Friday Tips

520. Don’t be fooled by glitter-dot fabric.(10-1-21)

519. Help out your emcee — tell them the pronunciation of your name and your pronouns. (9-24-21)

518. Use hairnets to preserve your wig’s style. (9-17-21)

517. Buy from independent stores, artists, and craftspeople. (9-3-21)

516. Wash your cloth masks after every wearing. (8-27-21)

515. Before every costume project, take your measurements, even if you’re sure of what they are, write them down, and refer to them throughout the project. (8-20-21)

514. If you edit your music for an act, rename the song so you can easily find the version you need. (8-13-21)

513. Take joy in what you do and share it with others. (8-6-21)

512. Sometimes you’re not feeling it. Try again later. (7-30-21)

511. When applying skin care and cosmetics, consider your neck to be an extension of your face. (7-23-21)

510. Make a list of all your projects in progress and then prioritize them. (7-16-21)

509. If you’re going to throw something into the audience, lob it underhand. (7-9-21)

508. If you use a table in your act, bring a tablecloth. (7-2-21)

507. The world feels like it’s starting to go back to normal, but doesn’t have to be the same as it was. Take some time to revisit your relationships — with your venues, fellow performers, producers, but especially yourself. This is a great time to re-examine and make changes. You’re not the same person; you don’t need to fall back into the same patterns. (6-25-21)

506. Reapply your sunblock more frequently than you used to.(6-18-21)

505. If you wear glasses, have a pair that suits your stage persona.(6-11-21)

504. Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from feathers. (6-4-21)

503. You can wash ostrich feathers. (5-28-21)

502. Don’t trust that your Facebook account will always exist. (5-21-21)

501. When creating a teaching choreography, be sparing with moves where you face away. (5-14-21)

500. The journey of 500 tips starts with a single post. (5-7-21)

499. Store your X-Acto knife blade point down in the handle. (4-30-21)

498. Heat will soften hot glue. (4-23-21)

497. A setback is a setup for a comeback. (4-16-21)

496. When costuming a group act in identical or nearly so costumes, make sure to label them so you can tell whose is whose. (4-9-21)

495. Get a clear ruler. (4-2-21)

494. Check out rhinestone brands other than Swarovski. (3-26-21)

493. Spring clean your wardrobe.(3-19-21)

492. It’s all right to mourn what you’ve lost. (3-12-21)

491. Be careful, your face could freeze like that! (3-5-21)

490. To strengthen a piece of stage jewelry, glue it to a sturdy fabric backing. (2-26-21) with video (only on Patreon)

489. It’s my birthday! Treat yourself today! And maybe some others too. (2-19-21)

488. Love is a friendship set to music.” –Joseph Campbell (2-12-21)

487. Yell out your anger and frustration. (2-5-21)

486. For more hair volume, use a rat. (1-29-21)

485. Watch that you don’t block your face during your removes. (1-22-21)

484. Use two colors of lipstick to change the appearance of your lips. (1-15-21)

483. Soften harsh lights with a diffuser. (1-8-21)

482. Look back on all your accomplishments, no matter how small. I bet you accomplished more than you think! (1-1-21)

481. May next year be better and brighter! And may we all do all we can to make it so. (12-25-20)

480. Allow rhinestone glue to dry for 24 hours before wearing and a week before washing. (12-18-20)

479. Consistency is pleasing; change is exciting. (12-11-20)

478. Prewash your fabric before beginning your costuming project. (12-4-20)

477. Enjoy what you like and let others do the same. (11-27-20)

476. Press your seams three times. Once flat to set the stitching, once from the inside to open the seam, and once on the outside to really get the open seam flat. (11-20-20)

475. Photograph your wardrobe. (11-13-20)

474. Do something nice for yourself that’s also good for you. (11-6-20)

473. Tomorrow is Halloween! Are you ready for your winter holiday show? (10-30-20)

472. If you’re going to do a “messy” act, make sure your pasties can stand up to it.(10-23-20)

471. If you need a backdrop for filming, some fabric (like a bedsheet or tablecloth) and some temporary stick-on clips can quickly and easily transform a wall. (10-16-20)

470. You can layer false eyelashes to get exactly the look you want. (10-9-20)

469. Hand wash your rhinestoned costume items. (9-18-20)

468. Take a little time today for quiet contemplation. (9-11-20)

467. Schedule your social media posts in advance. (9-4-20)

466. Your costumes will be happier in the dark. (8-28-20)

465. Shoulders down and back! (8-21-20)

464. When working with stretchy fabric, stretch it before applying decorations. (8-14-20)

463. The back camera on your phone is much better quality than the front camera. (8-7-20)

462. Good lighting can improve a bad camera, but even a good camera can’t fix bad lighting. (7-31-20)

461. Make a pattern to cover your bra cups. (7-24-20)

460. When wearing a mask, use your stage voice. Project, speak a little slower, enunciate a little more. (7-17-20)

459. Check your angles. (7-10-20)

458. Research your research. (7-3-20)

457. Feeling overwhelmed with work? Set a timer. (6-26-20)

456. Review, reflect, revise. (6-19-20)

455. A properly fitting corset will have a gap of a couple of inches in the back. (6-12-20)

454. Do something. (6-5-20)

453. When filming yourself, make sure your main light source is behind your camera. (5-29-20)

452. When doing a shoulder shimmy, keep your hands, arms, and shoulders relaxed. (5-22-20)

451. Threading elastic (or whatever) through things with a bobby pin of some kind is 1000x easier than using a stupid safety pin… (5-15-20)

