Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday!

I am pleased to report that my little book is at the printers! And we hit our 4th stretch goal with 20 hours to go (as of this writing)! I am so delighted at the positive response and I hope you will be equally delighted with the book.

And now for your tip!

Floorwork is not appropriate for every venue.

If the audience is in seating that’s not raked, your floor work will probably be invisible to all but the first rows as you disappear from view behind people’s heads. Also, the stage might be disgusting. Rock clubs are not known for the cleanliness of their floors. Have a contingency plan for these situations.

The simplest solution is to perform an act that has no floorwork. Problem solved!

Bring a set piece that will raise you up so you can be seen by all. This is the sort of thing the legends call a “prop”: a bench, chaise, platform, &c. I have a lovely prop Scratch built for me out of a coffee table.

For the above two solutions, you need to know in advance that the venue is unsuitable. To be prepared for an unpleasant surprise, create an alternate bit of choreography you can substitute for the floorwork. You can do the act even if you get to the venue and discover floorwork would be a bad idea.


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