Cast of Characters

I frequently refer to members of The Boston BeauTease (formerly The Boston Babydolls) as though you know who they are. Here’s your quick reference guide:

Ava Fox: The newest troupe member, lovely costumer, talented tapper, a very naughty girl lurks behind that sweet face, arranges for great photos of our shows, foxy AF.

Betty Blaize: The first Boston Babydoll, six feet of fun, our lead choreographer, dynamite costumer, musician & mathematician, “The Towering Inferno” (as dubbed by Willy Barrett), champion shimmier, our own Sally Keith. Studies many forms of dance but most devoted to bharatanatyam (an Indian classical dance) and kalaripayattu (an Indian martial art). Currently studying capoeira.

Brigitte Bisoux: Former director of the Tufts Burlesque Troupe, bacon-obsessed, hated hipsters before hating hipsters was cool, ski bum, lived in South Africa, sorority sister, born saleswoman, only loves winners. Has tap danced for 20 years. Our northern representative. Currently on maternity leave.

Devastasia: Little Mary Gothshine, talented artist, our most tattooed dancer, Queen of the Snacks, a delight to work with, can make beautiful things out of trash.

Devora Darling: The nicest person on the planet, “a little naked ray of sunshine” (according to Betty), super-enthusiastic about everything, florist, glitter addict, the face (well, mask) of The Wrathskellar, our go-to bra decorator. Has danced en pointe for most of her life. Currently back to school, so only erratically available.

Scratch: The King of Boston burlesque, my partner, our frontman, magician, comedian, producer, expert on early commedia dell’arte, fiercely protective of his people, remarkably devoted to his cat, founder of The Great Burlesque Expo. Has been performing since he was 4 years old.

Albert A. Cat: The Manor cat. Large, white, fluffy. Very affectionate. Left-pawed. Likes people, *loves* Scratch. A very dog-like cat. Occasionally says “hello” (no, really).

Hunter: Our tech director, mixes a mean martini, fencer, expert with black powder, owns more lighting equipment than most theatres, a man of very few words, almost always wears black.

Evie Sphinx: Bike-riding demon, incredibly flexible, amazing ass, proudly from Jersey, loves free food, makes us do calisthenics (and we love it), knows more about human anatomy than you ever will. Moved to NYC in 2016.

Stella Diamond: The baby Babydoll for years, Broadway belter, incorrigible punster (“on fire!”), learns choreography lightning fast, loves the macabre, her sweet face belies a wicked mind, knows where to get the best fried food, loves you a bushel and a peck. Retired from burlesque at the end of 2015 to follow her passion for musical theatre.

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