450. If you’re going to take your gloves off with your teeth, prep your glove before you go onstage by loosening each fingertip. (5-8-20)

449. Don’t start a new sewing project after 10PM. (5-1-20)

448. A pill bottle makes a great, secure container for transporting pins and needles. (4-24-20)

447. Marking pens are a great addition to your costuming tools. (4-17-20)

446. Try solid lotion. (4-10-20)

445. Mask tutorial (4-3-20)

444. It’s okay not to be okay. (3-27-20)

443. Clean your screens. (3-20-20)

442. Support small businesses as best you can right now. (3-13-20)

441. Keep calm and wash your hands. (3-6-20)

440. Sequined fabrics require special treatment when sewing. (2-28-20)

439. Unscrewing another burlesque performer’s light bulb doesn’t make yours shine brighter. It just makes the whole world a little darker. (2-21-20)

438. If you would be loved, love and be lovable. (2-14-20)

437. “I don’t know” is an acceptable answer. (2-7-20)

436. Before twirling, make sure your tassels are hanging freely. (1-31-20)

435. Use the power of the personal invitation. (1-24-20)

434. A rising tide lifts all boats. (1-17-20)

433. Spread positivity. (1-10-20)

432. If you want to keep it, back it up. (1-3-20)

431. Secure your bead fringe. (12-27-19)

430. Put your hustle on hold for a day. (12-20-19)

429. To get better sleep, don’t look at a screen before bedtime. (12-13-19)

428. When cutting pattern pieces, keep the cutting line to the left of the scissors. (12-6-19)

427. Take five minutes a day to think about what and who you are thankful for. (11-29-19)

426. Try a new art. (11-22-19)

425. Be kind to your knees. (11-15-19)

424. When traveling, bring more than one pair of shoes. (11-8-19)

423. Go shopping today! (11-1-19)

422. Stage kittens have a very important job. (10-25-2019)

421. Feathers are happiest in a moderate environment. (10-18-19)

420. Carry reusable utensils with you. (10-11-19)

419. If you’re using a mirror on stage, treat the glass so the lights don’t glare off it. (10-4-19)

418. When making tear-away cup bras, use two bras. (9-27-19)

417. Conversation, not cancellation and Talk to people, not about them. (9-20-19)

416. Use a spotter. (9-13-19)

415. Ghosting is unprofessional. (9-6-19)

414. Color remover will save your ass. (8-30-19)

413. No wire hangers! (8-23-19)

412. For a clean fabric edge, pull a thread. (8-16-19)

411. Use stage directions. (8-9-19)

410. Make your own bias tape. (8-2-19)

409. Discard your costume pieces to the sides or back of the stage. (7-26-19)

408. Finish the ends of ribbons. (7-19-19)

407. When collaborating on a creation with someone, you can save a lot of heartache if everyone agrees in advance who can do what with the creation. (7-12-19)

406. Treat a sunburn with cool water and moisturizer. (7-5-19)

405. A little wax can smooth your way. (6-28-19)

404. Extend your gestures beyond your fingertips. (6-21-19)

403. Rehearse your curtain call. (6-14-19)

402. On one side of the bra, sew the male halves of the snaps on the cup and female halves on the frame. For the other side do the opposite. (6-7-19)

<401. i>Even if you can’t kick high or straddle wide, if your form is good, you look great. (5-31-19)

400. Dance shoes are not necessarily sized the same as street shoes. (5-24-19)

399. Ballroom shoes need special care. (5-17-19)

398. If you make pasties frequently, make templates of your most-used shapes. (5-10-19)

397. It’s everybody’s job to promote the show. (5-3-19)

396. Never fly Spirit Airlines. (4-26-19)

395. When encrusting your pasties with rhinestones, use a metallic base fabric for extra sparkle. (4-19-19)

394. If you are in the world of burlesque, figure out the legend who is closest to you (I don’t mean geographically; the one who speaks to you as a performer) and reach out to them. Listen to them; learn from them. We did not invent Burlesque. We inherited it. We cannot keep its flame alive if we do not know what that flame is. (4-12-19)

393. Consider using music from independent artists. (4-5-19)

392. Leave a little looseness in your choreography for taking off costume elements. (3-29-19)

391. Making your own bath products is easy and fun. (3-22-19)

390. A simple stocking can make your bath easier to clean up. (3-15-19)

389. Spring forward, fall back, and take care of your internal clock too. (3-8-19)

388. Embellish your bra clasp. (3-1-19)

387. Fasten your new bra on the first set of loops. (2-22-19)

386. Bring slippers to your gigs. (2-15-19)

385. If you have pets with fur, keep a lint brush in your show bag. (2-8-19)

384. Eat a good breakfast. (2-1-19)

383. Drill your moves on both sides and directions. (1-25-19)

382. Use invisible lip liner to keep your lipstick from feathering. (1-18-19)

381. Use the same attachment method on all your detachable panel skirts. (1-11-19)

380. Fan dancing is much easier when your fans are right-and left-handed. (1-4-19)

379. Be generous. (12-28-18)

378. No ironing board? Use a folded towel. (12-21-18)

377. If you get blood on your fabric, spit on it. (12-14-18)

376. You don’t have to move at the exact same tempo as your music. (12-7-18)

375. Varying the amount of embellishment can have great impact. (11-30-18)

374. Give your costume a holiday makeover. (11-23-19)

373. Learn the basics of audio and video editing. (11-16-18)

372. Sometimes heroic measures are not called for. (11-9-18)

371. Structure your experience! When creating a new routine, set small deadlines for completion of elements of the process. (11-2-18)

