The Teaseday Club 5/5/15

Dear Constant Reader,

I haven’t reported on a meeting of The Teaseday Club in far too long and last night was particularly exciting. And not exciting in a good way.

And then Heather reported the last minute cancellations. Scratch quickly flew into action to fill the empty spaces. We were fortunate in that the cast consisted of a comedienne who could do multiple sets, a burlesque dancer who also sang, and a stage kitten who was also a burlesque dancer (and lived near by and had someone who could gather her costume and bring it). I was the only one who couldn’t contribute to filling in.

It was kind of crazy and hectic back stage. There was much rewriting of the set list and frantic downloading of music.

This is how the set list finally shook out:

Set 1
Mina Murray: It was Cinco de Teaseday, so we thought there should be just a touch of the Latin. I did my fan dance to “Jezebel” by Frankie Lane, which has a few flamenco-type stomps in it, for fun.

Scratch performed a bit of magic involving a dollar bill being pierced by a car key.

Nonye Brown-West gave us a little stand-up comedy as well as dick pictures. Really. These were paintings that she had done of celebrities re-imagined as penises, such as “Tiger’s Wood” and “Notorious D.I.C”. Really clever stuff.

Corinne Southern sang “At Last”. This was one of those last minute additions, but you never would have known. She’s just that good.

Set 2
Nonye Brown-West opened up with more comedy and more art. Actually, at this point she had less art as several of her paintings had sold during intermission.

Corinne Southern presented her first striptease of the evening with a stunning costume from feathered robe to gem-encrusted gown to Glorious Pasties underlayer.

Scratch (with a little help from Elsa Riot) did a mystifying card trick. At least, it was mystifying to his chosen volunteer.

Elsa Riot has been The Teaseday Club’s stage kitten for a long time now, but tonight she graced the stage as a performer too. Elsa made her burlesque debut at The Great Burlesque Exposition this year and has been on a roll ever since. Just last Friday she won the “So You Think You’re a Lady” amateur competition! And tonight, with almost no warning, she jumped in to fill the vacancy left by that troublesome cancellation. She’s a terrific performer and a natural with a boa. Keep your eyes on her. Trust me.

Set 3
Corinne Southern had demonstrated that she can sing and that she can striptease, but now she put them both together with a rendition of Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” while she disrobed.

Scratch: As a visitor to The Teaseday Club, you would be familiar with Heather’s smiling face in the box office. She’s about to graduate from college and go off to parts unknown, so this was her last Teaseday. Scratch called her up to reward her for her months of service with a Teaseday Cookie of her very own and then proceeded to do a little magic with the bag it came in.

Nonye Brown-West did her final set, reading a poem about her complex feelings about herself and cake, and showed off the last of her artwork. She left with her stack of paintings and prints quite diminished. Clearly penis paintings are the art wave of the future. You read it here first.

Mina Murray: I closed out the show with a new-old act that we’re calling “French Champagne”. This is an almost complete reworking of one I’ve done before, but I think it would be barely recognizable from its debut (Hot Dates, January 2011). The concept is the same, but the music and fine details are (I hope) much improved from the previous, recent iterations.

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie? That would be a tie between Nonye and me! We shared the cookie (with an adorable double-bite that remains uncaptured by film), but she’ll be the one who’s back next month!

Everyone was terrific to work with last night. Performers and crew were complete professionals despite the chaos. We all helped each other out: sharing make-up, providing pastie tape, gifting earrings, pinning a popped seam, being cheerful and encouraging. Elsa even filmed my new act on my phone when my utter lack of planning kept me from having a real videographer there.

The Teaseday Club will return on Tuesday (of course) June 2nd!

P.S. I just found the link to Nonye’s art work. Check it out here!

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