Teasing Tonight

Dear Constant Reader,

I’ll be performing tonight at The Teaseday Club! I was in the first show and every now and then I’ll make an appearance. I just realized that last month was the 4th anniversary. I suppose I should have performed then…

My co-stars tonight include Cookie Queen and singer Carla Carletti, comedienne Nonye Brown-West, and all the way from Chicago, burlesquer Mister Twister Maximus Sinsation. With those folks in the cast, I know it’s going to be a terrific show.

I’ll be bringing you two classic acts tonight. If you want to see something new from me, come to The Big Time on May 19 and 20 at The Thalia. There may be some teasers here in the days to come or maybe just for my Patrons.

M2These writings and other creative projects are supported by my Patrons. Thank you so much! To become a Patron, go to my Patreon page.

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BeauTeaseday 8/2/16

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s been quite a while since the BeauTease took the stage for a full show. I think the last one was R&J: A Shakespearean Burlesque all the way back in February. So when Scratch proposed a take-over of The Teaseday Club we were all pretty excited. Some of us decided to pull out some old favorite acts and some used the opportunity to create new numbers. And here’s how the show went…

  • Betty Blaize, Devora Darling, and I opened with a playful trio to “Stompin’ at the Savoy” by Benny Goodman.
  • Pearl Buttons did a sultry striptease to a pair of Nina Simone songs.
  • Because The Teaseday Club is usually a variety show, Brigitte and Scratch provided a vintage burlesque comedy bit.
  • Then Brigitte did a funny (and dirty) number about how she learned to love spinach. At least that’s what the song says. Brigitte might have been thinking of something else.
  • Devora presented our version of Gypsy Rose Lee’s The Stripteasers Education, which tonight was more tease (and talk) than strip.


  • Betty debuted a new act with a flame-themed costume and a fiery attitude.
  • Brigitte showed off her tap dancing skills (and crystal-encrusted tap shoes) to Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood”.
  • Pearl Buttons and Scratch did another comedy bit.
  • Pearl Buttons presented a brand new act. All the BeauTease have a number to something on the Shim Sham Revue album and Pearl chose “Last Call” for hers.
  • For a change of pace, Betty Blaize danced with Wings of Isis. She has two versions on this number and everyone was reminding her backstage that this was the non-stripping version.
  • I took advantage of the fact that this wasn’t technically a BeauTease show, to do something a little different. I presented the act created for Peepshow Menagerie’s David Bowie tribute show in February and never performed on this coast. It’s an impressionistic piece with a swirly veil to my favorite Bowie song: “Life on Mars”.


  • Last year we all participated in The Mystery Box Challenge and some acts were more successful that others. Devora liked her song, but really nothing else about the resulting number. She started all over again and became a sweet clown with misbehaving hands. Tonight was its first time on stage.
  • Brigitte and I did one of my favorite duets: Mistress and Maid. Originally created for The Wrathskellar, it’s a little more humorous than you might expect for that dark abode. Although I do get to spank Brigitte with a hairbrush.
  • Scratch performed a minor miracle with a deck of cards.
  • Betty, Devora, Pearl, and Scratch did another comedy bit.
  • Betty, Devora, and Pearl closed out the show with a jewel box number.

Normally at The Teaseday Club, the performer who has the support of the most audience members gets The Great Teaseday Cookie, but we weren’t going to compete amongst ourselves, so voting was disabled for the month. Instead Scratch awarded us all cookies!

Big thanks to Hunter on tech and Jeannie Martini the stage kitten and everyone who came out to the show! It was fantastic to have such a big and enthusiastic audience! And it was wonderful to see so many B.A.B.E. students!

Teaseday will return to normal next month.


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October Approaches

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s almost October and there is so much going on! I’m in such a tizzy because there are so many fabulous events that I’m involved with or will be attending.

