10 Years and a New Name

Dear Constant Reader,

Last night was the last Harburlesque performance and we used the opportunity for a big bash to celebrate 10 years of The Boston Babydolls. Hard to believe we’ve been doing this for 10 years. It feels like forever — and just yesterday. We’ve weathered some storms, but for the most part, it’s been a fabulous time. Our current group is just amazing.

We had all 6 Babydolls dancing to live music provided by our good friends from The Legendary VuDu Krewe. For the most part everyone did their favorite standards from The Mardi Gras Ball. I never get tired of doing my fan dance to “Harlem Nocturne”. I know there are burlesque dancers out there who say that it’s a clichéd piece of music, but, oh, when there’s a sax player right there, it’s magic.

Brigitte created an adorable trio that she, Stella, and I performed for the first time last night. It was so much fun — I think you’ll be seeing it again in the future!

After both shows were done, we scrambled up to the top deck to twist & shimmy to The WaveRiders. I got there just as they started up “Sing, Sing, Sing”, our usual curtain call music. All the troupe members, plus our Wrathskellar cast, just kept dancing through a surf version of “Bad Romance” (our private pre-show warm up song) and “Miserlou” (which we use for shimmy drills). It was perfect!

So, about that new name. Scratch had been talking about changing our name to celebrate our decade in burlesque, since “Babydolls” is a little juvenile and we’re decidedly not. Then we got a series of nasty letters from the attorneys for a Texas-based strip club chain called “Baby Dolls Saloon”, who seemed to think that people were going to confuse the two businesses.

We took the opportunity and last night we announced the new name. We are now The Boston BeauTease. (That’s Beauties, only with more Tease.) I think my house will still remain Stately Babydoll Manor — it’s an ancestral name, after all.

Thank you everyone who has been with us on this journey so far and here’s to the next decade!


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Harburlesque Sets Sail!

Dear Constant Reader,

Yesterday The Boston Babydolls set sail on the Music City Queen for our first Harburlesque show! Our hard-working tech crew and Scratch had spent a great deal of time figuring out how to turn the lower cabin into a theatre. (Why does it seem like we’re always turning non-theatres into theatres?) By the time I got there last night, everything was all set up: lights, sound, and a section of the galley for our dressing room. We even had a full-length mirror and a costume rack (thanks, Scratch!).

Performing on a boat is a tad challenging. There’s the space issue — there’s just not a lot of it, but we’re used to that. There’s the height issue — the ceilings are very low. I had to re-choreograph parts of my fan dance because I couldn’t do a lot over my head. And Betty is going to have to be very careful. And there’s the movement issue — boats rock. The Music City Queen is pretty stable, but occasionally you’d feel it. I had to make split-second decisions about whether a dance move was viable or not, but in the end I had no problems.

The audience had a great time and the folks from Mass Bay Lines were very happy (which is good, since this is something of a gamble for them). Two things I like to hear! All the Boston Babydolls who weren’t performing were in the audience and a bunch of our regulars came out. There were also some people for whom this was their first burlesque show.

The performers were Brigitte, Stella, and myself with Elsa Riot kittening and Scratch hosting. Given the lovely riverboat setting, we picked acts with a classic style. I know, we’re usually classic, but we went *really* classic.

  • Brigitte opened the show with the public premier of her Mystery Box Challenge act to a modern remix of the jazz standard “Diga Diga Doo”.
  • Stella did a glove & gown strip right out of the 1950’s to “Real Gone”.
  • I did a piece to “The Mooche” with boa and panel skirt. Actually all 3 of our first numbers used boas.
  • Then Scratch did something impossible with a deck of cards
  • Brigitte did her signature sultry strip to “Tombstone Blues“.
  • Stella and Scratch did a bit of comedy which lead into…
  • Stella as a poor hitchhiker trying *anything* to get a lift, to “Burlecue“.
  • Scratch destroyed the laws of physics with a pastry bag and coffee stirrer from a nearby Starbucks.
  • Stella sang “Too Darn Hot” while I fan danced.

Next week the performers will be Betty Blaize, Devora Darling, and Evie Sphinx! Join us!

There was a photographer, so eventually there will be pictures, but for now I will leave you with the obligitory selfies that Brigitte, Elsa, and I took.


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