BurlyCon 2015: Friday

Dear Constant Reader,

My plan for my second day at BurlyCon was to begin with a Pilates class. When I woke 10 minutes before the class was to begin, I took it was a sign. Instead I had a leisurely breakfast in the hospitality room (Top Pot donuts!) with Scratch before starting my day full of classes.

FAN-tastic Feathers! (Beau Bordello): Obviously I love fans and feathers, so this was a must take. A couple of years ago I bought some fan staves from the instructor and eventually made my own fans (at right). I was hoping for some pointers, especially with stringing the fan. There was a lot of information about feathers and some kits for practicing attaching feathers to fan staves. Unfortunately for me, she doesn’t actually string her fans, so I’m still thirsting for an easier way. The booklet in each kit, also available as a PDF, was very informative on all aspects of feathers.

Take a Seat (Ophelia Flame): As you might imagine, this was a chair dance class. Although we did cover some chair moves, I found the most valuable part of the class was following along while Ophelia “made shit up” to differing types of music. Best was the Sharks/Jets dance off with half the class watching the other half perform.

Teasing Theories (panel): I was delighted when Sailor St. Claire invited me on this panel with Waxie Moon, Kristina Nekyia, and Tootsie Spangles to talk about “Aaaht”. All the panelists are educators with diverse backgrounds in other artistic disciplines and we had some interesting discussions. I have to admit feeling a bit of impostor syndrome in such company!

#pussymagic (Bella Blue): I loved the classes I took with Bella at The Expo and I was intrigued to explore her philosophy of pussymagic. We learned a short choreography and then after a pussy meditation, we performed it again, for a partner, keeping the principles from the meditation in mind. It was an intense experience and I want to thank Sapphire for being my pussymagic partner. I’m still thinking about my take-away from this class.

After classes ended Scratch & I trekked to a nearby Denny’s for an elegant dinner. There we saw the lovely Strawberry Stems from Anchorage having a solitary meal and asked to join her. Pleasant company indeed. I do hope my travels take me to Alaska some day.

That night was the Mystical Menagerie Dance. I was looking forward to it. My first thought had been to wear my satyr costume, which is very impressive, especially the hooves, but it takes up a lot of room in my suitcase and I can neither sit down nor dance. Pass.

Instead I went as…

 The Faerie Queene.

It took longer than I expected to get ready — getting eye makeup just right for wearing with a mask is challenging, despite previous practice — so I missed the class photo. Oh well. Scratch had fallen soundly asleep, so I went to the dance without him.

There were some charming vignettes in the ballroom, particularly the mermaid grotto and the Narnia setting, and a ton of fabulous costumes. Unicorns predominated, matched only by mermaids. I was so glad to see Whisper de Corvo and give her the big hug I’d been holding onto for months. She made my headdress above, by the way.

After a while I was too tired to dance and headed back to the room. On an impulse I stopped in at First Light Photography and took advantage of their Friday the 13th special. I need a good photo of this costume!

I opened the door to our room and caught Scratch putting his pants on to come join me. Instead, we called it a night. Tomorrow is going to be another very full day!


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