First up is The Boston BeauTease (that’s us with our shiny new name) appearing at RuffleCon, an alternative fashion conference, on Friday, October 2nd. You know how much I *love* costumes and we’re bringing out some of our most elaborate ones for this show. I’m so excited to be presenting a new act with my hand-me-down Catherine D’Lish costume. Although I’ve performed in it before:
I’ve never felt like it really had its own number. Now it does. No spoilers here; you’ll just have to come to RuffleCon or wait patiently until I bring it to Boston.

Next is The Teaseday Club. I won’t be performing, but B.A.B.E. alumna Elsa Riot will! And Morning Glory will be defending her Cookie Queen title for the second month!

And then comes the event we’ve all been waiting for… The Wrathskellar returns! We’ve been thwarted in our attempts to present our long-form Halloween show for two years now. I cannot express how happy I am that our beloved decrepit cabaret is opening again. I cannot wait to become The Diva and luxuriate in the star’s dressing room again. One (un)lucky person gets to join me there each night for an intimate moment…

It’s the same story of ambition, jealousy, and murder, with the best acts of the previous four years, plus some brand-new ones and a few surprises. I just know this is going to be the best year yet!

Want a sneak preview? I’ve got a few pictures from rehearsals on Facebook, but trust me, you want to see the real thing.

As if he wasn’t busy enough with The Wrathskellar, Scratch is also directing The Woman in Black: A Ghost Play.
We saw this play in London a few years ago and were completely blown away. It’s truly scary and is one of my favorite pieces of theatre (ignore the movie — it’s not as clever or as frightening). I can’t wait to see it brought to the stage here! It’s at the Davis Square Theatre at the beginning of the week, while The Wrathskellar is on the weekends.

Lastly, but only when the calendar is concerned, is Striptober! on Monday, October 19th. It’s B.A.B.E.‘s semi-annual student showcase and this one is going to be particularly great! We’ve got senior students like Alice Azul and Sadie Hunter strutting their stuff, but also the students of Scratch’s Mystery Box class. They each received a box of items from which they had to create a brand-new routine. Here’s they are immediately after opening their boxes:
I am dying to see what they created! It’s been kept a total mystery!

Will I see you this October?


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The Teaseday Club 5/5/15

Dear Constant Reader,

I haven’t reported on a meeting of The Teaseday Club in far too long and last night was particularly exciting. And not exciting in a good way.

And then Heather reported the last minute cancellations. Scratch quickly flew into action to fill the empty spaces. We were fortunate in that the cast consisted of a comedienne who could do multiple sets, a burlesque dancer who also sang, and a stage kitten who was also a burlesque dancer (and lived near by and had someone who could gather her costume and bring it). I was the only one who couldn’t contribute to filling in.

It was kind of crazy and hectic back stage. There was much rewriting of the set list and frantic downloading of music.

This is how the set list finally shook out:

Set 1
Mina Murray: It was Cinco de Teaseday, so we thought there should be just a touch of the Latin. I did my fan dance to “Jezebel” by Frankie Lane, which has a few flamenco-type stomps in it, for fun.

Scratch performed a bit of magic involving a dollar bill being pierced by a car key.

Nonye Brown-West gave us a little stand-up comedy as well as dick pictures. Really. These were paintings that she had done of celebrities re-imagined as penises, such as “Tiger’s Wood” and “Notorious D.I.C”. Really clever stuff.

Corinne Southern sang “At Last”. This was one of those last minute additions, but you never would have known. She’s just that good.

Set 2
Nonye Brown-West opened up with more comedy and more art. Actually, at this point she had less art as several of her paintings had sold during intermission.

Corinne Southern presented her first striptease of the evening with a stunning costume from feathered robe to gem-encrusted gown to Glorious Pasties underlayer.

Scratch (with a little help from Elsa Riot) did a mystifying card trick. At least, it was mystifying to his chosen volunteer.