370. Keep a costume inventory. (10-26-18)

369. For maximum movement, place fringe on your bra at the apex of the cup. (10-19-18)

368. Removable linings make laundering garments a snap. (10-12-18)

367. Keep your head up. (10-5-18)

366. Go back to basics. (9-28-18)

365. Learn to walk before you try to run. (9-21-18)

364. Keep track of your costs when creating a new act. (9-14-18)

363. Name your acts. (9-7-18)

362. When taking off a pair of garments, you don’t have to remove them at the same time. Except for shoes. (8-31-18)

361. Be good to one another. (8-24-18)

360. Burlesque is a great reason for travel and travel is a great reason for burlesque. (8-17-18)

359. Strive to improve your art whenever you can. (8-10-18)

358. Your signature is an extension of your stage persona. (8-3-18)

357. Avoid sewing when you’re tired. (7-27-18)

356. Avoid sewing over pins. (7-20-18)

355. Keep your presser foot down when your sewing machine is not in use and keep a scrap of fabric between the presser foot and the throat plate. (7-13-18)

354. Press your seams. (7-6-18)

353. Leopard print is a neutral — it goes with everything! (6-29-18)

352. Take something from your stash of unfinished costume projects… and finish it. (6-22-18)

351. Listen, really listen. (6-15-18)

350. Don’t change your clothes in the bathroom. (6-8-18)

349. Look at festivals and similar events as marathons, not sprints. (6-1-18)

348. Leave the drama on the stage. (5-25-18)

347. Sometimes the show does not go on. (5-18-18)

346. Test out a new pastie adhesive well before a show. (5-11-18)

345. Do. Or do not. There is no try. (5-4-18)

3444. When removing your shoes on stage, set them down neatly instead of flinging them with wild abandon. (4-27-18)

343.The center gore of a well-fitting bra should be snug against your chest. (4-20-18)

342. Rehearse with a friend. (4-13-18)

341. Take a piece of fresh fruit to gigs and rehearsals. (4-6-18)

340. Sleeping in your hairstyle? Wrap it in a silk scarf. (3-30-18)

339. Before flying, take everything out of your purse. (3-23-18)

338. If you have thin or slippery hair, use alligator clips on your hair ornaments. (3-16-18)

337. Ditch the dry cleaning bags. (3-9-18)

336. Inclement weather can really mess with show day. Plan ahead! (3-2-18)

335. Before teaching a new class for the first time, try it out on a test audience. (2-23-18)

334. Creating the order of acts for a show is an art and a science. (2-16-18)

333. A baby monitor lets you hear what’s happening on stage. (2-9-18)

332. In a pinch, conditioner can be used as shaving cream. (2-2-18)

331. Your secret weapon for cleaning is distilled white vinegar. (1-26-18)

330. Save your performance shoes for the stage. (1-19-18)

329. Wash your underthings as soon as you get home from a show. (1-12-18)

328. Mann Tracht und Gott Lacht (Man plans and God laughs). (1-5-18)

327. Be kind. (12-29-17)

326. You don’t have to do it all. It’s okay to get help. (12-22-17)

325. When performing on a particularly small or unusually-shaped stage, mark the same size or shape on your rehearsal space floor. (12-15-17)

324. After wearing heels, stretch your calves. (12-8-17)

323. Problem solve out loud. (12-1-17)

322. Make a list of five things that make you happy. (11-24-17)

321. Learn from your competition. – Scratch (11-17-17)

320. If using a front-closing bra, replace the plastic closure with something sturdier. (11-10-17)

319. 80% of success is just showing up. –Woody Allen (attributed) (11-3-17)

318. After Halloween, treat yourself to a mask! (10-27-17)

317. Keep an extra of a frequently forgot item in your show bag. (10-20-17)

316. For better balance, engage your core. (10-13-17)

315. Tag sales are great for both buyer and seller. (10-6-17)

314. Tassel twirling isn’t mandatory. (9-29-17)

313. Zipper sewing needs a zipper foot. (9-22-17)

312. Carry some cash. (9-15-17)

311. Knocking someone else down is not the way to build yourself up. (9-8-17)

310. Give to those in need… and make sure they are going to get it. (9-1-17)

309. When sending large files, like music or photographs or video, use file sharing, not email. (8-25-17)

309. Attach a tassel or other decorative item to your zipper pull to make it easier to grab. (8-18-17)

308. When removing garments, position the removal downstage. (8-11-17)

307. Wear a watch when you teach. (8-4-17)

306. To remove deodorant streaks from clothing, gently rub them with a nylon stocking. (7-28-17)

305. Plan to decorate your costumes in stages. (7-21-17)

304. Meet your deadlines. (7-14-17)

303. Respect other’s backstage rituals. (7-7-17)

302. If you’re going to use hairspray, loose glitter, spray-on stockings, &c, ask permission of the other inhabitants of the dressing room. (6-30-17)

301. Keep your dressing room footprint small. (6-23-17)

300. If you need to cut fabric in straight lines, a rotary cutter is your best friend. (6-16-17)

299. Create info sheets for each of your acts. (6-9-17)

298. When at a big event, like a festival, carve out some down time to relax and recharge. Being on all the time is hard work! (6-2-17)

