The Burlesque Marathon

Dear Constant Reader,

A little backstory first. A couple of years ago there was this terrible movie that was called “Burlesque”, but actually had nothing to do with burlesque. Scratch decided he wanted to raise awareness of actual burlesque and hold an overnight marathon show the week before the movie opened. He recruited a ton of burlesque performers from all over the East Coast and we did it. We started at midnight and performed through until morning. It was exhausting, exhilarating, and a ton of fun.

Scratch had only planned it to be a one time thing, but so many folks were saying “next year…”, that, despite his better judgement, he did it again… and then again.

This year, after volunteering at Coney Island, Scratch decided to make the marathon a fundraiser with raffles to benefit Coney Island USA. He gave away a bunch of great prizes, but I don’t yet know what the final total raised was.

It was great to share a dressing room with old friends like BettySioux Tailor, Blitzen von Schtupp, and Corinne Southern. We were honored to witness the debuts of Minnie Holiday, Ginny Nightshade, and Ava Estrella (who all would have looked familiar if you saw The Wrathskellar). And first time MCs Reyn, Nick, and Ginny did a fantastic job! Some of my students, Amber Rane, Dagny Vanderlust, and Delilah Springs took the stage — with some of the acts they created last year in Burlesque Your Way.

We ended about an hour shorter than planned due to some last minute drop outs, act cancelations, and no-shows. But the audience still got an excellent show and those who stayed through the whole thing got breakfast at the end.

I brought my camera so I could share pictures with you all, but failed to unpack it. I especially regret not getting a picture of Mother Mischief (Mimi Mischief brought her mom!) asleep under Mimi’s pink balloon costume. I know there was video shot, but I don’t know about photos. If any turn up, I’ll let you know.

And Scratch swears he’s not doing it again next year.


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2011 recap

Dear Constant Reader,

My friend Holly Rebelle of Burlesque Noir (New Mexico) recently blogged about her year past in burlesque and I thought it was a great idea. Let’s see how much I can remember.

The Boston Babydolls put on a light revue called Hot Dates with a calendar theme. Highlights for me are introducing my “Champagne on Ice” act and wearing my mink coat in the finale. Betty choreographs it such that at no time did the coat ever touch the ground, but was passed from hand to hand until hung up by the stage kitten.

Naked Girls Reading Boston participates in the chapter-wide theme of “Love Stinks!”, sponsored by Great Philosophers Who Failed At Love. We are the only group to have the (clothed) participation of the author.

Mr. Cupid’s House of Love brings us a couple of milestones. Evie Sphinx becomes an official troupe member. The sultry songstress Alissa joins us for her first show. I perform an aerial act. Scratch is in our finale, dancing.

The Expo! I finally perform my tribute to April March. I’m not sure I have ever been so nervous in my entire performing career, trying to do April’s act in front of her.
Also, the Boston Babydolls win “Best Burlesque” from the Boston Phoenix.
And we perform at the launch party for the new comic Teenage Satan.

May and June
We throw a victory party for our Best of Boston win from the Phoenix, but mostly we begin preparations for Madame Burlesque: An Evening of Tributes, our most ambitious show at the time. We launch a Kickstarter campaign, build a giant oyster, and have fabulous photos taken. But most importantly, we cast Brigitte Bisoux and Corinne Southern.

Madame Burlesque at home and on the road! It’s our first real tour and we have so much fun. 4 states in 4 weeks! Whose idea was it to bring a giant oyster? That thing doesn’t exactly pack small!

B.A.B.E. moves! A larger space, just down the hall, opens up in our building and we take it. Scratch spends most of the month turning it from drab industrial space to a lovely dance studio, including a new dance floor and storage room.

At long last The Wrathskellar has a home! After months of searching, Scratch finally finds a vacant storefront in which to build our creepy tavern. He and a very small team of talented carpenters along with a lot of very unskilled labor from the Babydolls do the impossible in about two weeks.

It’s all The Wrathskellar all the time. We come to see that dirty, chilly space as our second home. Also, the birth of Sunday Socials. We welcome Brigitte Bisoux as an official Boston Babydoll.

We win “Best Burlesque” from the Weekly Dig and arrive at their award party in Scratch’s 1956 Packard.
Scratch thinks it’s a good idea to hold the Burlesque Marathon again. Much sleep deprived fun is had by all.

Naked Girls Reading presents an epic marathon reading of A Christmas Carol. We had no idea it would take so long…

And what are we up to now? Getting ready for Unlucky in Love. Live music, live singers, partially-clad dancers!

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The Other Boston Marathon

Dear Constant Reader,

Last year there was this movie called “Burlesque”. We all knew it was going to have nothing to do with the kind of burlesque that we did and Scratch decided a little public education was necessary.

The weekend before the movie was released, he organized a burlesque marathon. 8 hours of burlesque, all night long. Performers from all over New England. Home-made bagels for the survivors. Crazy, no?

And it actually happened, despite chaos and disasters major and minor. There was a wonderful camaraderie backstage as we helped one another change costume, lug props, solve last minute problems. And the guys in the tech booth were big heroes. Come dawn that theatre was simply covered in glitter… and coffee cups. You can read all about it here.

And for some reason people wanted to do it again. And somehow Scratch agreed to do it again.

Please join us for the Second (Annual?) Burlesque Marathon starting this Saturday at 11:59 and running until 8am on Sunday!

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