Upcoming Shows

Dear Constant Reader,

September was a quiet month at BeauTease HQ, but October and November are going to be mighty busy!

It all starts the first Saturday in October with a private show at a Las Vegas-themed birthday party. However, you can still see us that day. We’ll be making an appearance at the grand opening of Baby’s Bonetown BBQ in Cranston, RI right before the private show.

On Friday the 12th of October, we return to Deacon Giles for Bad Luck Burlesque II. It’ll be a little bit Halloween preview, a little on the theme of back luck, and a lot of fun!

And then it’s all Halloween. We’ll be The Castle on Charles on Saturday, October 27 with Boolesque. Devora Darling will be in this show with a brand new dance and everyone’s favorite Wrathskellar act. This may be your only chance to see the Creepy Doll this year! Monday, October 29 the Halloween festivities continue at Bill’s Bar on Landsdowne St. for Monday Masquerade.

I’ll be returning to BurlyCon after a year off to teach costume care and how to make G-strings. If we’re lucky, I’ll even have copies of my new costume book.

November 18th is Blue Plate Special, an all-day party at Down the Road Brewery with bands, burlesque, go-go lessons, and more fun stuff. I’ll be teaching and performing.

Then it’s time for the winter holidays. So far we’re booked at Woody’s in Greenville Junction, ME for Brrrlesque. More venues and dates for this show are coming soon.

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Dear Constant Reader,

July was a quiet month, but things heat up in August.

On Saturday The Boston BeauTease will be making a rare appearance in Brattleboro, VT with our new show, This Guy Walks Into a Bra…. We’ll be performing striptease, magic, and singing as usual, but we’ll also be adding in some old-fashioned burlesque comedy sketches. We’ve been describing it as “modern women and vintage comedy” and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it. You’ll see all your favorite BeauTeasers plus our apprentices stripping *and* talking.

Next I’m off to the Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival!

I’ll be performing Friday night and teaching “Who’s Who in Classic Burlesque” Saturday afternoon!

If you’re not going to be in Winnipeg on Saturday the 18th, why don’t you join the rest of the BeauTease for The Bananaz Variety Hour at the Deacon Giles Speakeasy Lab in Salem? There will be bananas, singing, dancing, comedy, magic, bananas, and more. (Due to my well-known hatred of bananas, I’ve been forced to flee the country.)




I hinted about something fabulous that I was given at our last show. This picture is just a tiny taste of the glorious ensemble. I may blog about it someday, but for now you can see pictures of the whole thing and read all about it at my Patreon page if you are a Patron, of course (and why aren’t you?).

B.A.B.E. will be back in session in September after our summer break! Devastasia will be teaching Introduction to Burlesque and I will be showing the intermediate students fabulous things to do with a boa. In October, I’ll be teaching a bewitching choreography that’s perfect for Halloween.

I’m sure there will be more to come!

M2These writings and other creative projects are supported by my Patrons. Thank you so much! To become a Patron, go to my Patreon page.

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Upcoming Events

Dear Constant Reader,

Last night one of my students asked if I had any upcoming shows and should she check my blog for the schedule. I keep a schedule on my website, but it’s certainly not a bad thing to also post it here. This is going to be a long one…

This Sunday, July 23, I’m heading to Maine with Betty, Scratch, and one of our new interns, Artemisia Vulgaris, for a private show. It’s a Vegas-themed birthday party and I’m looking forward to wearing my new showgirl headdress.

The following Saturday, July 29th, I’m teaching and performing at the Mini Expo. You can catch me and my bathtub at the Late Night Lust show at 10:30.

The very next weekend, I’m heading to Jim Thorpe, PA for the Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival. I’ll be performing at the Friday Night Delight, then teaching two workshops on Saturday as part of the Burlesque Boot Camp. If that weren’t enough, I’ll be performing again Saturday night in The Big Reveal competition, as a soloist and as part of The Boston BeauTease. Wish me luck!

Next up: I get a blessed weekend off.

Then I hop on a plane to New Mexico for ABurlyQ! Burlesque and Sideshow Spectacular, August 17-19. I’ll be teaching Friday morning and then performing Friday night in The Wild Ones showcase. I’m there for the whole weekend (although I’m sad to miss the Sunday field trip because Southwest doesn’t offer flights after 5pm. What?).

