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Dear Constant Reader,

The past weekend was The Great Burlesque Exposition of 2012. It’s awfully hard to come back to reality after such an amazing weekend, so I’m going to try to prolong the delight by telling you all about it in little bites.

Todays bite is about parties! Every day of the Expo there’s a special event (besides the shows, classes, and exhibit hall). It’s hard being a glamour girl all day and night — we need a chance to unwind!

Friday night is Naked Girls Reading where we get Naked Girls from all different chapters — this year we represented Boston, New York, and Toronto. You can read all about it at the NGR Boston blog.

Saturday night there was a pool party with fabulous surf music from The Waveriders. Everyone was dancing or swimming or dancing while swimming (hi Babydolls!). We loved the surf version of “Bad Romance”!

Sunday afternoon I hosted a tea party and got to wear my Easter bonnet and frilly apron. Big, big thank you to MEM Teas for providing the delightful Golden Green, Blue Flower Earl Grey, and Decorated Rooibos teas! (it’s really hard for me not to type “tease”)

More about the Expo to come!

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Dear Constant Reader,

Please click and nominate the Boston Babydolls for “Best Burlesque” and Naked Girls Reading for “Best Literary Gang”. Thank you!

It happens, from time to time, that even the most glamourous diva is felled by the common cold. Yes, I’m sick. Fortunately, I have leopard-print pajamas, high-thread count sheets, an advance proof of Victims, and plenty of tea.

It’s tea I actually wanted to write about.

I love tea and the rituals associated with it. And the food served with it. I prefer Darjeeling, with lemon, no sugar. And cucumber sandwiches (I’m a traditionalist that way). Maybe when I’m feeling better, I’ll share my recipe for scones.

The one thing that makes me completely crazy is those who call afternoon tea “high tea” because it sounds grander. Afternoon tea is the dainty meal with finger sandwiches, scones, and petit fours. It’s the one with the fine china and the good silver. Ladies wear hats.

High tea is more substantial meal, served as a substitute for supper. Common high tea dishes are Welsh rabbit, beans on toast, or scrambled eggs. Think simple, comfort foods that go well with a mug of tea.

High tea is so called because it is eaten at a high dining table, not because it is a high occasion. Thusly, afternoon tea can also be called “low tea”, since it’s taken at a low tea table. It’s counterintuitive, but there’s no reason to mix them up once you know.

I will be hosting an afternoon tea at The Great Burlesque Exposition on Sunday at 4. Please join me. I should be feeling better by then…

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