Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! Here’s your tip!

Check your equipment yourself.

Aerialists already know this. If someone else sets up for you, don’t just trust that they did it correctly. Make sure. See for yourself.

Perhaps you have a set piece that breaks down for transit. You would want to make sure that at the venue it was assembled correctly and securely. This goes double for anything that supports you. Maybe it’s a prop that shoots confetti at a crucial moment. Check not only that it’s loaded, but also that it was loaded correctly.

Even costume pieces could use a doublecheck. I learned this to my regret a couple of years ago. In “Factory Girls”, we wear these adorable tear-away overalls (seen at right at the Ohio Burlesque Festival 2014). There’s a long row of snaps up each leg, so we always appreciate help resnapping after rehearsals and shows. However, and this is very important, to get the timing of the tear-off right, we only fasten every other snap. Also, since these were commercial overalls that we modified, they had a big rivet-like button at each hip, which we leave unfastened, using a whopper popper (a really big snap, for those who don’t know the lingo) instead.

A helpful stage kitten snapped up my overalls one day and I blithely put them on at our next show. It was only at the moment I went to pop the first whopper popper that I realized the button was also fastened. Oh crap. After fumbling frantically, I went for the tear and yes, you guessed it, every single blessed snap had been fastened.

It was my own damn fault. I didn’t check that the kitten knew the proper snapping procedure and I didn’t check that it had been done correctly. Don’t be like me.


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