Elsa Riot has been The Teaseday Club’s stage kitten for a long time now, but tonight she graced the stage as a performer too. Elsa made her burlesque debut at The Great Burlesque Exposition this year and has been on a roll ever since. Just last Friday she won the “So You Think You’re a Lady” amateur competition! And tonight, with almost no warning, she jumped in to fill the vacancy left by that troublesome cancellation. She’s a terrific performer and a natural with a boa. Keep your eyes on her. Trust me.

Set 3
Corinne Southern had demonstrated that she can sing and that she can striptease, but now she put them both together with a rendition of Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” while she disrobed.

Scratch: As a visitor to The Teaseday Club, you would be familiar with Heather’s smiling face in the box office. She’s about to graduate from college and go off to parts unknown, so this was her last Teaseday. Scratch called her up to reward her for her months of service with a Teaseday Cookie of her very own and then proceeded to do a little magic with the bag it came in.

Nonye Brown-West did her final set, reading a poem about her complex feelings about herself and cake, and showed off the last of her artwork. She left with her stack of paintings and prints quite diminished. Clearly penis paintings are the art wave of the future. You read it here first.

Mina Murray: I closed out the show with a new-old act that we’re calling “French Champagne”. This is an almost complete reworking of one I’ve done before, but I think it would be barely recognizable from its debut (Hot Dates, January 2011). The concept is the same, but the music and fine details are (I hope) much improved from the previous, recent iterations.

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie? That would be a tie between Nonye and me! We shared the cookie (with an adorable double-bite that remains uncaptured by film), but she’ll be the one who’s back next month!

Everyone was terrific to work with last night. Performers and crew were complete professionals despite the chaos. We all helped each other out: sharing make-up, providing pastie tape, gifting earrings, pinning a popped seam, being cheerful and encouraging. Elsa even filmed my new act on my phone when my utter lack of planning kept me from having a real videographer there.

The Teaseday Club will return on Tuesday (of course) June 2nd!

P.S. I just found the link to Nonye’s art work. Check it out here!

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Teasing Teaseday

Dear Constant Reader,

First things first: please nominate me for the New York Burlesque Festival’s “I Woke Up Like This” Golden Pastie award! Nominations are open until August 29th and you can vote once per device.

I will be performing at The Teaseday Club on Tuesday, September 2nd. And I am going to give YOU, my constant reader, the ability to choose one of my acts! Some of my most popular acts are listed here on my website. Just comment on this post with the one you want to see and I’ll go with the majority vote*! I’ll give you until Tuesday the 26th to express your preference.

And don’t forget to buy your tickets in my name. They’re only $10 if you buy them by August 26th (that’s next Tuesday).

* Subject to reality, approval by the producer, &c.

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The Teaseday Club 6/3/14

Dear Constant Reader,

I love what I do and I try to give you a light-hearted look backstage without too many of the truly gory details. That said, last night was a real challenge and I’m going to share it with you.

There were some scheduling mishaps with the Davis Square Theatre and The Teaseday Club found itself needing a temporary home for June and July.

The Uniun, a new event space in Union Square was available and seemed to fit the bill. It was still under going renovations when we did the fashion show for Kawaii-Me in early April, but Scratch was assured it would be ready in a couple of weeks. They could provide seating and sound equpiment. However, he’d have to bring in his own lighting gear and some pipe & drape. Extra work and hassle, but we’ve certainly done it before. And it’s better than having no show.

When the set up crew arrived, they found, in Scratch’s words, a shithole. The site was still under construction, it was full of old furniture, construction debris, and other random junk, it was dirty, and there were no bathrooms. It was in no way ready to be a venue.

I got there in the late afternoon and over Scratch’s objections (“you’re dressed nicely”) began shuttling junk (a child’s bicycle, a table, some exit signs, even more) into what might someday be a bathroom. We swept up as best we could.

