New Feature (sort of)

Dear Constant Reader,

You’ve probably figured out that I like making historic recipes. I’ve confined myself to writing about a select few early 20th century recipes here because I didn’t want to derail the whole burlesque/retro thing. However, I also explore recipes from other eras. In the past I’ve cooked from the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, with a particular love for the reign of Elizabeth I. Recently I took an on-line course (what I quaintly like to think of as a “correspondence course”) on British royal palaces and the cooking done there under various monarchs. Part of the coursework was cooking recipes from five reigns.

As a lark, I’d post pictures of the results to various social media. I noticed the pictures would get a lot of attention. I toyed with the idea of a separate blog for my historic cooking, but I didn’t want my loyal readers to have to split their attention, and besides, it’s all part & parcel of me.

So, I’ll be posting more recipes here from all different centuries. I promise this won’t become a food blog. I’ll still be writing about my burlesque adventures and reviewing books (I owe you so many reviews!) and posting Friday Tips. But there might be more content more often. And pictures. Everybody loves the pictures.

Just look for the tag #historiccookery. I’ll also be tagging posts with the decade, century, or era, as appropriate.



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