New Project!

Dear Constant Reader,

I’ve embarked on a new crazy project for 2022! Last summer Scratch gave me a complete set of daily menu cards from 1914. I’ve set up a new site, 365 Kitchen Cabinet, where I’m posting a menu a day. But it’s not just what’s printed on the card! I’m also posting every recipe that I have been able to find in one of Fannie Farmer’s cookbooks from the same era plus some commentary.

It’s a huge task, but I’m having so much fun and learning a lot. I hope to have the time and resources to do some supplemental essays about some of the cooking techniques, products, and equipment of the time. I’m also hoping to acquire some of the more unusual ingredients and cooking implements for even more historically accuracy. I’m sure beating egg whites with a Dover egg beater is an entirely different experience than using my hand mixer.

The first entry has a video of me making Pineapple Cream — the featured recipe for that day. My plan is to cook and film at least one recipe a month. Wish me luck!

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