Brrrlesque 12/15/18

Dear Constant Reader,

Saturday we presented Brrrlesque, our winter holiday show, at Deacon Giles Speakeasy Lab. Most of us have a number of holiday- or winter-themed acts, but we didn’t want to just do the same show as the years before, so each of us created a new number. I was a bit anxious as act development is not one of my strengths. But Scratch found just the right song, I had the perfect costume already, and it all came together quickly.

Here’s the show! All photos by Scratch. Some of our audience members took some good ones that I hope to be able to share.

This was Betty’s new act — a reverse strip to “Winter Wonderland”. The picture was taken at the beginning when she’s in her robe and her clothes are strewn about the stage.

Devastasia danced to “Warm in December”. She’s got a great costume surprise near the end of the act. Venues will remember this one forever because the tissue paper snow she brushes off her coat will linger, despite the best efforts to sweep it up.

Technically this wasn’t a holiday number, but I’m sure Scratch gave it an appropriate intro. Artemisia had only done this Las Vegas-inspired act once before, at a private show, and it deserved a little more exposure, so to speak. Although this is a lovely shot, you really should see the costume, created by Artemisia and Burluxe.

Tahni tapped her talented toes to “Gift-Wrapped Boy”. I’m sorry we don’t have a picture right now of her adorable gift-wrap costume (which she made) and jingle pasties.

Here’s a few moments of my standard for the holidays — Duke Ellington’s “Sugar Rum Cherry”.

As a palate-cleanser from the striptease, Artemisia sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

Betty brought back “Blue Christmas” — a perennial favorite. No pictures, but you can see a clip from last year.

Scratch stunned the audience with a Christmas miracle. No picture of that, since he was the one manning the camera.

This was Devastasia’s new piece to “Marshmallow World”. She really hates Christmas music, so she went for something wintery instead. We were all stunned when she showed up with this snow-white showgirl look. Not a scrap of black to be found!

Artemisia’s new act used a beautiful blue and silver cape (which she made) and some balletic dancing. Very wintery, very graceful.

I closed out the show with my new act, to the PMJ version of “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve”. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of the glorious champagne-colored gown I wore (a find from Scratch — if you even have the chance, go shopping with him), but you get to see my beautiful Catherine D’Lish boa.

After the first show, we had a surprise treat! I was expecting Brigitte would be at the show since she’s local, but she brought some special guests, D.D. and Evie! Here we all are, BeauTease Classique!

It was so good to see everyone and catch up. I wish we’d had longer, but we had to get ready for our second show.

And that was our last performance of 2018! See you next year!

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Dear Constant Reader,

It had been years since we presented a winter holiday show and we weren’t really planning on doing so. We were hired for a New Year’s Eve show at The Strand Ballroom and that was enough. And yet, somehow, we found ourselves booked at Deacon Giles (hint: it was Brigitte’s doing) and as long as we were doing that show, why not put it on at The Thalia as well.

All three shows (we do two at Deacon Giles) sold out completely and people were pleading for tickets. That was really nice, since, to be completely honest, Dear Reader, our shows did not do so well earlier the year.

Since timing is tight and the stage is small at Deacon Giles, the show is pretty streamlined. Since we had more space and a more flexible schedule, The Thalia show had a larger cast and a couple more acts.

It went a little something like this:

Betty Blaize: Betty, It’s Cold Outside
A classic. One of Betty’s signature numbers, with her puppet-partner, Dino Martini.

Mina Murray: Three for the Show
This is a brand-new number than I debuted on Friday. I wanted something winter-inspired, rather than something so strongly themed that I could only do it at the holidays. An ice-blue gown and white fur wrap did the trick. It’s very classic in style and a bit raunchier than my usual.

Brigitte Bisoux: The Nutrocker
Brigitte is a talented tap dancer and she loves the stages at both venues because they show off the sound really well. With her sparkling costume and feathered headdress, you’d never know she was too short for The Rockettes.

Devora Darling: Snowfall
D.D. dances en pointe in this beautiful striptease. She also throws around some tissue paper snow, which is beautiful. It’s also gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Someday I should tell you about the first time we used fake snow. Please enjoy this photo of Devora and Devastasia, who also used some of the snow in her act, cleaning up after the show.

