The Golden Pasties

Dear Constant Reader,

I believe I neglected to tell you that I had been selected to perform at The New York Burlesque Festival. I am incredibly excited! There’s a lot of competition for a relatively few slots and this year happens to be the 20th anniversary.

I’ll be performing Thursday night at The Bell House (where I’ve performed at previous NYBFs) with Whole Lotta Mina, which you may have seen if you were at the most recent Expo or if you’re one of my Patrons.

This all means I am eligible for a Golden Pastie award! Nominations are open until September 11 and then voting starts. I’ve decided to concentrate my efforts on being nominated for The Producers Dream Award (for the performer who is never late and always sends their music on time) and for The Dorian Gray Award (for the performer who looks younger now than when they started performing) (maybe not younger, but enough people have said I look much the same as when I started this burlesque stuff over a decade and a half ago).

So, I am asking you, Dear Reader, to please nominate me in those two categories. If I am fortunate enough to be a finalist, you will surely know. I have never won a burlesque award and despite the silliness, a Golden Pastie would mean a lot to me.

Thank you in advance,


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A Little More from the New York Burlesque Festival

Dear Constant Reader,

I was delighted yesterday to see that Burlesque Beat had posted some more photographs from the Thursday Night Teaser Party, taken by Olena “Photolena” Sullivan. I was particularly delighted that I was the cover girl.

All the photos are terrific and she summed up each act in about 30 words. You really should go look at them all. However, I know, Constant Reader, that you read these letters just to hear all about ME, so here you go:

V is for Vixen
A beautiful woman stands in her luxurious dressing gown, teasing with peeks of skin here and there. With a change behind a dressing wall, Miss Mina Murray emerges for a stunning feather fan dance to charm even the coldest heart.

In my original missive about Thursday night at NYBF, I mentioned the Scan-A-Rama, but I failed to note that Scratch availed himself of their services. And a few weeks later a package arrived and…

Li’l Scratch!

*Amusing note: the original version of this act first appeared at the Boston Babydolls’ show V for Vixen, so Olena’s choice of a title is ridiculously appropriate.

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New York Burlesque Festival, Friday

Dear Constant Reader,

After the excitement of Thursday, I was ready for a more relaxed Friday. After a delightful breakfast in Brooklyn, some gaping at the fabulous view (see photo), and Scratch fielding a number of business calls (I won’t complain when it’s people who want to hire us), we headed into Manhattan to meet the lovely Mimi Mischief and go shopping.

It was mostly window shopping, but we did get some items to bling up our demon costumes. Eventually we were joined by Mimi’s very handsome swain, but too soon, it was time to return to get ready for the Friday night show. Brooklyn not being Manhattan when it comes to parking, we elected to drive, which was the right choice.

We got to Brooklyn Bowl while the opening band was playing and it was too loud for me in the main room. Happily, Delilah and her friend had a table out front and invited us to join them where it was fractionally quieter. The food was better than expected and the smoked trout salad was a real winner (thanks for the recommendation!).

The main room was *packed*, no great surprise. Thank goodness they were projecting everything on big screens or I wouldn’t have been able to see the performers from about the thighs down. We found a good spot was in the back, up a level where it was easy to see the stage and a couple of screens.

Amongst the acts that stood out for me:

  • Raquel Reed: beautiful costume and a great surprise. I thought she was wearing a full-skirted coat, but it was really wings, belted.
  • Tansy: an etherial tease in a elegant gown
  • Ivory Fox: beautiful pole work
  • Evelyn Vinyl: it was a striking act with all the electronics, but that was just icing on a really good cake.
  • Sydni Deveraux: just stunning. The embodiment of The Golden Glamazon.
  • Aero Trapeze: It was Harvest Moon and a name I didn’t catch. I was awestruck. They obviously had an agreement with gravity — they wouldn’t bother it and it didn’t bother them. So much strength & grace.
  • Apathy Angel: she blew me away with her asselling. Best I’ve ever seen.
  • Trixie Minx: a very cute first song and quite the stocking remove for the second
  • Ellie Dorado: it’s pretty obvious why she’s now the Queen of New Orleans burlesque
  • Jonny Porkpie: I really liked this number. Being a Raiders fan, how could I not love the premise. And the music was a great choice.
  • Dangrrr Doll: breakin’ the rules again…

I’m sorry we missed the Saturday & Sunday shows, but family and troupe obligations came first.


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New York Burlesque Festival, Thursday

Dear Constant Reader,

I was delighted to be accepted to perform at the New York Burlesque Festival this year, in The Teaser Party on Thursday night at The Bell House in Brooklyn. This is the same show I played 2 years ago, so I was familiar with the venue.

Thursday morning Scratch & I packed up Super Screen and the backlight and headed for NYC. Super Screen was supposed to ride of the roof, but due to one thing and another, it went into the Babydollmobile. Not ideal, as it just barely fits, but at least I didn’t have to worry about it up top.

Before going to the venue, we dropped in at Minnie Tonka’s place. Minnie had kindly opened her home to out of town performers for a little hospitality. It was a lovely gesture. She had found herself welcomed with open arms when traveling oversees and wanted to do similar. A little fresh fruit crisp, a little conversation, and it was time for my tech rehearsal.

I was pretty nervous about this act. It relies so much on other people (setting the screen, and the light, and then hitting the lighting cues). I shouldn’t have worried. I was in excellent hands with the tech crew. It even turned out that Scratch could do the lighting cues. I left the venue a lot more secure than went I arrived.

Because Scratch has excellent restaurant sense (it’s one of his superpowers), he found a barbecue place within walking distance of our parking space. I picked at a couple of lamb ribs, having returned to nervous, until we went back to the hotel for me to get ready.