We shifted the various couches and armchairs around to try to make some seating and there were a few random folding chairs. I guess that’s what they meant by providing seating. Eventually, very late in the game, some guys came and removed a small amount of junk from inside and outside the space. Some of the debris was cleared from the space we’d used as a dressing room for the fashion show to make it such again.

At this point, the tech crew was trying to figure out why the sound system (which the venue provided, remember) was making everything sound like it was underwater and why one of Brigitte’s songs wouldn’t play at all. Through some wizardry Brigitte’s song was fixed, but there was something really wrong with those speakers and the sound quality was terrible for the whole show.

I was so unhappy. The students from Brigitte’s intermediate class were performing for the first time and I wanted to give them a really good experience. Fortunately, they seemed to take the situation in stride.

I need to give huge credit to Lia, Kendra, Nick, and Scratch for creating a minor miracle out of a potential disaster. Anything that was good about the show is due to them (and the performers, of course).

Thank you for bearing with my litany of complaints. On with the show!

Scratch hosted, Heather was in the box office, Lia on sound, Kendra on lights, Nick was follow spot operator, and Elyse was the stage kitten*. We also had video and photography, which I’ll share when they’re ready.

Set 1

Mina Murray: I opened the show with a fan dance to my signature song, “My Room”. I don’t do this version very often as it requires some specialized lighting, but it’s my favorite.

Scratch did something amazing, defying the laws of physics.

Bob DiCicco sang “Luck Be a Lady”, which Scratch declared was better than Marlon Brando’s version, but that’s damning with faint praise. Bob is a fabulous crooner.

Brigitt Bisoux stripped to “Tombstone Blues”, a perennial favorite.

Michele Mortensen bills herself as “The Lady Comic”, but she’s hardly ladylike in her stand-up set about sex, relationships and other adult matters.

Lastly, Scratch took a few moments to bring Pinky Petite, one of the original Boston Babydolls, up on stage. Pinky performed with us in our early shows, like The Dollhouse at Axis (back when there was an Axis), Out for Blood, our very first Halloween show, and when we competed at Miss Exotic World. She moved to L.A. where she still performs. It was great to see her again!

Then we all took a break.

Set 2
Brigitte Bisoux and Mina Murray opened the show with a little vignette we like to call “Mistress and Maid” about a naughty maid and her mistress’s skill with a hairbrush. Created for The Wrathskellar, Brigitte and I haven’t done this duet in a couple of years. We had so much fun with it!

Bob DiCicco sang “My Kind of Town” with some clever substitutions to make it local.

Michele Mortensen did some more stand-up followed by a song that sounded sort of familiar, but I don’t think those were the original lyrics…

There was a brief distraction here while Brigitte annoyed Scratch in a classic bit of burlesque comedy.

Brigitte Bisoux is the cutest ballplayer ever, stripping off her Red Sox uniform (new skirt by yours truly) to “Sweet Caroline”.

And now the moment everyone had been waiting for…

In April, Brigitte began teaching a routine to the intermediate students at B.A.B.E. They spent 6 weeks learning it from her and then diligently practiced it on their own for most of May. This was their burlesque debut. It’s a tough thing to take your clothes off in front of an audience and dance well while doing it.

They did a wonderful job! They dealt with all the glitches of the day with grace and behaved professionally backstage. Brigitte had created a terrific choreography to Postmodern Jukebox’s rendition of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and they performed it beautifully. I’m so proud of them all!

Normally this is the point where I announce the Cookie Queen, but Scratch declared that everyone was a winner and passed out cookies to all performers.

Next month The Teaseday Club will be at Naga in the back room at Moksa in Central Square. The line-up includes comedy from Nonye Brown-West, the lovely voice of Alissa Coates, burlesque from Peril S. Curves, Dagny Vanderlust in her farewell to Boston, and very special guest, Miss Hollywood Burlesque, Sheila Starr Siani!

And just to leave you with a touch of the Glamourous Life, as if this all wasn’t enough. Sometimes zippers get vicious.