297. To keep your lip makeup intact, drink with a straw. (5-26-17)

296. Tip your bartender. (5-19-17)

295. When working with slippery, slithery, or otherwise difficult fabrics, baste them in place first. (5-12-17)

294. If you have the option, buy travel insurance. (5-5-17)

293. Canned food makes great pattern weights. (4-28-17)

292. When you are using a big prop, use it. (4-15-17)

291. The big prop is not the star of the act. You are! (4-8-17)

290. A big prop requires big consideration. (4-1-17)

289. Festival rejections are not a judgement on your worth as a performer. (3-31-17)

288. When doing leg work, keep your legs strong and your toes pointed. (3-24-17)

287. When traveling, pack at least one more outfit than you think you’ll need. (3-17-17)

286. Bring your music to a gig in multiple formats. (3-10-17)

285. Take risks! (3-3-17)

284. If you have an injury, take the time you need to let it heal. (2-24-17)

283. A variety of decorative elements, not just rhinestones, will add depth and texture to your costumes. (2-17-17)

282. Take progress photos as you work on a big project. (2-10-17)

281. When working with balloons, make sure your nails are smooth, without chips or breaks. (2-3-17)

280. Metal garter clips work better than plastic ones. (1-27-17)

279. You are allowed to take up space. (1-20-17)

278. When at a festival or similar large gathering, wash your hands often.(1-13-17)

277. Consider a paper appointment book. (1-6-17)

276. Make a list of self-improvement goals for the coming year. Next year at this time, see how you did. (12-30-16)

275. To keep your rhinestones sparkly, put them on after you’re done with your hair & makeup. (12-23-16)

274. If you want big sparkly balls for the ends of your boa, now’s the time to buy them. The store may think they’re Christmas decorations, but we know better! (12-16-16)

273. Warm up before you stretch. (12-9-16)

272. Use a tennis ball to massage your feet. (12-2-16)

271. Put your money where your mouth is. (11-25-16)

270. Put your business card in your luggage tag. (11-18-16)

269. Carry a water bottle when you travel. (11-11-16)

268. Pack a mirror in your makeup kit. (11-4-16)

267. When wearing a garter belt, get stockings without stay-up grips. (10-28-16)

266. Remember to pack a robe. (10-21-16)

265. Be flexible. (10-14-16)

264. Need inspiration for an act? Go to a museum. (10-7-16)

263. Keep a journal. (9-30-16)

262. One thing at a time. (9-23-16)

261. There’s a difference between an introduction and a biography. (9-16-16)

260. When your back is to the audience, you must continue to engage with them. (9-9-16)

259. When producers ask you for something (music, a photo, &c.), give them exactly what they ask for. (9-2-16)

258. Know your roots, folks. You may not like where you came from, but they made you who you are today. For better or worse. (8-26-16)

257. Choreography notes are good, but a reference video is even better. (8-19-16)

256. Every once in a while, take a risk. (8-12-16)

255. Sticky zipper? Lubricate it! (8-5-16)

254. Support the arts! (7-29-16)

253.Unplug. (7-22-16)

252. Stop a stocking run with soap. (7-15-16)

251. Safety goggles are for the sewing room as well as the workshop. (7-8-16)

250. Wear kneepads when practicing floorwork. (7-1-16)

249. If you’re going invest in a corset, make sure it fits you! (6-24-16)

248. Use cosmetic-quality glitter on your face. (6-17-16)

247. Podcasts are worth a listen. (6-10-16)

246. Clean your false lashes. (6-3-16)

245. When traveling, bring your own makeup towel. The hotel/your hosts will thank you. (5-27-16)

244. Your stage chair is not a seat. Don’t let anyone treat it like a chair. (5-20-16)

243. When staying in a hotel for burlesque reasons, tip housekeeping generously. (5-13-16)

242. If you apply to that festival or reach out to that producer, you may not be accepted or hired, but if you don’t, you surely won’t. (5-6-16)

241. A cotton pillowcase makes a great storage bag for a boa. (4-29-16)

240. Carry a foldable bag with you. You never know when it will come in handy. (4-22-16)

239. To soothe a sore throat, drink hot lemonade with honey and grated fresh ginger. (4-15-16)

238. Get to know your local thrift store. (4-8-16)

237. Make metal hardware (snaps, hooks, zipper pulls, &c) coordinate with your costume by painting them with the appropriate color of nail polish. (4-1-16)

236. When making pants tear-away, start with a pair that is at least one size larger than usual. (3-25-16)

235. Consider your venue when selecting an act for a show. (3-18-16)

234. Betty’s choreography creation metric: one minute of music = one hour of choreographing. (3-11-16)

233. Price your merch at three to four times what it cost you. (3-4-16)

232. When flying à deux choose the aisle and window seats. There’s a good chance you’ll end up with an empty seat between you. (2-26-16)

