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A couple of years ago we were asked to open for The Devil’s Carnival movie. You can read all about it here. At that time we knew next to nothing about the movie, but tried to pick an act with the right feel. After a few minutes into the movie, I said to Scratch “‘Creepy Doll’ would have been perfect.” So, I was delighted when we learned the second movie, Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival, was coming to The Coolidge Corner Theatre and their tour manager contacted us to open again and specifically requested “Creepy Doll”.

Last night, Scratch & Devora packed up the creepy dollhouse and headed over to The Coolidge. I was tagging along as stage kitten/Wrathskeller promoter/person who really wanted to see the movie.

We thought we were in Theatre 2 upstairs, where there are wings, which were kind of necessary for the act. Turns out the movie was massively oversold and they moved it into the much larger Theatre 1 downstairs. The staff were fabulous and found us a three-panel screen to make a temporary wing, as well as helping to heft the dollhouse up onto stage (there’s a ramp to the stage in the Theatre 2…).

The performance was a little rocky on the tech side. We had to make some last minute adjustments with the dollhouse and the wrong song briefly got played at the wrong time, but Scratch & D.D. took it in stride. I thought they did a great job and so did the audience, judging from the number of compliments in person and on-line.

Here’s the first picture I found of Herr Bücher and The Lost Girl, snagged from Broke Horror Fan

The movie itself was quite good, even better than the first one. I’d recommend seeing it, especially if you’re a fan of disturbing musicals. This episode, as you might expect from the title, mostly takes place in Heaven. I just loved the look of it. It had a very 1940’s Hollywood feel, but there were these unsettling, but terrifically designed, totalitarian posters all over. I felt like the slinky black dress I was wearing for the evening, while not so Carnivalesque, fit in pretty well with Heaven’s nightclub. I think my favorite song was “Hoof and Lap” (I’m a sucker for German cabaret), but there several very good ones. After the movie, there was a brief Q&A with the creators and it was disconcerting to hear Lucifer’s voice come from Terrance Zdunich’s completely human face.

Totally worth not getting to bed until 2AM. Even if it does mean a less than coherent missive today.


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