The Wrathskellar Preview 10/8

Dear Constant Reader,

Last night The Wrathskellar opened with a preview. I think I speak for all the BeauTease when I say that we’d been waiting for this moment for years. We’ve really missed our decrepit cabaret.

I will admit to being more nervous than usual. We hadn’t yet had a complete rehearsal with all costumes, all props, all lighting, and all of Bücher’s interstitial bits. But that’s why our first show is a preview. We open for real tonight.

I thought the show was a little rocky here and there as we figured some things out. I discovered that in full blackout, after just being in bright light, I can’t see the edge of the stage. Thank goodness Alice was there to grab my arm! There were a few other issues, but I’m sure they will all get smoothed out.

The audience seemed to like the show. Sometimes it’s hard to tell because this isn’t your usual burlesque show with lots of audience hooting & hollering. And more than liking it, they seemed to *get* it. We’re telling a story, a rather dark one. Hint: keep an eye on the footlights — they illuminate (pun intended) whether things are going well or awry for our characters.

Here’s a little backstage peek: that’s me as The Diva in my private dressing room. And just to keep this all glamourous… the door to my dressing room (the tech closet 11 months out of the year) won’t stay open by itself. I’d rather not be cut off from the rest of the world until it’s absolutely necessary, so I wedged the door open with something from the closet — a rusty curtain counterweight. No one warned me that the theatre was open to patrons until it suddenly was. In my haste to move the extremely heavy thing and stash it behind the draperies in the room, I slashed my finger open. Yay! At least it was my ring finger, one of the fingers Willy Barrett used to say that you could live without. And I avoided bleeding onto my ivory ostrich boa.

Tonight we don’t go on until 10pm. See, there are actually THREE* shows using the theatre this month. The Woman in Black is Mondays through Wednesdays and The Wrathskellar is Fridays through Sundays. However, on Fridays and Saturdays Shit-Faced Shakespeare is on before us.

So, that’s three shows worth of props, costumes, and set pieces, mostly ours. Just to give you an idea of how much that is, The Wrathskellar has a dozen performers, many of whom average four costume changes, and several very big, awkward, and somewhat delicate set pieces, like a chaise, a dressing table with mirror, and a dollhouse. The Woman in Black also has a couple of large set pieces. I don’t know if you’ve ever been backstage at the Davis Square Theatre, but it is not a large space. I hope this works out for all concerned, especially since one of Shakespeare‘s actors will be drunk.

I hope to see all of you Constant Readers in the audience this month! And don’t forget to read Bücher’s note before you arrive!


*really more than that but we won’t count The Teaseday Club, the B.A.B.E. Striptober Showcase or the two other shows that Scratch isn’t producing, because they’re all one-night stands.

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