Expo 2016: The Rhinestone Revue

Dear Constant Reader,

The Expo kicks off with the glittering Rhinestone Revue featuring past winners, special guests, and a star turn for the current title holders.

This year, the performances went something like this…

The Expositionettes
This was the opening number for the show. Betty took a dozen volunteers (several of whom were B.A.B.E. students) and in a mere 4 rehearsals taught them a group striptease to a jazzy version of “Happy Birthday”, it being The Expo’s 10th year.

Scandal from Bohemia (Most Humorous 2010)
Our Hard-working Conference coordinator stripped out of a satin evening gown/straitjacket to Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”. Of course. Before the show I said to her “I don’t know what you’re going to do, but it’s bound to be preposterous”. And I was right.




Kibry LaBrea (Mr. Hollywood Burlesque 2015)
The Hollywood Burlesque Festival is our sister show and we exchange winners each year. We were so glad they sent us Kirby LaBrea and his energetic dance to “Ladies’ Choice”. He certainly was. And the gentlemen’s choice too. He did pander to the hometown audience a bit with his Red Sox costuming, but I don’t think anyone minded.



BettySioux Tailor (Most Beautiful 2010)
The Blue-haired Beauty and our Costume Exhibit creator dazzled us all with a gorgeous routine in her signature shade. I’m a sucker for fan dances. I particularly loved her use of the Isis wings that had been disguised as part of her skirts. It was a lovely surprise.


Donna Denise (Most Classic 2013)
Donna Denise brought us a sultry striptease which concluded with her signature mammary manipulation. I could watch those pectoral pops all night long…

Matt Finish (Reigning King of Burlesque)
Matt has been to the Expo a couple of time before, but now he’s royalty! We were delighted to have him as one of our special guest this year! He gave us one of the most achingly slow teases I have ever seen.

The Boston BeauTease
Hey, it’s us! We presented an act we call “The Duel” from our upcoming show R & J: A Shakespearean Burlesque. It’s not our usual style, but it was so much fun. Betty did the dance choreography and Scratch did the fight choreography. For those of you who saw it, Devora’s sword was *not* supposed to shatter like that! I’m so glad we were all so familiar with the choreography and trust one another such that we could keep going with faith that no one would get hurt.


Dangrrr Doll (Most Humorous 2013)
Our special guest, The Twisted Beauty of Burlesque, brought her “Classic Metal” act, fusing a classic look with, well, metal music. I particularly loved the reveal when she whipped off her long blonde wig to show her actual short ebony hair.


Mika Romantic (Most Classic 2015)
Fittingly, our Most Classic winner paraded and peeled from a stunning gown to “More Bumps & Grinds”. Classic from head to toe with the gown, the boa, the music, the moves, everything.


Gala Delicious (Most Beautiful 2015)
I must confess, Constant Reader, that I missed almost all of this act. I realized I was standing around in next to nothing and needed to put something on for the curtain call. I know it was fire-themed and she had a gorgeous costume (of course!) that included a ruffled and ribbonned robe and a candelabra headpiece. I guess I have to wait for video!

Cheri Nuit (Most Humorous 2015)
Cheri was just freakin’ hysterical last year and she was again. This time she was a rat. Yes, a rat, dancing to “Uptown Funk”. And just when I thought she had revealed her final punch-line with her pasties, there was yet another, even funnier reveal!

Kiki Allure (Best Hybrid 2015)
This was a literally hot number as Kiki, as the sexiest welder ever, struck sparks with the audience. Well, actually with a piece of metal and then with her costume! Her song was “Girl on Fire” and so she was.


Sailor St. Claire (Best Solo 2015)
In a stunning contrast to her tightly controlled and sensual act last year, Sailor busted out the Vegas glamour in a J. von Stratton gown. Note: there are four suits in a deck of cards. Her pasties represented two of them, so guess where she put the other two…

(All Photos by George Ross)

And then it was time for The Bordello!


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