While I’m off in the Land of Enchantment, The Boston BeauTease will be bringing you Cover Girls, an evening of familiar music with a twist. On Friday night they’re at the Deacon Giles Speakeasy Lab in Salem, MA and on Saturday at the Strand Ballroom in Dover, NH.

I’ll join the cast of Cover Girls on August 25-26 at The Thalia.

Seeing it written out like this is exhausting, but it’s going to be so much fun!

M2These writings and other creative projects are supported by my 7 Patrons. Thank you so much! To become a Patron, go to my Patreon page.

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Upcoming Events

Dear Constant Reader,

I’ve got some upcoming shows & appearances and you should come to all of them!

Think I just take my clothes off on stage? I’m also an award-winning storyteller. I bet you didn’t know that! Next Monday, the 24th, I’ll be at Story Club Boston, telling a true tale inspired by “That One Song”.

The following Wednesday, August 26th is our last regular Harburlesque show. Join me, Brigitte, Stella, and, of course, Scratch for a fun show on the high seas (or at least Boston Harbor).

I said “regular” because our very last Harburlesque show will be September 2nd and it’s going to be a blow-out for The Boston Babydolls’ 10th anniversary! All 6 Boston Babydolls will be dancing for your pleasure to live jazz from our friends in The Vudu Krewe. When you’re not watching burlesque, enjoy surf music from The Waveriders and go-go dancing from The Wrathskellar Wenches. We’ll have a special announcement at the party. Be the first to know what it is!

In September I’m thrilled to be performing at Corinne Sothern’s Burlesque Speakeasy in Providence.

And then it’s time for The Wrathskellar! Our haunting cabaret returns to the Davis Square theatre. You really don’t want to miss this year’s show. The Lost Girl will be so sad if you don’t come and you wouldn’t want to make her sad, would you?

I hope to see you in the audience soon!


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Upcoming Appearances

Dear Constant Reader,

My dance card is getting pretty darn full.

Up first, B.A.B.E. is presenting a Student Showcase on Tuesday, September 23rd! You’ll see students from the recent Burlesque Your Way class present their creations, plus some alumnae, including Delilah Spring, a founder of the Tasty Pasties, and Beau Blush & Frankie Merlot, founders of The Wortown Bombshells. We’ll have door prizes! Delicious cocktails at the bar! Tickets are only $10!

In just one week, I’ll be performing at The New York Burlesque Festival on Thursday, September 25th at The Bell House. I’m so excited to be back at NYBF and can’t wait to see some old friends. And go shopping. Because as much as there are many things about Boston that I love, it can’t hold a candle to NYC when it comes to fabric shopping.

And then it’s Teaseday again! I’ll be performing at The Teaseday Club on Tuesday, October 7th. I’ll be defending my cookie and bringing out some Halloween striptease for you. Tickets are only $10 until September 30 — you know who to buy yours for!

Then I’m heading all the way across the country for BurlyCon. It was kind of a last minute thing, but the stars aligned properly so I could go. And Scratch was willing to give me his membership. This year I *might* actually leave the hotel and see people that I never get to see.

OfB-mediumThat same weekend, on October 10 & 11, many of the remaining Boston Babydolls with be presenting Out for Blood at the Shea Theatre in Turner’s Falls, MA.
The next weekend it’s my turn to appear in Out for Blood. We’ll be at The Hooker-Dunham Theatre in Brattleboro, VT on October 17 & 18.

See you soon!


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In September

Dear Constant Reader,

You will have THREE (so far) chances to see me perform in September.

First up is The Teaseday Club on Tuesday, September 2nd. I’ll be performing my newest act, The Faerie Queen, and an act to be chosen by you, my Constant Reader. Get your pick in by midnight tonight! And buy your tickets before midnight and save $5.

Betty Blaize, Scratch, and I will be appearing at The House of Mood in Pawtucket, RI on September 13th. I don’t have the details yet, but I’ll certainly let you know.

Here’s a special bonus: on Tuesday, September 23rd, B.A.B.E. is presenting a Student Showcase! You’ll see students from the current Burlesque Your Way class present their creations, plus some alumnae coming back to strut their stuff.

And of course, I’ll be performing at The New York Burlesque Festival on Thursday, September 25th at The Bell House. Don’t forget to nominate me for the “I Woke Up Like This” Golden Pastie award!


