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Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! Before we get to your tip I want to remind everyone to come see me and The Boston BeauTease tomorrow in Cover Girls at The Thalia! Also, applications for The Great Burlesque Exposition go from $20 to $30 on midnight on Saturday! And now, your tip!

Tassel twirling isn’t mandatory.

Tassel twirling is unique to burlesque and it’s often expected in burlesque shows. I maintain that *anyone* can learn to do it.

However, it’s a specialized skill, a trick, and it’s not for everyone or all occasions. Tassel twirling may not suit your act or your character. You might just not like it. It’s okay. You don’t have to twirl if you don’t want to. I just ask that if you’re not twirling, you please wear pasties without tassels. There’s the expectation that if you’ve got tassels, you’re going to twirl them.

M2Like this tip? There are lots more in Miss Mina Murray’s Little Book of Better Burlesque.

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P.S. The pasties in the photo are Glorious Pasties by Cheeky Cheetah. For a special treat my Patrons also get to see them on me.

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Dear Constant Reader,

One of the glamourous things about being a burlesque dancer is getting to wear pasties — those tiny ornaments of rhinestones and tassels, magically clinging to our breasts like dazzling limpets.

When asked how we keep out pasties on, Scratch usually answers “Staple gun.” The reality is double-sided tape. Every Babydoll has her own favorite brand, but we all use tape. It’s the fastest method for changing, since you can have your pasties all prepared in advance and you just peel & stick and don’t have to wait for an adhesive, like spirit gum, to dry.

We all change our pasties at least once in The Wrathskellar. Stella & I wear 4 different pairs each over the course of the show. The tape can be a little irritating, especially as the weather gets drier. And it’s worse for those who have sensitive skin in the first place. I moisturize like crazy during the run of a show. And move the position of the tape around, so it’s not alway sticking in exactly the same place. But peeling off the tape can take a little skin with it.

So, after several days of show, I can end up with abrasions on my breasts.

I call them “boob-boos”.

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