in such a way that the could only be used in a particular place. We were using “click-together” flooring and cutting it removes the clicky things, which is fine when that end is up against a wall, but one can’t reuse a cut piece in the middle of the floor. So I had bought a couple more boxes of boards. Of course, that type of flooring had been discontinued, so I got the last two boxes in the warehouse. More on that later.

The crew pauses for a photo op. We each signed the back of a board. We’re really invested in our work! Scratch taught us all carpentry skills, like how to drive a nail (harder than you would think), use a chop saw, and properly measure. And I said goodbye to my nice fingernails, which were all grown out longish for the first time in forever.

After several hours we were moving right along, but the usable boards were growing fewer and fewer. Ones that we had rejected for lack of perfection were getting put back into the mix. We were so close to finishing and having celebratory pizza and beer when we ran out of usable boards. We needed about a dozen more and we were completely out. What a disappointment!

Scratch & I started a desperate hunt for one more box of compatible boards. At this point I didn’t care if they matched, only that they fit. We kept finding ones that were at least one mm too thick. A millimeter doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, it makes a big difference.

The closest box of the exact same type, it turns out, was in Bangor, Maine, but we found a (more local) store which had something they thought might work, but they were about to close. The next morning, we were there when the store opened and grabbed two boxes.

It turns out that it’s not *exactly* compatible, but Scratch had a clever idea to secure the boards. He and I laid the last 11 boards in no time at all.

Ta da! Here’s Scratch nailing down the molding.
Yeah, the color of the new boards is different, but beggars can’t be choosers. The floor is now nice and solid and beautiful again.


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