BeauTeaseday 8/2/16

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s been quite a while since the BeauTease took the stage for a full show. I think the last one was R&J: A Shakespearean Burlesque all the way back in February. So when Scratch proposed a take-over of The Teaseday Club we were all pretty excited. Some of us decided to pull out some old favorite acts and some used the opportunity to create new numbers. And here’s how the show went…

  • Betty Blaize, Devora Darling, and I opened with a playful trio to “Stompin’ at the Savoy” by Benny Goodman.
  • Pearl Buttons did a sultry striptease to a pair of Nina Simone songs.
  • Because The Teaseday Club is usually a variety show, Brigitte and Scratch provided a vintage burlesque comedy bit.
  • Then Brigitte did a funny (and dirty) number about how she learned to love spinach. At least that’s what the song says. Brigitte might have been thinking of something else.
  • Devora presented our version of Gypsy Rose Lee’s The Stripteasers Education, which tonight was more tease (and talk) than strip.


  • Betty debuted a new act with a flame-themed costume and a fiery attitude.
  • Brigitte showed off her tap dancing skills (and crystal-encrusted tap shoes) to Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood”.
  • Pearl Buttons and Scratch did another comedy bit.
  • Pearl Buttons presented a brand new act. All the BeauTease have a number to something on the Shim Sham Revue album and Pearl chose “Last Call” for hers.
  • For a change of pace, Betty Blaize danced with Wings of Isis. She has two versions on this number and everyone was reminding her backstage that this was the non-stripping version.
  • I took advantage of the fact that this wasn’t technically a BeauTease show, to do something a little different. I presented the act created for Peepshow Menagerie’s David Bowie tribute show in February and never performed on this coast. It’s an impressionistic piece with a swirly veil to my favorite Bowie song: “Life on Mars”.


  • Last year we all participated in The Mystery Box Challenge and some acts were more successful that others. Devora liked her song, but really nothing else about the resulting number. She started all over again and became a sweet clown with misbehaving hands. Tonight was its first time on stage.
  • Brigitte and I did one of my favorite duets: Mistress and Maid. Originally created for The Wrathskellar, it’s a little more humorous than you might expect for that dark abode. Although I do get to spank Brigitte with a hairbrush.
  • Scratch performed a minor miracle with a deck of cards.
  • Betty, Devora, Pearl, and Scratch did another comedy bit.
  • Betty, Devora, and Pearl closed out the show with a jewel box number.

Normally at The Teaseday Club, the performer who has the support of the most audience members gets The Great Teaseday Cookie, but we weren’t going to compete amongst ourselves, so voting was disabled for the month. Instead Scratch awarded us all cookies!

Big thanks to Hunter on tech and Jeannie Martini the stage kitten and everyone who came out to the show! It was fantastic to have such a big and enthusiastic audience! And it was wonderful to see so many B.A.B.E. students!

Teaseday will return to normal next month.


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