How did I not know about this?

Dear Constant Reader,

I will confess, I came late to the false eyelash game. I didn’t like them the first time I wore them because no one had taught me how to properly fit and wear them. And that was that. No lashes for me.

It wasn’t until I had my face done by the lovely Dana at the Shu Uemura counter at Barney’s that I embraced the lash. She gave me demi-lashes, which are perfect for my eyes. These are my go-to lashes these days:

But I didn’t actually want to talk about lashes, I wanted to talk about glue. I used to get adhesive in a tube. I suppose some dexterous people can squeeze the glue directly onto the lash band without making a huge mess, but I’m not one of them. I would squirt some out, either too much or too little, into the lid of the tin where I store my lash paraphernalia, and then apply it to the lash with my sophisticated adhesive applicator — that is, the tip of a hair pin. It was messy & wasteful.

Recently I ran out of lash adhesive and discovered that…

Duo comes with a brush!

This has made my life so much easier! I can brush exactly the right amount on without any waste. Bonus — the tube exactly fits in the above-mentioned lash storage tin.


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  1. This is awesome!! I am one of those people who squeezes glue from the tube to the lash band, but it’s a pain. I just ran out of glue…now I must upgrade to a brush 🙂

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