BurlyCon 2015: Saturday

Dear Constant Reader,

And thus the third day of BurlyCon dawned, but not too early.

Easy Tricks for Costuming (Bic Carroll): I took this class last year, but returned for an encore because Bic said he’d teach us to make his famous 2-yard gown and bring the pattern for us to copy. As I suspected would happen, most of the material he covered was totally different from last year and I ended up with pages and pages of notes and sketches.

There were some other classes I thought about attending, but decided instead to socialize and shop. I didn’t buy much this year, but that will be a separate missive.

Gloves & Stockings, Basics and Beyond (Midnite Martini): I was really looking forward to this one, after all, she’s The Stocking Girl. I came up with a stocking pull that I can’t wait to incorporate into a number. We did an interesting group exercise involving using the gloves as a prop. As it turned out, I was the only one with a pair of gloves in my group. We turned that into an advantage and I was pretty happy with our presentation to the class.

The Talk: 100 Years of Burlesque (Neil “Nez” Kendall): I can’t resist burlesque history. It was an excellent talk, even without the planned slideshow (his laptop had been stolen — boo). Some things I knew, some new information. Quite enjoyable and informative.

Scratch & I had to duck out as soon as class ended because we had big dinner plans and a tight schedule. He found that there was a Hawaiian barbecue place walking distance from the hotel. The walk was miserably wet and cold, made worse because my shoes were soaked. Soon we discovered we were practically at the old hotel! Good to know it’s not that long a walk away. I was able to sample the delights of a plate lunch (chicken katsu with rice and macaroni salad — half of it ended up in our fridge), which I’m sure would be even more delightful in tropical Hawaii itself instead of rainy Seattle.

Then we hustled back to the hotel so Scratch could prepare for Story Time. I changed into my lounging attire — red silk slip, ostrich-trimmed robe, and marabou mules. And forgot to take a picture.

Story Time was a new event this year and I was delighted that Scratch was able to participate. He’s an amazing storyteller, as some of you know, and taught me most everything I know about storytelling.

There were 11 storytellers plus Jonny Porkpie hosting. Each storyteller had 5 minutes, but I knew that wasn’t going to be enough time. And, sure enough, everyone ran over. I wished that some hadn’t rushed to conclude — I wanted to hear more! Maybe next year (and they absolutely should do it next year) there will be fewer storytellers with a longer time for each.

Some of the stories were funny, like Evilyn Sin Claire’s recounting of a very special audience member who was extremely into their show. Some were intensely personal, like Jo Weldon’s reminisces about Sherry Britton.

Scratch told a story about Joan Arline at The Expo. Normally, he works extempore, embellishing as he goes. In this case, he wrote the story down and read it. He wanted to make sure the language was exactly right, as befitted the perfectionist Sexquire Girl. It was a lovely story and several people were in tears at the conclusion. Mandy Flame, who was responsible for the event, was also recording everything, so you might even get to hear it.

Pleading fatigue, I decided to skip the movie, Us, Naked: Trixie & Monkey, despite Scratch being one of the backers. We’ll just have to wait for his copy. Although my plan was to go right to bed, we ended up talking to Nez outside the BurlyBar for a very long time about burlesque history.

And tomorrow is the last day.


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