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Shameless Promotion

Dear Constant Reader,

If you will permit me a moment of self-promotion…

Tonight at the Cambridge YMCA Theatre The Boston Babydolls are presenting a special preview/open dress rehearsal of Madame Burlesque. All tickets are only $10! The show will run Thursday through Saturday at the regular prices. We’ve been wowing them on the road all summer with versions of this show and we’re happy to be bring it to the home audience.

I will be performing at The Teaseday Club on Tuesday, September 2nd. Please buy your tickets in my name.

Please nominate me for the New York Burlesque Festival’s “I Woke Up Like This” Golden Pastie award! Nominations are open until August 29th and you can vote once per device.

Thank you everyone!


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Quick Reminder

Dear Constant Reader,

Tonight is The Teaseday Club! You can see Brigitte Bisoux, Ginny Nightshade, Nonye Brown-West, Stella Diamond, Zia, and Scratch on stage! You can see me in the box office! And I would much prefer you bought your tickets in advance…

This Saturday some of the Boston Babydolls and some B.A.B.E. students will be walking the runway for Kawaii Me. I hope you’ll join us!


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Latest News

Dear Constant Reader,

I bet you’re wondering what’s going on in the wonderful world of your humble correspondent. Or not, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

On Saturday afternoon, the Boston Babydolls have a private show down in Rhode Island. Depending on how tired I am after that, I might attend a gender-swapped staged reading of The Taming of the Shrew.

Monday night, March 31st, is Burlesque Through the Backdoor at The Burren in Davis Square. Door are at 7:30PM and tickets are $15 for general admission and $25 for reserved front row seats. We’ll be presenting a number of our favorite acts, with striptease, singing, tapdance and more. And you’ll see the debut of our backup dancers, Elyse and Olivia!

The very next day, April 1st (no fooling!) is The Teaseday Club! You’ll see burlesque from the hard-working Ginny Nightshade, Victoria Van Layer from The Beat City Beauties, and Cookie Queen Brigitte Bisoux. Also bellydance from Zia, comedy from Mike Lemme, and I’m sure Scratch will do something impossible again. Tickets have gone up to $15, but you can still buy them in advance (which makes things much easier on the box office gal) and support your favorite performer. [EDIT: Whoops! Ginny Nightshade will be performing in May. Stella Diamond will be appearing in April.]

Yes, that’s 3 shows in 4 days.

And B.A.B.E. continues to be busy! We have a brand-new website! It’s a work in progress, but what isn’t…

In April BABEfit is on Mondays at 6:00PM. Your lovely instructors will be Mandy, Brigitte Bisoux or Devora Darling, depending on which week it is. Registration is only $12 in advance and $15 at the door.

Introduction to Burlesque with Mandy follows at 7:00PM. The Early Bird Pricing is still in effect until next Monday — all 4 classes are only $85! Sign up now and save.

I’m sorry to say that “Putting It All Together” with Brigitte Bisoux is completely sold out. The lucky few who signed up are going to have an amazing time!

There’s a rumor that the next Beyond Basic Burlesque series is going to be on chair dance. I’ll keep you posted…

And that’s the news!


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Busy Boston Babydolls

Dear Constant Reader,

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what was going on with your favorite burlesque troupe in December.

On December 2nd, Brigitte, Devora, Scratch, special guest Corinne Southern, and I will be at UConn, entertaining the students before the dark pre-finals days. I’m irrationally excited about this show because Connecticut is the only New England state in which we have *not* performed. And my home state.

The very next day, December 3rd is Teaseday! Come on down to The Teaseday Club at The Davis Square Theatre. It’s likely I will be in the box office.

December 13th, all The Boston Babydolls will be at Laugh, the comedy club at the Westin Waterfront with Brrrlesque.

The next night, December 14th, Brigitte and I will be doing a little pre-show entertainment at the midnight showing of Bettie Page Reveals All at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.

The following Saturday, December 21st, we’ll be down in Rhode Island at the House of Mood for another performance of Brrrlesque with special guest Dagny Vanderlust. In fact, will we giving *two* performances, one early, one late.

We’re back with our last performance of 2013 (maybe, there’s always a chance to squeeze in one more) on December 30th in The Ruby Besler TWISTED Holiday Cabaret at The Burren. Two shows, so you have no excuse.


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