Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! I am so excited and grateful to announce that the campaign for my little book has hit its THIRD stretch goal. We’ll now have 4 pages in color!

If you want your name in the acknowledgements, this is the last day to pledge at that level.

And now for your tip…

New project, new needle.

When you start a new sewing project, put a fresh needle in your machine and change it often over the course of the project. Needles get dull and bent, especially when subjected to some of the fabrics we use for burlesque costumes. A dull needle can damage your fabric by punching holes instead of gliding between fibers, snarl your threads, and wreck your tension. New needles are so much cheaper than wasted time and bitter tears.

How often should you change your needle? I’ve seen recommendations for as little as 4 hours of sewing to as many as 20 hours. Personally, I listen. If I start to hear a popping noise when the needle goes through the fabric, it’s dull and must go.

I’m told by Scratch that this rule of thumb applies to carpentry as well. Not only do dull tools give poor results, they are actually dangerous to work with. A fresh table saw blade is much cheaper than a trip to the emergency room.

Happy sewing!


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