231. Done is good. (2-19-16)

230. Pack headphones in your gig bag. (2-12-16)

229. Get your butt to The Expo. (2-5-16)

228. For any project, consider the Golden Triangle: good, fast, cheap. Pick any two. (1-29-16)

227. Floorwork is not appropriate for every venue. (1-22-16)

226. New project, new needle. (1-15-16)

225. Oil will remove lipstick. (1-8-16)

224. Take time to reflect on the lessons of the past year and your dreams for the coming one. (1-1-16)

223. Christmas decorations can make great costuming embellishments. (12-25-15)

222. Don’t get cocky, kid. (12-18-15)

221. When curling your lashes, move the curler from base to tip, gently squeezing as you go. (12-11-15)

220. Check your equipment yourself. (12-4-15)

219. Give thanks every day and not just on the fourth Thursday of November. (11-27-15)

218. Acknowledge and echo. (11-20-15)

217. A sharp pencil is a more useful pencil. (11-13-15)

216. Dawn dishwashing liquid will remove lipstick stains. (11-6-15) with video (only on Patreon)

215. Don’t panic. and Surround yourself with good people. (10-30-15)

214. Appreciate your tech people. Without them you’d be standing on stage in the dark and silence. (10-23-15)

213. Play nice. We’re all in this together. (10-16-15)

212. When wearing wigs, use the right pin for the job. (10-9-15)

211. Put a tag on a hanger listing all the costume pieces for an act. (10-2-15)

210. To remove static cling, rub a wire hanger on your garment. (9-25-15)

209. Keep a snack in your dance bag. (9-18-15)

208. Don’t take rejection personally. (9-11-15)

207. If you spill beads or rhinestones on carpet, put a old stocking over the end of the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner and suck them back to safety. (9-4-15)

206. Before using anything messy on stage (water, glitter, blood, tissue paper butterflies, &c.) check with the producer *first* for approval. If you get permission, bring whatever supplies are needed to protect the stage and clean up afterwards. (8-28-15)

205. If you work with liquid in your act, even just a little, remember to pack a towel (for drying off afterward), a plastic bag (for wet costume items), and something to protect the stage (a tarp, a rug, a bathmat, &c.). (8-21-15)

204. It’s just fabric. Go ahead and cut it. (8-14-15)

203. Improvisation requires rehearsal. (8-7-15)

202. Rhinestones are like precious gems. Surround them with a secure setting, using extra glue. (7-31-15)

201. Just keep going. (7-24-15)

200. If you frequently cut sticky things, like, say, pastie tape, invest in a pair of scissors with Teflon-coated blades. (7-17-15)

199. When rehearsing an oft-performed number, do something new to keep it fresh. (7-10-15)

198. Handkerchiefs are classy. (7-3-15)

197. Always carry a packet of tissues. (6-26-15)

196. To help quell motion sickness, have a piece of candied ginger. (6-19-15)

195. When unfastening a corset, start at the top and work down. Or start at the bottom and work up. Just don’t change directions in the middle. (6-12-15)

194. To keep the prong settings of rhinestones from catching on everything, cover them with fine tulle. (6-5-15)

193. Before you commit to a stage name, check to make sure it’s not in use already. (5-29-15)

192. Having trouble getting your pasties to stick? Make sure your skin is clean and dry. (5-22-15)

191. Cover your sewing machine when not using it. (5-15-15)

190. Straighten your seams! (5-8-15)

189. To dispel dizziness after spins or turns, either jump straight up and down or spin in the opposite direction. (5-1-15)

188. Create a list of goals. How will you know what you’ve achieved if you don’t know what you’re aiming for? (4-24-15)

187. When an Adoring Fan gives you flowers, there are a number of simple things you can do to ensure that they last. (4-17-15)

186. Get a good pair of fabric scissors and use them to cut fabric only. (4-10-15)

185. Help others when you can. (4-3-15)

184. Test your hairstyle in rehearsal. (3-27-15)

183. Cut false eyelashes to fit your eyelid. (3-20-15)

182. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. (3-15-15)

181. Always credit your photographer. (3-8-15)

180. Live entertainment should be enjoyed live. No pictures please! (2-27-15)

179. Volunteering is sexy. (2-20-15)

178. A plastic cup makes a tiny trash can for your make-up station. (2-13-15)

177. Use the right needle for the job. (2-6-15)

176. Simplify. (1-30-15)

175. Use your stash. Hoarding is no good. (1-23-15)

174. Answer your email in the order you receive it and as promptly as possible. (1-16-15)

173. Scan your receipts. (1-9-15)

172. Once a month, go through your makeup kit. Replenish anything that’s running low. Replace anything that’s old. Get rid of anything you just don’t use. Clean your brushes. Organize everything. (1-2-15)

171. When you’re not able to iron a wrinkled garment, hang it up in the bathroom and take a very hot shower. (12-26-14)

170. Work out first thing in the morning. (12-19-14)

169. Fake it ’til you make it. (12-12-14)

168. To keep the cut ends of ribbon from fraying, cut on a diagonal or seal with clear nail polish, FrayChek, or (my favorite) glitter paint. (12-5-14)

167. Take time to appreciate your family, however you define it. (11-28-14)

166. For visibility from stage, obey the heraldic rules of tincture. (11-21-14)

165. To make sure your makeup reads from stage, spray your mirror with Aqua Net. Then check your face. (11-14-14)

164. To instantly make your arms look toned, turn your palms to the back wall. (11-7-14)

163. Classic edible stage blood is light corn syrup and food coloring. For washable stage blood, mix liquid dish soap and poster paint. (10-31-14)

