BurlyCon 2015: Sunday

Dear Constant Reader,

The last day at BurlyCon. Priorities today included packing up, checking out, and making sure to say good bye to some people and “See you at The Expo” to others. I still managed to get in a goodly number of classes.

Advanced Floorwork (Bella Blue): This class promised to be fast-paced and not for the faint of heart. I didn’t realize we were going to be learning a choreography which incorporated some floorwork, rather than floorwork techniques (although there was a little of that later). I realized I was in over my inflexible head when Bella encouraged everyone to try a drop split to conclude the routine. I did my best to keep up and took copious notes about the things I wanted to try again later.

Sass and Play, Cabaret Dance Class (Midnite Martini): This class was so much fun! Midnite is a terrific teacher. As promised, we ran through a sassy, playful choreography to a song from Chicago. It reminded me of the importance of naming moves and combinations so they can easily be shouted out during teaching.

Roundtable: I’m Too Old for This Shit: Scandal from Bohemia led this discussion for older performers (“older” running a wide range of ages). Lots of interesting points raised about the problems and benefits of no longer being a spring chicken.

Prep for Press, Producers, & Festival Applications (Jo Weldon): I was going to go to Scarlet O’Hairdye and Bolt Action’s class on pattern alteration, but I realized that A) I didn’t have the brain power to give it the attention it deserved and B) they had proposed it for The Expo. Instead, I wandered late into this class of Jo’s and curled up in the corner to listen to her share her experience & wisdom. Honestly, it was old hat to me, but it was fabulous to see so many people learning the correct way to work with producers, etc. for the best possible result on all sides. This class should be mandatory for all performers.

I briefly went to Closing Ceremonies (not a raffle winner again), but couldn’t stay for the actual ceremony because my sister was going to pick us up for a visit. Last BurlyCon she and I tried to get together, but between managing the massive renovations on her house and getting ready for a trip to Beijing, it was impossible. It was delightful to see her, and finally encounter all the new (to me) things in her life: gentleman caller, house, and cat.

After a lovely dinner and a tour of her newly-renovated house, it was time to head to the airport for what turned out the be a rather hellish flight. Red-eyes are always no fun, but this was particularly special. I had booked an aisle and window seat in the hopes that there would be no one between us. Of course it was a completely full flight, so I gave up my window seat to sit next to Scratch. And discovered that the center seat wouldn’t recline. I managed to get some fitful sleep my head on the tray and the flight lasted approximately 67 hours. It’s so glamourous being a traveling showgirl.

I was so glad to get home, pet Albert, and then pass out on my luxurious bed for several hours.

Next up, the shopping!


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