Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! The Boston BeauTease are wrapping up our month of The Wrathskellar this weekend (you have 3 more chances to see it!). Last night was a little more problematic than we wanted it to be.

First off Scratch made us this wonderful glowing sign to hang in the mouth of the alley.
…and then discovered that the electrical outlet in the alley needed to be turned on… and no one in the building knew how.

And it was raining in The Diva’s dressing room. Really. First it was just some water on the floor when I arrived, and then there were few drips from the ceiling while I was getting ready. Before Act I started, it was well and truly raining in one corner.

But those issues paled in comparison to our Wench Scarlet being so ill that she rushed off to urgent care about half a hour before the house opened.

If you’ve seen the show, you know the Wenches are vital. They are ushers, stage hands, actors, and dancers. And we just lost one.

That brings us to today’s tip…

Don’t panic.

I know it’s practically a cliche, but they are wise words. Panic kills. Be calm and think through a potential disaster instead of losing your head.

The cast rallied with Scarlet’s departure. Jet stepped into her part in “Our Lady of the Underground”. Blanche took her place in “Kiss of Fire”. Brigitte filled in for “Le Port Amsterdam”. I’d like to point out that we have no understudies. All of these ladies took on their new roles with maybe 10 minutes of rehearsal each. Hazel, who is in all three acts, calmly taught & guided.

The Wenches and Klaus worked out amongst themselves how to divide up the remaining work, so that everything got moved, cleared, placed, and done seamlessly. At one point during the performance I suddenly realized that I hand Scarlet my boa. I prepared to improvise and there was Blanche, ready to take it. All night long, whenever we checked in with them, whatever it was had already been taken care of.

With such a huge issue solved, it was a small matter to buy some battery lights at the dollar store for the sign and to rearrange my dressing room to avoid the deluge (which ceased by the end of Act II).

Bonus tip: Surround yourself with good people.
My fellow cast members, you all are rock stars. Thank you for making the show possible last night.


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