162. Take credit/debit cards at your merch table. (10-24-14)

161. Swarovski is not the be-all & end-all. (10-17-14)

160. No act is every completely finished. (10-10-14)

159. Know the story behind your act. (10-3-14)

158. Measure twice, cut once./ Measure once, curse twice. (9-26-14)

157. Life is too short to eat cheap chocolate. (9-19-14)

156. Use a Post-It as a sewing guide for large seams. (9-12-14)

155. Kill your darlings. (9-5-14)

154. Rehearse with your costume as soon as possible. (8-29-14)

153. Do something nice for yourself today. (8-22-14)

152. Expect any media coverage to get 3 things wrong. (8-15-14)

151. When packing the car for a road trip, make sure you don’t bury the emergency gear (spare tire, jumper cables, &c.). (8-8-14)

150. Get it in writing! (8-1-14)

149. Sharpies are good for more than just writing. (7-25-14)

148. Set deadlines. (7-18-14)

147. Performers are not party guests. (7-11-14)

146. Declare your independence! (7-4-14)

145. Don’t touch the performers. (6-27-14)

144. Drink lots of water! (6-20-14)

143. Stage names are not necessarily the same as Facebook handles. Confirm the correct name before using in publicity or press. (6-13-14)

142. Don’t get too attached your eye makeup. (6-6-14)

141. When working with hot glue, keep a glass of ice water nearby to dunk your fingers if you get burned.(5-30-14)

140. Pack healthy snacks. (5-23-14)

139. If you have to use the “gimme, gimme” or “I can’t hear you” gestures, perhaps it is not the audience that is at fault. (5-16-14)

138. It can’t hurt to ask. (5-9-14)

137. Basting before sewing many seem like a waste of time, but trust me, it isn’t. (5-2-14)

136. To properly prep your pout, use a little lip balm before you put on your lipstick. (4-25-14)

135. If your elbow is going to bend during your glove remove, slide the glove down below the elbow first. (4-18-14)

134. When in doubt, keep your mouth shut. (4-11-14)

133. Go outside. (4-4-14)

132. Read a book! (3-28-14)

131. Take time to relax and recharge. (3-21-14)

130. Be subtle with your scent. (3-14-14)

129. Send handwritten thank you notes. (3-7-14)

128. Facebook is the worst method of communication. (2-28-14)

127. Put down your notebook. Let your body learn as well as your mind. Create a cheat-sheet or aide-mémoire for your students so they don’t have to take notes. (2-21-14)

126. Love is not so plentiful that any of us can afford to reject it when it’s offered. (2-14-14)

125. When in doubt, point your toe. (2-7-14)

124. 1. Cut a long length of thread and double it.2. Now thread the needle with the doubled thread.You now have 4 strands of thread in your needle.3. Knot all the ends together. (1-31-14)

123. Wool is your friend. (1-24-14)

122. When working your abs, don’t forget to work your lower back. It’s part of your core too. (1-17-14)

121. Exfoliate! (1-10-14)

120.Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! (1-3-14)

119.Be naughty *and* nice. (12-27-13)

118. Buy your tickets in advance. (12-20-13)

117. Give your bras a break! (12-13-13)

116. Watch burlesque. (12-6-13)

115. Buy your holiday gifts from some of the independent artists and craftspeople in the burlesque community. (11-29-13)

114. Stretch *after* you warm up. (11-22-13)

113. Bring whatever little luxuries you need to be relaxed and comfortable while traveling. (11-15-13)

112. Shampoo your scalp, condition your ends. (11-8-13)

111. Invest in professional quality fishnets. (11-1-13)

110. Don’t bobble your buttons; make your removes a snap! (10-25-13)

109. Consider very strongly before investing in an all-black costume. (10-18-13)

108. Sing your choreography. (10-11-13)

107. It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. (10-4-13)

106. Some kind of help is the kind of help that helping’s all about. And some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without. (9-27-13)

105. Your bra’s band should go straight across your back. If it rises up between your shoulder blades, it’s too big. (9-20-13)

104. For perfectly aligned snaps, sew one half of the snap in place, rub it with chalk, then close the garment as if it was being worn. There will be a chalk mark right where the other half of the snap should be sewn. (9-13-13)

103. Make your act the same length as your music. (9-6-13)

102. For hair that is dry, dusty, and in need of a refresher: wrap a natural bristle brush with cheesecloth (so the bristles poke through) and spritz with rose water. Brush your hair. Change the cheesecloth as it gets dirty. (8-30-13)

101. Get permission before leaving stuff all over the stage, like glitter, water, confetti, torn-up paper, broken glass, &c. (8-23-13)

100. Rehearse with your costume as soon as possible. (8-16-13)

99. Always remember those who came before. (8-9-13)

98.Rehearse stocking removes with “stunt” stockings (i.e. ones that already have runs in them). Save your good stockings for performance. (8-2-13)

97. Do what you say you’re going to do. (7-26-13)

96. Keep your eyes on the audience and they will keep their eyes on you. (7-19-13)

95.Stick your ending! (7-12-13)

94. Cover skin imperfections by neutralizing with a concealer in the opposing color. (7-5-13)

93. Have a website. A FaceBook Page doesn’t count. (6-28-13)

92. Always unpack after a gig. (6-21-13)

91. To prevent raccoon eyes in the morning, wash your face first, then use eye makeup remover. (6-14-13)

90. For a shapely bum, do squats. (6-7-13)

89. Just breathe. (5-31-19)

88. Stay in character until you are off the stage. (5-24-13)

87. The audience is a big psychic mirror. They will reflect back to you what you give to them. (5-17-13)

86. Start your show on time. (5-10-13)

85. To zap a zit, dab on a little toothpaste before bed. (5-3-13)

84. If your hair looks greasy, comb a little baby powder or cornstarch through it. (4-26-13)

No lipsynching! (4-19-13)

