Nose to the Rhinestone: Day 20

Dear Constant Reader,

Scratch and I went down to RI for the Mode Merr open studio and on the way listened to Dita’s “Soundtrack for Seduction”. Does that count?

Whether it does or not, we had rehearsal in the evening. In which we tossed around ideas the group number for the next Expo. Brigitte had had a brilliant brainstorm which set everything in motion. Then we all* did our Challenge (that’s 11 days running for me!). After that Scratch suggested a rousing series of “Standing, Sitting, Kneeling”, a theatre improv game we adapted for dance. We ending up doing 3 songs.

Then we ran solos. Even though I had carted my Faerie Queen stuff over, I decided to dust off my bathtub act. Even though the tub still needs work, that’s no reason to let the act languish. I can’t wait to get my Glorious Pasties unders (I should check with Cheeky and see how she’s doing), although I’m a little concerned that the bra won’t fit over the pasties, since they’re going to be on a HardCore base. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

M2* By all, I mean Brigitte, Pearl, and me, because Betty is in California preparing for her Bharatanatyam Arangetram and both Evie and D.D. had family things.

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