Naked Girls Reading for the last time

Dear Constant Reader,

Please vote for The Boston Babydolls once a day every day! Voting closes on Friday!

This Saturday night, Naked Girls Reading Boston will present Green and Bare It, our last salon. Yes, you heard me right. Naked Girls Reading HQ has decided not to renew our license. They “just aren’t convinced that the Boston chapter is positioned to remain a viable part of Naked Girls Reading moving forward”. I’m not quite sure what that means.

As befits Boston, we’re going out on an Irish note! All the readings celebrate the Emerald Isle in some way. We’re going to have another Choose Your Own Adventure reading with audience voting. And there will be a selection from Andrew Shaffer’s new book, Literary Rogues: A Scandalous History of Wayward Authors. Personally, I’ll be reading from Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes and some poetry by W.B. Yeats.

You can buy tickets here to see myself, Lady Gray, Vikki Likkerish, and Jena Kitten reading naked for the last time.

If you think Boston deserves to continue to have a chapter of Naked Girls Reading, drop a note to the new managers, Elly & A.J., at Maybe, just maybe, with enough support, they’ll change their minds.

As a thanks for your support of Naked Girls Reading (and for voting yet again) here is my favorite naked reading picture.



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Expo: Parties

Dear Constant Reader,

The past weekend was The Great Burlesque Exposition of 2012. It’s awfully hard to come back to reality after such an amazing weekend, so I’m going to try to prolong the delight by telling you all about it in little bites.

Todays bite is about parties! Every day of the Expo there’s a special event (besides the shows, classes, and exhibit hall). It’s hard being a glamour girl all day and night — we need a chance to unwind!

Friday night is Naked Girls Reading where we get Naked Girls from all different chapters — this year we represented Boston, New York, and Toronto. You can read all about it at the NGR Boston blog.

Saturday night there was a pool party with fabulous surf music from The Waveriders. Everyone was dancing or swimming or dancing while swimming (hi Babydolls!). We loved the surf version of “Bad Romance”!

Sunday afternoon I hosted a tea party and got to wear my Easter bonnet and frilly apron. Big, big thank you to MEM Teas for providing the delightful Golden Green, Blue Flower Earl Grey, and Decorated Rooibos teas! (it’s really hard for me not to type “tease”)

More about the Expo to come!

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Naked Girls Reading Salon: Literary Boston

Dear Constant Reader,

Vote for the Boston Babydolls!

The Boston chapter of Naked Girls Reading (of which I am the hostess) held a salon on Saturday with the theme “Literary Boston”. If you’d like to see what we read, go to the NGR Boston blog. You can always see everything we’ve ever read in the Naked Girls Reading Boston Book Club, linked in the sidebar of this blog.

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2011 recap

Dear Constant Reader,

My friend Holly Rebelle of Burlesque Noir (New Mexico) recently blogged about her year past in burlesque and I thought it was a great idea. Let’s see how much I can remember.

The Boston Babydolls put on a light revue called Hot Dates with a calendar theme. Highlights for me are introducing my “Champagne on Ice” act and wearing my mink coat in the finale. Betty choreographs it such that at no time did the coat ever touch the ground, but was passed from hand to hand until hung up by the stage kitten.

Naked Girls Reading Boston participates in the chapter-wide theme of “Love Stinks!”, sponsored by Great Philosophers Who Failed At Love. We are the only group to have the (clothed) participation of the author.

Mr. Cupid’s House of Love brings us a couple of milestones. Evie Sphinx becomes an official troupe member. The sultry songstress Alissa joins us for her first show. I perform an aerial act. Scratch is in our finale, dancing.

The Expo! I finally perform my tribute to April March. I’m not sure I have ever been so nervous in my entire performing career, trying to do April’s act in front of her.
Also, the Boston Babydolls win “Best Burlesque” from the Boston Phoenix.
And we perform at the launch party for the new comic Teenage Satan.

May and June
We throw a victory party for our Best of Boston win from the Phoenix, but mostly we begin preparations for Madame Burlesque: An Evening of Tributes, our most ambitious show at the time. We launch a Kickstarter campaign, build a giant oyster, and have fabulous photos taken. But most importantly, we cast Brigitte Bisoux and Corinne Southern.

Madame Burlesque at home and on the road! It’s our first real tour and we have so much fun. 4 states in 4 weeks! Whose idea was it to bring a giant oyster? That thing doesn’t exactly pack small!

B.A.B.E. moves! A larger space, just down the hall, opens up in our building and we take it. Scratch spends most of the month turning it from drab industrial space to a lovely dance studio, including a new dance floor and storage room.