83. If you’re not getting a lot of extension on your hip moves, make sure your knees are nice and soft. (4-12-13)

82. Start strong. Finish strong. (4-5-13)

81. Take care of yourself: get enough sleep, eat well, drink plenty of water, moisturize and wear sunscreen, stretch. (3-29-13)

80. Wear a Thong of Last Resort. (3-22-13)

79. Remove your makeup before you go to sleep. (3-15-13)

78.Perform within your comfort zone. Rehearse to expand that zone. (3-8-13)

77.Powder your face after you line your lips but before you put on your lipstick. (3-1-13)

76.Dance to music you love. (2-22-13)

75. Chairs are for your butt, not your bag. (2-15-13)

74. A show consisting only of striptease can become as monotonous as a dinner consisting only of dessert. Variety acts provide a “palate cleanser” for the audience. (2-8-13)

73. When adding extra curl to curly hair, you can often get a quick, no-heat curl this way.-Determine the shape of the natural curl.-Wrap it around your finger accentuating the direction.-Spray the curl heavily.-Pin the curl to the side of the head for 5 minutes (until the spray dries).-Unpin and comb gently. Perfect for trailing wisps and that one strand that won’t play well with others. (2-1-13)

72. If your budget only allows for limited rhinestones for your costume, put them close to your face. (1-25-13)

71. Nude fishnets or sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose worn under your undies instantly improves your legs. (1-18-13)

70. If you stick on your pasties with liquid adhesive, don’t store them edge to edge like a clamshell. (1-11-13)

69. Embrace failure. (1-5-13)

68. For every glass of booze, have a glass of water. (12-28-12)

67. Have business cards. And always carry them. (12-21-12)

66. Learn the rules first, then break them. (12-14-12)

65. Put the bottle in an ice-water bath with a generous handful of salt. It will chill in about 10 minutes.Just before serving, gently turn the bottle upside down to chill the wine in the neck. (12-7-12)

64. Use clear mascara to set your brows. (11-30-12)

63. When coming up from an inverted position on a chair, exhale. (11-23-12)

62. When your shoulders are square to the audience, your body language says you’re interested in them. (11-16-12)

61. When hot gluing feathers, use a scrap of ribbon to hold the feathers in place without burning your fingers. (11-9-12)

60. Maximize space in your suitcase *and* keep your clothes from rumpling by rolling your garments into tight little sausages.
Stuff your underwear and socks into your shoes.
Put your toiletries in individual ziptop bags.

59. Kindergarten rules: If it’s not yours, don’t touch it. (10-26-12)

58. Give compliments freely. Ask before giving critique. (10-19-12)

57. You can’t please everyone. (10-12-12)

56. The Boston Babydolls’ Me-plus-one rule: Take care of yourself first, but think about your fellow performers. If you need something for a show, chances are good someone else will too. Bring an extra and you might just make someone’s day. (10-5-12)

55. If someone is close enough to see a mistake in your costume and comment on it, they’re close enough to punch in the nose. (9-21-12)

54. If you have limited time, money and/or materials, invest them in the bottom layer of your costume. It’s the last thing the audience is going to see and you want to leave them with a dazzling impression. (9-14-12)

53. There are mean people and jerks in the world. Try not to be one of them, OK? Create don’t destroy. Positive not negative. (9-7-12)

52. Sometimes you get lucky. (8-31-12)

51. If something is spilled on your costume, quickly rinse it with cold water and blot with a clean towel. (8-24-12)

50. Make eye contact with your fellow performer before engaging in stage combat. (8-17-12)

49. Heavily embellished costumes should be stored flat. (8-10-12)

48. Be responsible and responsive. (8-3-12)

47. When trying to get body in your hair, do the opposite of how the hair naturally falls – if it falls left, brush, curl or gel it to the right. If it falls right, go left. Hair in the back goes toward the front, hair in the front goes back. (7-27-12)

46. Always carry a notebook and a pen – and use them! You never know when inspiration will strike. Or when you will need to jot down an important bit of information. (7-20-12)

45. Wear sunscreen! (7-13-12)

44. Pack an “emergency kit” of little things you might need in a pinch at a show. (7-6-12)

43. You can use tea to dye white elastic so it is closer to your skin tone. (6-29-12)

42. New shoes can be very slippery. Lightly score the soles with a craft knife to create some traction. A temporary solution is to spray the soles with hairspray; it’s sticky. (6-22-12)

41. Rehearsing in front of a mirror is good, but videotaping yourself is even better. (6-15-12)

40. Don’t forget to eat. (6-8-12)

39. When possible, rehearse on the stage on which you’re going to perform. At the very least, walk around on it, preferably in the shoes in which you’ll be performing. (6-1-12)

38. When you reach a certain level of fame (and the bar is surprisingly low), if you’re not willing to deal gracefully with your fans, just don’t leave the house.When you reach a certain level of fame (and the bar is surprisingly low), every time you leave the house, there’s a chance you’re going to have to be ‘on stage’. Be prepared for the possibility. (5-25-12)

37. Any warm up is better than no warm up. And yes, you have to warm up. (5-18-12)

36. To refresh stale costumes that can’t be washed or dry cleaned, pack them with a sachet of baking soda to absorb odors and a sachet of lavender to cover any lingering aromas. (5-11-12)

