Thank you!

Dear Constant Reader,

I am so proud to announce that The Boston Babydolls were named one of Boston’s Top 5 Theatre Groups by the A-List! The A.R.T., Huntington, SpeakEasy, Winthrop Playmakers, and us!

Thank you so much for your support and for showing that Greater Boston recognizes modern burlesque as a legitimate form of theatre.


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E Pluribus Unum

Dear Constant Reader,

Please vote for The Boston Babydolls every day!

I was thrilled and surprised to learn that the folks at Rate Your Burn had named me one of Boston’s 16 best dance instructors for 2012!

So, why is my subject a Latin quote from the Great Seal of the United States, instead of something like “Hurray!” or “Yay!”? It means, as you all know, “From Many, One”* and I think the honor needs to go to the entire staff at B.A.B.E. because the excellence there does not come from any one of us (including me) alone.

So I want to thank all the Burly-Q Party hostesses, Introduction to Burlesque teachers, and Beyond Basic Burlesque instructors for making B.A.B.E. such a great place: Devora Darling, Evie Sphinx, Betty Blaize, Brigitte Bisoux, Stella Diamond, and Scratch.

Thank you for your skill, your enthusiasm, and your dedication. Onward & upward!


* It comes from a Roman poem about cheese spread. Really. And the cheese is pretty tasty too.

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Babydolls Get Improper

Dear Constant Reader,

Last night was The Improper Bostonian‘s annual “Boston’s Best” party and as the Best Burlesque Company, we were there in force. We were all dressed in red and black and I must say we looked fabulous. We got lots of comments and compliments (and photographs) because of our unified look.

2012-07-19 The Boston Babydolls at Langham Boston Improper Bostonian Best Of Boston Party Photo Dana Quigley

The party itself was certainly the swankiest we’ve attended (this being the 3rd awards party we’ve been to in the last 9 months). It was at the lovely Langham Hotel. The food was wonderful, the champagne was plentiful (as was the beer, tequila, and coconut water), the music wasn’t too loud. What more could one ask?

We met many of the other winners (helpfully identified with a little “winner” pin) and made some good connections. We were going to end the evening at Drink with the folks from Formaggio (Best Gourmet Food Shop), but lost track of one another in the exodus. Ah well, another time.

Tonight, back to work. We have 1 more performance of A (Re)Movable Feast, we’re working on a special July project, and The Wrathskellar looms ever closer.

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Not the Original Topic

Dear Constant Reader,

Today I was going to write you a lovely missive about things like my weekend and Naked Girls Reading.

However, I have changed my mind.

Today I wish to inform you that The Improper Bostonian has recognized The Boston Babydolls as the Best Burlesque Company in their Boston’s Best 2012 issue.


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Victory Party 5/17/12

Dear Constant Reader,

On Thursday last we threw a little soiree to celebrate our third Best of Boston from the Phoenix annual readers’ poll. It was also the kick-off for our new monthly showcase, The Dollhouse, at The Estate (a nightclub in Boston, not to be confused with Stately Babydoll Manor).

It was a grand time. There was fantastic food (or so I’m told — I was still under the weather) from Lizzy’s and Foundry. We had a tea-cup raffle (you put your raffle tickets in a cup by the item you want) with great prizes from a lot of terrific local businesses & artists, like (I know I will forget some): Fluevog, The Fox Affect, Muscular Solutions, John Chaos, Trials of Love, Chris McIntosh, Redbones, and Veve (I put all my tickets on this one).

We had some performances from special guests Vikki Likkerish “The Gift that Keeps Getting Unwrapped” and turquoise-haired beauty BettySioux Tailor as well as go-go dancing from The Boston Babydoll Interns.

To top everything off, we re-assembled the Unluckiest Band in the World (mostly — we had a new drummer) and the Amorettes from Unlucky in Love and reprised a few favorites.

Evie opened with a brand new dance to “The Man with the Golden Arm”. Then Stella sang “Ain’t Misbehavin'”. Betty performed her mesmerizing Loie Fuller inspired act to “Someone to Watch Over Me” while Alissa sang. Then Alissa sang “The Man I Love” for Devora (and partner). All 3 ladies sang their version of “If I had a Million Dollars”. Lastly Imani (and the other two backing her up) sang “Jezebel” while I did my fan dance.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us and who came to the party! We’ll see you back at The Estate next month for The Dollhouse!

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