At long last The Wrathskellar has a home! After months of searching, Scratch finally finds a vacant storefront in which to build our creepy tavern. He and a very small team of talented carpenters along with a lot of very unskilled labor from the Babydolls do the impossible in about two weeks.

It’s all The Wrathskellar all the time. We come to see that dirty, chilly space as our second home. Also, the birth of Sunday Socials. We welcome Brigitte Bisoux as an official Boston Babydoll.

We win “Best Burlesque” from the Weekly Dig and arrive at their award party in Scratch’s 1956 Packard.
Scratch thinks it’s a good idea to hold the Burlesque Marathon again. Much sleep deprived fun is had by all.

Naked Girls Reading presents an epic marathon reading of A Christmas Carol. We had no idea it would take so long…

And what are we up to now? Getting ready for Unlucky in Love. Live music, live singers, partially-clad dancers!

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Naked Girls Reading: A Christmas Carol

Dear Constant Reader,

Just a brief note…

You can read all about our most recent salon here.

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I’m in the newspaper (naked)

Dear Constant Reader,

The Boston Metro did a little piece on the upcoming NGR salon that I’m hosting.

Naked Girls Reading may change your thoughts on Dickens
Published: December 13, 2011 5:57 p.m.

It’s that time of year again: a time for baking cookies, attending tree lightings and wrapping gifts. And don’t forget to attend a reading of your favorite holiday tale, “A Christmas Carol,” by Naked Girls Reading. Baby Jesus shouldn’t be the only one allowed to go bare this December.

Naked Girls Reading was founded in Chicago and is an international group, with chapters in most major cities. The name says it all: It’s a group of naked women who love to read.

“We’ve had a lot of interesting themes, but this is the first time we’ve done Christmas,” says Boston chapter hostess Mina Murray, who has been a reader since NGR hit the Hub.

The Girls’ holiday event is at Outpost 186, which only seats 35. Murray says this suits their birthday suits.

“I think it’s a much more intimate space,” she says. “There is very little barrier between the audience and the performers.”

That’s what Murray likes about reading: No matter the size of the audience, the lack of clothing gives listeners fewer distractions.

“I find that people in the audience, after the initial ‘Oh my goodness, they’re naked,’ I think they hear the words better. Nothing stands between the reader and the book.”

If you go

‘Do you look fabulous naked?’ Who cares?

Mina Murray isn’t new to bearing it all onstage. Her history with burlesque dancing and sitting as a nude artist model gives her the confidence to read clearly and calmly on stage.

“Appearing before an audience with little to no clothing on is not new,” she says. “I really enjoy speaking out loud. What’s great is getting other people involved.”

It’s not all about how good one may look without any clothes on, either.

“We’re not so much interested in the ‘Do you look fabulous naked?’ but how good of a reader you are,” Murray says.

Naked Girls Reading ‘A Christmas Carol’
Saturday, 8 p.m.
Outpost 186
186½ Hampshire St.,

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Gift Giving

Dear Constant Reader,

The winter gift giving occasion of your choice is almost upon us. May I suggest a few ideas for those gifts to give?

The obvious answer is a class at The Boston Academy of Burlesque Education! Just send me an email and I can prepare a lovely gift certificate for one of our class series or even a private lesson.

If you’re a hands-on sort, consider taking our Fabulous Fascinators workshop and learn to make 2 beautiful hair ornaments, suitable for gifting (or keeping). Register right now — the workshop is tomorrow!

For a little something to get you in the holiday spirit, how about Naked Girls Reading: A Christmas Carol this Saturday? There are only about a dozen tickets left for this intimate event.

It’s never to early to think about Valentine’s Day. If you buy tickets now for Unlucky in Love, the Boston Babydolls’ next show, and use the code xmas you can get $20 tickets for half price.

But enough self-serving suggestions…

Personally, I feel the best present is a good book. I’m fortunate to count amongst my friends several talented authors. Please take a look at the Supporters section of the Boston Babydolls Library and consider one of the books (and ebooks) there. There’s science fiction, fantasy (of the sorcery variety), fantasy (of the erotic variety), true crime, history, paranormal romance, and at least one that defies categorizing. Something for everyone on your list!

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Naked Girls Reading: A Christmas Carol

Dear Constant Reader,

Please join the literary ladies of Naked Girls Reading Boston for a little holiday cheer!

On December 17th NGR Boston takes over the intimate confines of Outpost 186 for an evening of holiday cheer with a reading of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol.

Doors open at 8:00 p.m. for a pre-reading reception, and the reading begins at 8:30 p.m. The reading is about two hours long and there will be two breaks.

There are only 35 tickets, so we recommend you get them in advance (and you’ll save some cash too!).

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