Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! The Wrathskellar had its preview last night and maybe, if I’m not too exhausted, I’ll tell you all about it later today. But first, your Friday Tip!

When wearing wigs, use the right pin for the job

  • Put up your hair with bobby pins (right). Bonus tip: the wavy side should face your scalp for extra grip. You’ll want at least 4 pin curls to secure the wig to: one at each temple and one to either side of your neck
  • Fasten your wig cap to your hair with short wig pins (center).
  • Secure your wig through the cap and into your hair with long wig pins (left).
  • You should use at least 4 long pins, one in each of the pin curls you made. For extra security use small pins around the hair line.

    I have four wig changes in The Wrathskellar, so I only use the minimum 4 pins and jam them in as securely as possible and pray. I have really thin, fine hair, which means it tucks nicely under a wig cap, but doesn’t give me a lot to fasten into. Those of you with thick hair may have the reverse problems.

    Happy pinning and may your wigs never slip!


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