An Exhausting Weekend

Dear Constant Reader,

It has taken me this long to report on my weekend as I was completely wiped out! It was a great weekend, but a strenuous one.

Friday night The Boston BeauTease were engaged to perform at Rufflecon. I knew it was an “alternative fashion” event, but that did not prepare me for the acres of ruffles, lace, and petticoats worn by the attendees. It was predominantly Lolita fashions with a smattering of goth, steampunk, and Victoriana styles. I wish I had taken pictures to share with you the remarkable confections I saw walking around. To the right is a random photo from their fashion show, just to give a small idea.

We had been asked for a show that was a little Halloween-ish, for elaborate costumes, and for a male stripteaser. So, we brought along a couple of numbers from The Wrathskellar (preview tomorrow!), some of our finest costumes, and the performer who plays Klaus in The Wrathskellar, under the nom de strip of “Charles River”.

The audience was marvelous! We had a wonderful time performing for them. In particular, they went completely berserk over “Charles”. To no one’s surprise they loved Devora’s “Creepy Doll”. It was a perfect choice for this ruffle & doll-loving crowd. Betty & I got a lot of appreciation for our costumes (made by her, by me, and by Catherine D’Lish). You can see Betty’s new Theda Bara-inspired costume at The Wrathskellar. It’s quite remarkable.

It was a midnight show, so morning came very early. After a delightful breakfast, we took a turn through the vendors’ room, where I felt rather underdressed with only my single modest crinoline. I might have acquired a new tea wallet…

As much as we might have liked to stay in the fantasyland of ruffles and frills, we had to head back to Boston to get ready for load-in for The Wrathskellar first thing Sunday morning.

My day started with a private fan dance lesson with Elsa Riot at B.A.B.E. and then Eva (aka Blanche) arrived to help me pack up all the costumes & props and load up the car.

So much work had to be done, like building and painting stage platforms, hanging lights, making new curtains &c. It was all hands on deck and all the cast & crew pitched in. I’m not entirely certain what all was going on in the theatre as I had my own little project.

The tech closet had to be magically transformed into The Diva’s dressing room. I opened the door and my heart sank. It was full of boxes, lighting and sound gear, and all sorts of junk. I metaphorically rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I only thought to take a picture *after* I moved the boxes of our lighting gear out, cleared a shelf, and removed some of the 50 or so microphone stands.

You aren’t going to believe the transformation. That is, if you’re one of the lucky guests invite into my dressing room for a chat…

And after all that hard physical labor, we still had to have rehearsal. Well, that’s why they call it “hell week”. Ah, well, as they say, I can sleep when I’m dead.

I hope to see you in the audience. It makes all the work worthwhile.


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  1. I’m so excited for the Wrathskellar!! This is the first time I will be in town to go 😀

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