Recipe Index

A simple list of all the various recipes from this blog. Someday I’ll find a better way to organize them, but for now, they’re just alphabetical. Historic recipes are followed by the year.

Ailes de poulet a la diable
Asparagus Forced in a French Roll (1790)
Asparagus Peking Style (1956)
Bedroll Special (1952)
Best Ordinary Pottage (1615) with video (only on Patreon)
Black Walnut Sweet Potato Pudding (1953)
Blini and Quick Blini
Boiled Chickin (1596)
Cake (1604)
Candlestick Salad
Carnival Cream (1950s) with video (only on Patreon)
Cashew Chicken (1956)
Cherry Bounce (18th century)
Cherry Halo Pie (1953)
Chocolate Pudding (1956) with video
Christmas Pudding part One, Two, and Three
English Rabbit
Frozen Fruit Salad (1929)
Fruit Flamingo
Girl Scout Cookies (1922) with video (only on Patreon)
Graham Cracker Cake (1920)
Grapefruit Dessert (1941)
Ham Banana Rolls with Cheese Sauce (1950)
Hard Sauce
Jumbles (1597)
Lamb & Apricot Tagine
Mexican Chocolate Pudding
Mocha Marlow (1953)
Nana’s Meatloaf (1940s)
Nut Snack
Nut Tea Cake (1920s)
Olive-Cheese “Porcupine” (1963)
Orange Hawaiian (1950)
Overnight Oats
Peach Ice Water (1885)
Peach Mousse (1950)
Peascods in Lent (1597)
Pineapple Salad (1928) with video
Potato Kugel
Queen Drop Biscuits (1880s)
Retro Hors d’Oeuvres (1970s)
Roasted Chickpeas
Sham-Pain Salad (1952) with video (only on Patreon)
Spiced Cherry Soup (1958)
Spritzen (1788)
Sub-Gum Chop Suey (1928) with video (only on Patreon)
Sun-Dried Tomato and Parmesan Scones
White Bean Dip
Wine Chocolate (1726)
Zorita’s Knish

Skincare Recipes
Bath Fizz
Lotion Bars
Sugar Scrub

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