Hanging on the Wall

Dear Constant Reader,

Back in February photographer Chris McIntosh came to Unlucky in Love. He took some photos of us on stage and off.

Friday night most of the Babydolls attended his gallery show and the first thing you saw when you walked in was this:

I was so sick during most of Unlucky in Love, but trying gamely to pose in lovely and creative ways. I was just setting up a pose when Chris said something I didn’t quite hear. I turned, raised eyebrows to say “yes?” and he snapped the shutter. I assumed it would be one of the dud shots, but it was one of the best. Someone thought it looked rather Gypsy, but I’m not sure I would go that far.

Chris is really good at capturing split-second moments like my inquiring gaze. There’s one picture of *something* that happened at the Expo. I don’t know what, but there’s clearly a good story there. That’s not to say he doesn’t take good portraits. There’s one of Serendipity Galore that makes her look like a Renaissance burlesque saint.

And this portrait:
This was the true center piece of the gallery show: Evie Sphinx as Columbine from the act “A Harlequin Romance”.

There is also a nice one of Evie and Devora together from that act, looking a bit like superheroes, but it wasn’t in this show.

By the way, Chris was working with actual film for the portrait shoots with us, so I got to see genuine contact sheets as a preview. Does my old fashioned soul good.

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We Glitter

Dear Constant Reader,

My copy of It’s All That Glitters: Portraits of Burlesque Performers in Their Homes arrived!

Why am I so excited? Because I’m in it, along with Scratch & Betty Blaize. And a whole lot of other fabulous performers.

Brian C. Janes took pictures of performers in costume, but in our natural habitats, as it were. So not only do you get to see us in all our finery (in my case, that’s a pair of fans and not much else), you get a sneak peak into our homes. Scratch was photographed in his office at Babydoll HQ and I was in my sewing room at Stately Babydoll Manor (I’m just sorry this was before I made my fabulous new curtains). Betty’s portrait is in her living room. Her dance room would have been more appropriate, but apparently too much of a challenge to photograph with the wall of mirrors.

The book should be available any day now on Amazon and in fine bookstores everywhere.

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