With one thing and another, like the GPS having no idea how to deal with Brooklyn, we missed the first few acts and arrived near the climax of Legs Malone’s number. I honestly can’t do much of a recap of the other numbers as I was anxiously waiting for my time to go backstage.

But first, I participated in the Great Tassel Twirl Off. As many people as possible were going to get on the stage and twirl to “Bad Reputation”, led by who else — Jo Boobs.

(Filip Wolak Photography)

A few seconds in, my left tassel simply exploded. The pasties stayed on, but the tassel turned back into its component strands and fell to the stage. Still, I twirled away for the full 3 minutes with the sole remaining tassel. I know that doesn’t sound like very long, but trust me, it is. If you look very careful in the above photo, you can just see my leopard dress in the second row, between Cheeky Cheetah and Ruby Solitaire.

Before I knew it, it was time for my number. Everything went very well! The set up was fast. Super Screen worked perfectly. Scratch hit the lighting cues perfectly. And most importantly, the audience seemed to enjoy it.

(Filip Wolak Photography)

Besides being the debut of Super Screen, this was also the first appearance of what I was calling Baby’s First Merkin. For my non-burlesque readers, a merkin is a g-string without the string. I wanted to present a naked silhouette at the end of the act, without being actually naked (because one can’t be). The waistband of a thong tends to leave a little indent around the hips which is magnified in the shadow. So, I made & wore a merkin for the first time. It stayed on — I’ll call that a success!

After leaving the stage, I got a flying hug from international supermodel Sarah Hartshorne, who I was completely stunned to see. In fact it took me a moment to even realize it was her! That whole out-of-context plus dim lights plus post-performance daze. I was delighted she came out!

The rest of the show was kind of a pleasant blur as I enjoyed the acts on stage and the compliments from people off-stage, had a well-deserved drink and checked out the Scan-A-Rama.

And here’s the curtain call:

I bet you’re all dying to see my act and I won’t keep teasing you too badly. First I really need to thank a bunch of people:
Angie Pontani & Jen Gapay for inviting me to the party.
The Bishop of Burlesque & Scary Ben for making sure my set up went smoothly.
Steven Speliotis for the wonderful video.
And Scratch, for everything.


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Report from New York

Dear Constant Reader,

Remember when I said I couldn’t remember much of Thursday night’s show at the New York Burlesque Festival? Fortunately J.D. Oxblood of Burlesque Beat wrote it all down.

Of your humble correspondent, he writes: “Boston’s Miss Mina Murray doing a straight-up traditional stocking peel, lying on a bench, legs up, the whole bit”

And there are great photographs from Melody Mudd. I love this one of my end pose.
NYBF 2012 Melody Mudd

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The New York Burlesque Festival

Dear Constant Readers,

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Brooklyn for the 10th Annual New York Burlesque Festival and my first solo festival appearance.

Your humble correspondent hates to drive and will do almost anything to avoid it. However, I was performing my tribute to April March and that requires a large set piece (aka The Prop). There was no way around it — I had to drive. So, I rented a car and hit the road with The Prop in the back seat. Those of you who were following my adventures on Twitter now understand why I gleefully tweeted every time I found parking.

I was performing in the Thursday Tease Party at The Bell House. I’ll be honest with you; I don’t recall a lot of the show. I was either thinking about my upcoming appearance, getting ready for it, or giddy after it was done. I did hear Dot Mitzvah singing her operatic heart out with her award-winning “Glitter and Be Gay” number while I was backstage putting on my wig.

nybf-2012---john-paul-bichardAnd then it was time for me to go on. I was nervous, of course, but strangely calm as well. The MC didn’t mention anything about the tribute, so I hoped the audience would appreciate the act on its own merits as a recreation of early 1960’s striptease without the backstory. The whole front row was photographers, it seemed. One of whom (John Paul Bichard) caught me unclipping a garter, as you can see. The audience was fantastic — engaged, cheering, easy to flirt with.

After my act, I headed back out to watch the remainder of the show, still wearing my wig. This was partly so people could recognize me and partly because I knew my hair was a disaster under there. I got a lot of compliments on the act from fellow performers (someone called it a “beautiful leg show”) and audience members.

And then it was time to pack it all up and head out. It had started to rain at this point and I am eternally grateful to the gal whose name I have forgotten who helped me schlepp my prop back to the car. It breaks down and none of the 3 component parts are particularly heavy, but it’s not easy for one petite burlesque dancer to carry all three at once. And as I said, it was raining.

I think my adventures on Friday will wait for another missive.

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Dear Constant Reader,

Tomorrow night I have the honor of performing my tribute to April March, The First Lady of Burlesque at The New York Burlesque Festival. I’m staying to see the Friday night show and then racing back to Boston on Saturday for load-in of The Wrathskellar.

I’m sorry to be missing The Golden Pasties and all the attendant fuss on Sunday, especially since I’m a nominee (Fingers crossed for me!), but a Babydolls show has to trump everything else.

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Last Chance!

Dear Constant Reader,

Today is your last change to vote for me for The MacGyver Award Golden Pastie! No silly promises today, just that I’m thrilled and delighted to be nominated. Almost as thrilled and delighted as I am to perform my Tribute to April March, The First Lady of Burlesque Thursday night at the 10th New York Burlesque Festival!

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Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Today’s tip comes from my good friend, master costumer Rae Bradbury-Enslin, the one who taught me most of my costume MacGyver tricks.

If someone is close enough to see a mistake in your costume and comment on it, they’re close enough to punch in the nose.

P.S. And don’t forget to vote for me for The MacGyver Award !

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More Campaigning

Dear Constant Reader,

Remember that I fought tirelessly for the Personal Pastie Protection Amendment and will always support your right to wear pasties.

Vote for me for The MacGyver Award!

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