What am I up to?

Dear Constant Reader,

How are you dong in this new, weird reality?

I’m pretty lucky because my day job (which I rarely talk about) can be done 99% from home. However, it does take up a lot of my time. Also, I’m spending a lot of time cleaning The Manor. I haven’t been nearly as creative or productive as I might have hoped. I haven’t even been snuggling Albert A. Cat as much as I (or he) would like.

I’ve been working on getting B.A.B.E. on-line. I didn’t want to just leave people who had already registered hanging until we could reopen the studio. Who knows when that will be? We are going to start offering our classes remotely via Zoom this Thursday. It’s totally uncharted waters for me and I hope it works!

I did a couple of mini-lessons on Instagram Live at @studyburlesque, one on floorwork and one with a boa combination. That was a lesson for me too. I’m so used to cuing off of students’ visual and verbal feedback that it was weird to just be playing to my phone. I knew people were watching right then, but I had no connection to them. It wasn’t even like recording a video, which I know will be watched later (and I can edit it).

Perhaps fortunately, that floorwork lesson is lost forever, as I didn’t know how to save the video (Instagram does not make it easy or obvious). Now I know, and I even know how to recover a video once it’s gone to stories, although that’s clunky.

I’m keeping these mini-lessons to 15-20 minutes — short and sweet. I’m also trying to figure out a consistent day and time to offer them. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to learn!

We had a troupe meeting on-line during on Sunday rehearsal time and it was so good to see everyone. Devastasia has the best backgrounds. Albert made a special guest appearance on my feed. We’ll be meeting again regularly and working on some projects, as best we can.

My partner, Mr. Scratch, unlike myself, is an essential worker. When he’s not producing burlesque shows, he’s a contractor. Right now, he’s renovating an old building that will be used for low-income housing. They’re in the final stages of painting and restoring some of the vintage details (his speciality) to make it beautiful. He says “just because it’s low-income housing, it doesn’t have to look like low-incoming housing”. He’s hiring as many out-of-work theatre people as he can. Right now he’s got a lighting designer, a rigger, and a playwright painting the place. They’re all being careful — since it’s an entire building, it’s easy to keep their distance, and they already had protective gear — but I do worry.

I hope you are well, dear readers. Let me know how and what you’re doing.

Next time I’ll share some resources to save off boredom and cabin fever.

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