BurlyCon 2016: Sunday

Dear Constant Reader,

My last day at BurlyCon began with making sure I was packed and ready to check out before I went to classes.

Achieving Closure (me): This is a relatively new class and I was delighted at how well it went. I’m particularly pleased with what I kept calling my “grown-up busy book”, cloth pages with examples of the various closures sewn on, so students could try them out. Educational and entertaining!

Icons of the Tease: From A(nn corio) to Z(orita ) (Leslie Zemeckis): A delightful look at a number of burlesque performers, illustrated with personal anecdotes, photographs, and film footage.

Book Signing (me): My first author event! I’m delighted at how many people showed up. I brought a lot of books with me and went home with almost none. Since I was there for two hours, people drifted in and out. Some stayed to chat, which was lovely, but there was enough quiet time that I could have some lunch lest I snarl at any of my adoring fans. The picture is me briefly curled up in front of the library’s little fireplace. I could have stayed there all day.

Get on the Good Foot: A Post-Stiletto Recovery Class (Elsa/Ernie von Schmaltz): This was a great class and it was the perfect thing to wrap up the weekend. I thought it was going to be about just foot massage, but since everything is connected, we did self-massage all the way from our toes, up our backs to our foreheads. So delightful. So relaxing. I will definitely be practicing this in the future.

I skipped out on the closing ceremony and caught the light rail into Seattle proper. As a method of getting from the airport to downtown, it certainly has Boston beat. I met my friend A. near the Pike Place Market and we had a lovely dinner. We’ve known each other a frighteningly long time and even though we only get together every couple of years, the conversation is always great.

Eventually I had to head back, pick up my bag at the hotel, and go to the airport for my red eye flight home. I was exhausted, but of course, I just couldn’t sleep on the plane. Usually I can sleep anywhere, but planes are just impossible. After an eternity of fitfully dozing to podcasts, the sun rose and we landed at Logan. I blearily made my way back to the Manor, there to collapse for a couple of hours with Albert.


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It’s a Book!

Dear Constant Reader,

I’m pleased to announce…

If you preordered a copy through Kickstarter and I know that you are going to be at The Expo, your copy will be at the registration desk when you check in.

For all my other backers, I’ll get those books in the mail as soon as I can, after The Expo. Thank you, lovely backers, so much for your support!

If you are a performer or teacher at The Expo, you’ll be getting a copy of my book in your goodie bag!

There will also be some copies for sale at The Expo. If there’s an Expo merch table, you can find them there. Otherwise, track me down.

Post-Expo, books will be available at B.A.B.E. and I’m making a little shop at minamurray.com.

I hope my little book delights you!


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Dear Constant Reader,

Thanks to the wonderful Kickstarter backers my little book is bigger than I expected and will have color pages! Thank you all so so much!

We’ve set two more stretch goals. If we reach $1250 (and we’re only $150 away) all the backers will get a lovely bookmark with useful information. If we manage to reach $1500 (which was beyond my wildest dreams when we started this), the first 100 backers will get a beautiful brass bookmark!

So, please, if you aren’t a fabulous backer yet, pre-order your book before Friday or spread the word, because if we reach those goals, everybody wins!


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Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! I’ve got some really exciting news before we get to your tip!

For more than four years, I’m been writing these tips here for you. Now I’ve collected some of my favorites (and winnowing them down was so painful!) into an attractive volume. That’s right, I’m publishing a book! Miss Mina Murray’s Little Book of Better Burlesque will be available in March! I’m so excited!

You can preorder your copy by backing me on Kickstarter. If the project is funded, I’ll be producing a lovely book. If it’s over-funded, I’ll be able to include even more tips!

And speaking of tips, here’s today’s:

Oil will remove lipstick.

If you run out of makeup remover, you can use an oil that you might have in your kitchen cabinet, like olive or coconut. However, oils in food will also take off and smear around your lipstick. So avoid eating greasy foods when you’re wearing lipstick! (You can chow down on the fried chicken or BLT in the privacy of your own home — that’s what I do.)


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