Dear Constant Reader,

Just a little update on the post-flood situation at The Wrathskellar.

Saturday morning, bright and early, the landlord had plumbers in the space, putting in a drainage system and pumps against the wall where the flooding started. When we arrived in the early afternoon, the rest of the space was wet, but there was no longer any standing water. This is something of a miracle as there had been multiple inches of water in the bar 12 hours earlier.

A bunch of people brought box fans and Scratch bought one of those industrial floor driers and we set to work getting things dry and clean. Resetting the spaces was pretty quick after that. Thanks to everyone’s quick work Friday night, nothing was damaged.

The worst casualty came from a container of dumpling sauce leftover from dinner. Costumes got piled on top of it in haste and some of it spilled onto my corset and Pearl’s feather duster. Fortunately, I have excellent stain-removing skills (take my class on costume care at BurlyCon!). I should have taken a before and after picture of the corset, because it was that dramatic.

The kitchen couldn’t really be up and running properly because the plumbers were continuing to work even after the house opened for the night. Despite the limited menu, we introduced signature cocktails!

The plumbers continued to work after the house opened and we held the show until they were done and out. Fortunately, we only had to start about 5 minutes late. However, the doors to the building were open all day, both because the plumbers were toting things in and out all day and to get better airflow to help dry the floors. The result was the iciest bathwater in my tub ever. It was awfully hard to look like I was enjoying splashing around.

Sunday was a mercifully normal show (other than a glitch with the audio player in my boudoir. Again.). Best moment: I was walking into my boudoir near the end of the show when one of the guests approached, and with head bowed humbly, offered me a ring. I took it haughtily, put it on, and gave her one of The Diva’s tokens.

And now we have two blissful days of downtime to finally rest!


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