2018 in Review

Dear Constant Reader,

2018 was quite a year. A lot of travel for me. A lot of learning. Many high points, but a few big lows.

The year starts off with our trusty Element being the 5th car in a seven-car accident as we return from our New Year’s Eve show. Neither of us is hurt, Dear Reader, but the car is totaled. Certainly not what we need a week before The Expo. We also don’t need a massive winter storm the day before The Expo. It is the smallest attendance ever as flights are canceled all over the country. Scratch swears he’ll never have a winter Expo again.

We have a clever show at Deacon Giles for Groundhog Day. We also perform once again at The Mardi Gras Ball.

For my birthday, Scratch takes me to my favorite restaurant for brunch. I’m stunned to see a couple dozen of my friends, a special menu, and a giant cake.

I attend the first ever NOLA burlesque retreat, organized by Bella Blue. I meet some great people and learn a lot. Upon my return to Boston I go to a screening of a documentary about Tempest Storm. The audience attendance is underwhelming.

We hold the first BeauTease Slumber Party!

We perform at two new venues, Far from the Tree Cider and the Castle on Charles.

At the end of the month I go to Stripper’s Holiday. I’ve been wanting to attend this for years, but never could get in. In hindsight I don’t think I was in the best headspace to be there and spend a lot of time feeling lonely in a crowd. On the other hand, my act has improved.

We all go see Dita. As always the show is inspirational. Everyone falls in love with Zelia Rose. We’re all prepared to finally present Brigitte’s dream show, The Boston BeauTease Go Bananaz!, but the city tells our venue that our performances aren’t covered under their entertainment license. We’re pretty bummed, but the venue decides to fight for us.

Stephanie Schorow, a guest as the Expo, has a signing for her new book on the Combat Zone. We take the night off rehearsal to attend. There’s a cake decorated like the book cover, so I get to eat a bit of Satan’s Angel.

Scratch, Artemisia, and I spend a day at Ikea doing promo for the new Cirque du Soliel show. They wear swordfish heads and clown around. I explain to the confused passersby what’s going on. It’s exhausting, but fun and we get Cirque tickets out of it.

Continuing with our theme of performing at places that produce alcohol, we present Burlesque Roadshow at Down the Road Brewery. It’s a little more exciting than we expected.

We take on a temporary student. Miss Pepperblossom is traveling with the Cirque du Soliel show, Luzia, and wants to do burlesque while she is in town. She gets us backstage access to Luzia. I see the show three times, once on a monitor in the artists’ tent, while the performers warm up around us. We even have dinner in the Cirque dining hall (Miss Pepperblossom’s husband is one of their chefs).

Scratch thinks it would be fun to add some more classic comedy bits back into burlesque and creates a show we call This Guy Walks into a Bra…

The long delayed The Boston BeauTease Go Bananaz! is finally scheduled. It just happens to be when I’m performing at the Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival. Oh well. I don’t like bananas anyway. (I was going to perform to “Peel Me a Grape”.)

Albert A. Cat has a scary medical crisis. He’s ultimately fine, but The Manor’s coffers are down several thousand dollars.

A quiet month, prepping for upcoming shows.

We perform a lot in October! We are the main entertainment at a Las Vegas-themed birthday party, we bring Bad Luck Burlesque back to Deacon Giles, we perform again at the Castle on Charles, and finish things off at The Fenway Pub.

Scratch and I are working furiously to get my next book ready for BurlyCon. It’s a lot of long nights and hard work, but he does it!

On Halloween I get sick with a bad cough. It won’t get better. It gets even worse. At the last minute I make the heart-breaking decision not to go to BurlyCon. I might have been crying a little as I package up books I was planning to hand-deliver.

By the end of the month, I’m feeling better and go to a book event for Feuding Fan Dancers.

We have our annual winter show, Brrrlesque at Deacon Giles and some BeauTease alums show up. We invite Ava to join the troupe. It’s a great way to end the year!

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