Devastasia: Warm in December
Also a new number for Devastasia. She has professed a strong dislike of Christmas, so it was winter-themed for her. She made a lovely blue and silver dress which was over a flame panel skirt and bra.

Scratch: Magic
I think it was a card trick, but I’m not sure of the details. At Deacon Giles it’s very hard to hear what’s happening on stage from the backstage area (the actual distillery and warehouse).

Betty Blaize: Blue Christmas
Betty is a disillusioned Mrs. Claus, who once she’s alone, prefers to celebrate Hanukkah.

Brigitte Bisoux: Perfect Christmas
Brigitte starts out nice, dancing to “Perfect Christmas Night”, a sweet jazzy tune, and then gets naughty to a version of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”. You’ll look at Christmas decorations in a new way…

Devora Darling: Christmas Elf
This is a super-adorable dance with Devora as a cute little elf handing out candy canes. And when she runs out of candy, she has clothing to give out.

Mina Murray: Sugar Rum Cherry
This my holiday fan dance and one of my favorites. At Deacon Giles I performed it solo, but at The Thalia I had Ingride and Gin-ni to open it with a graceful dance with snow-white fans to the traditional Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy music.

At The Thalia we also had Devastasia, Gin-ni, and Ingride performing “Booty Swing” with oversized peppermint sticks and Gin-ni sang.

All the shows went well and we had great time, for the most part. And there were delicious cocktails at both venues. The early show at Deacon Giles had one rude audience member sitting right up front who was talking with his seat mate through most of the show. It kind of brought the audience’s energy down. However, the second show was just fantastic. The audience was terrific and I think our performances were excellent.

As is my custom, I made a backstage video only for my Patrons. You however can get a brief taste of the show in these video clips Scratch took during the show.

Next up we’ll be at The Strand Ballroom on New Year’s Eve and then The Great Burlesque Expo!

M2These writings and other creative projects are supported by my Patrons. Thank you so much! To become a Patron, go to my Patreon page.

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Dear Constant Reader,

Friday night we took our winter show, Brrrrlesque to Laugh Boston, a brand new comedy club in the Westin Waterfront hotel. It’s a pretty sweet venue — cushy green room with direct access to the stage (you’d be surprised how often that doesn’t happen) and super helpful staff.

The only drawback is the stage itself. Like I mentioned, the venue is a comedy club, so the stage is perfect for stand up. Not so much for dancing en pointe, walking on chairs, or 5 dancers flourishing silk veils. And the lighting is kind of dim, despite the spotlight we brought in. But we managed.

I promise you a look behind the curtain of my glamourous burlesque life and here’s a peek. I had a couple of bad moments on stage. The key is not to let the audience know that something is amiss. Or as best as one can.

Our opening number is “Factory Elves” (it’s “Factory Girls” from Madame Burlesque with some Christmas touches) and I walk down a series of chairs. Twice. Normally I’m pretty confident, but that night the chairs were wobbling all over the place. The second time through I do a little butt bump as I step each chair. I knew that was a bad idea, so instead, I grabbed the back of each chair and stuck my butt up in the air. Brigitte said it looked like a sexy crawl and not like a panicked attempt to keep my balance.

My next appearance was with a hula hoop. I was very aware of the size of the stage and I was using my LED hoop which is the smallest in my collection. Still, I would occasionally hit the curtains behind me and I was very aware of the lighting bar just overhead. And the audience was at tables quite close to the stage. Although when the mishap finally occurred, it wasn’t because the size of the stage screwed me up. I just missed a catch, but before I could grab the hoop again, it went right off the stage and into the audience. Thankfully it was returned to me and I went on with the routine, not even having missed too much of the next verse.

The rest of the show went more smoothly for me. Thank goodness. I think “Sugar Rum Cherry” was a high point of the 2nd act.

Back to the good stuff. We had a special surprise guest in the audience. After the show, Evie Sphinx revealed herself to the Babydolls. She’s been out of state doing school stuff so there was much squealing & hugging.

The very next day Brigitte and I were supposed to open the showing of Bettie Page Reveals All at the Coolidge Corner Theatre at midnight. Because of low ticket sales due to the snow storm, the theatre canceled the movie, so we didn’t get to present “Mistress & Maid” (which was inspired by Bettie Page and Tempest Storm). I was already beautifully made up when we got the call and it seemed a shame not to put that face to good use. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll show you what I did.


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