35. Most bras are right-handed (that is, the right side overlaps the left). If you’re having trouble with a one-handed pop, make sure you’re not trying to use your left hand. Sorry lefties! (5-4-12)

34. Count out your rhinestones before you start your project and split them up by garment area. (4-27-12)

33.Get an outside pair of eyes on your routine. Seek out knowledgeable critique and incorporate it. (4-20-12)

32. It’s great to surprise the audience. Do not surprise the tech crew. (4-13-12)

31. You are never as good as you could be. Never stop striving to improve. (4-6-12)

30. Replace standard garment zippers with jacket zippers — the kind with the big, chunky, plastic teeth. They’re not as pretty or subtle, but less likely to get stuck or break. And they do less damage to your skin than metal zippers, just in case you zip yourself (ouch!). (3-31-12)

29. Rehearse at least once in full costume with all of your jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle. You might discover some issues you hadn’t considered. (3-24-12)

28. For good posture, keep your collar bones lifted. Imagine you’re wearing a sparkly necklace and you want it to reflect light onto your face. (3-17-12)

27. Never stop learning. There will always be something new that will help you improve your art. (3-10-12)

26. If you’re having trouble unfastening your bra, the hooks might have gotten squeezed shut. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to bend them back into shape. (3-3-12)

25. To shape an ostrich plume, heat the shaft with an iron on the highest setting. Then gently bend it into the shape you want and hold it until it cools. (2-24-12)

24. If you are planning a stocking remove, pumps slip off easily and you don’t have to worry about unfastening buckles or untying laces. And you can put the shoes back on with little fuss. (2-17-12)

23. Never pick up your own costume. (2-10-12)

22. Dance is not just movement, it’s motivation. Whether you move fast or slow, small or big, in circles or straight lines – it all depends on why you are moving. A dance number doesn’t have to be a story, but any dance has a mood or tone. Understanding the desired spirit of the piece lets you refine your moves and puts the finishing touch on any number. (2-3-12)

21. When using with E6000 or similar adhesives, work in a well-ventilated area and let the item stay some place well-ventilated and far from your bedroom overnight. (1-27-12)

20. Always be aware of your hands. Having energy and liveliness through your hands will improve a number, even if the audience doesn’t notice why – they will notice if your hand seems limp or “dead”. (1-20-12)

19. Heavy-duty zip ties make good light-weight bones for corsets. (1-13-12)

18. Checklists are your friend. Make one for each act and use it to pack your costume and props before the show. Then use it again to make sure that you got everything back after your performance. (1-6-12)

17. Fake flowers, like real flowers, are seasonal. The craft shop won’t stock cherry blossoms in the fall or poinsettias in the summer. (12-30-11)

16. In dry weather, like the winter months, ostrich plumes are prone to static electricity. It’s very entertaining at first to see the feather fronds standing on end like an angry cat’s fur, but it’s not so attractive and quickly gets annoying. A can of Static Guard is a worthwhile investment for the gal who likes feathers. (12-23-11)

15. You can curl ostrich fronds just like you curl ribbons on presents. Use a scissors or a dull knife and briskly run the frond across the blade. It’s time consuming, but presents a luxurious look. (12-16-11)

14. If you’re concerned about dropping your costume on the floor, arrange for a “catcher” to stand in the wings or at the side of the stage and toss her your costume bits. (12-9-11)

13. When buying bras for burlesque performance, it’s helpful to wear pasties, particularly the pasties you’re planning to wear for the number, in the dressing room. They could change how the bra fits and you can see if the pastie is going to peek out. (12-2-11)

12. When removing a pair of something, take off the second item in a different way from the first. Surprise the audience. (11-25-11)

11. Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. (11-18-11)

10. You can’t overestimate the impact of an eyelash curler for making your eyes look bigger. When the lash is framing your eye, not covering your eye, the impact is enormous. (11-11-11)

9. When using a chair in your routine, bring your own chair to the venue. Do not expect the venue to have a chair you can use. You might need a straight-back chair and end up with a barstool, a swiveling office chair, or something broken. (11-4-11)

8. Practice tassel twirling with a mirror. If you look down to see how you’re doing, you’ll change your posture and most likely lose your twirl. (10-21-14)

7. Clean hair is hard to style. If you don’t wash your hair for at least a day before your big ‘do, it behaves much better. (10-14-11)

6. Always cut the tags out of store-bought costume elements. Nothing turns you from glamorous burlesque queen to Minnie Pearl in an instant like the sight of a white tag sticking up out of your undies. (10-7-11)

5. When choreographing for a group, learn to love your differences. Rather than trying to hide them, play up the things that make each performer special. You’ll get a more interesting number, happier performers and a number than can only be done by your group. (9-30-11)

4. Let your skin rest before performing. Garments with elastic, like socks, will leave impressions that you don’t want. Staying hydrated will help them go away faster. Cheap fishnets will not leave impressions on your legs that last as long as those left by dance-quality fishnets. (9-23-11)

3. When working with feathers, confetti, glitter, or anything small and floaty, avoid wearing lipgloss. It’s very sticky and all those light little bits will stick to it. (9-16-11)

2. A hair flower is not only a glamourous accessory; it can be used to hide imperfections in your hairdo. (9-9-11)

1. Use the power of the pause. You don’t have to be in constant motion. Let the audience savor your pose. (9-2-11)

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