This was my back after Brigitte and I rehearsed our duet on Monday and my dress was off-center when she zipped me up. I didn’t even feel it at the time. Brigitte put some cover-up make up on it last night and hopefully the audience didn’t even notice.

How we suffer for art!


* She’s a fantastic stage kitten. Not only does she work really hard and very well, she had put together an “Oh Shit! Kitten Kit” full of things a performer might need in a backstage emergency. And she had to clean up 10 dancers’ costumes and deal with the elaborate stage set up for “Mistress & Maid”. She rocks.

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Mardi Tease 3/4/14

Dear Constant Reader,

The Teaseday Club opened for members on March 4th. As it turns out, that was Mardi Gras (for real) so there was an extra big show. There were beads for all the guest and plenty of drinking.

Scratch hosted the show. Our stage kittens were Elyse and Vanity. After 2 months off, I was back in the box office. All photos are by Peter Gordon.

Set 1
Dagny Vanderlust, reigning Cookie Queen, performed a ballet-inspired striptease to one of her favorite songs, “Canvas Wonderland”. Despite the ballet trappings, it was still creepy. If the music sounded familiar, it’s because you’ve seen her unwrapping bondage tape from around herself to that very tune.

Matt Kona did a stand-up set (I was still in the box office at this point).

Lucie Luxe, former Cookie Queen and all-time sales champ, presented a brand-new striptease, in which she had to decide between waiting for Prince Charming and going on a life of adventure. If you know Lucie, you’ll know which one she chose. The music was, appropriately, “Royals”, a rendered by the Vitamin String Quartet.

Emily Hect brought a little Big Easy to our Mardi Gras celebrations by singing “Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?”. I was back in the box office, but I could hear her, no problem. She’s got one powerful voice.

Brigitte Bisoux, holding the title of Cookie Queen most frequently, showed us the morning after. She lovely removed her night attire with the help of some “Black Coffee” (the song, as well as the beverage). After slowly getting dressed after her night of debauchery, she realized she just wanted a little more and undressed again to “Sugar in My Bowl”.

Set 2
Nonye Brown-West started things off with a stand-up set.

Lucie Luxe presented another new act. I was looking forward to this one because she had announced that was going to show off a big trick — I was dying to know what it was. She used “Here Comes the Sun” and I think we all could sympathize with her desire for better weather after this winter. And the big trick? One-sided tassel twirling!!

Scratch just wanted to make a drink, but his vermouth bottle and glass kept switching places. Then the bottle magically just kept multiplying. All to the tune of, of course, “It’s Martini Time”.

Vikki Likkerish, wearing little more than a string of balloons around her hips, danced to “Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing”, a favorite of mine.

Matt Kona closed things out with more comedy.

Set 3
Vikki Likkerish did a number I’d never seen before, stripping out of a stunning multi-layer costume in Mardi Gras colors to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” as done by Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox. Brigitte will be using this amazing song in her Beyond Basic Burlesque class in April (and students have to opportunity to perform to it at the June Teaseday Club)! Please forgive the brief commercial plug.

Emily Hecht sang “Mercy On Me”. That woman has such an amazing set of pipes. I think half the audience was scared and the other half fell in love.

Dagny Vanderlust presented a brand-new act. She had workshopped it for The Boston Babydolls the previous week and I was looking forward to seeing it in its finished format. No pictures of this one because she was wrapped in a black cloak and then you got to see everything and I don’t like to post pastie pix (go to the show for that).

Nonye Brown-West did her second comedy set.

Brigitte Bisoux finished off the night with a look toward Spring. And here in Boston, that means one thing — Opening Day. Brigitte was the cutest member of the Red Sox as she stripped off her uniform to, what else, “Sweet Caroline”. It was freakin’ adorable and contained a little dance in-joke for Betty Blaize.

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie?

No surprise, Brigitte Bisoux. You’ll see her again on April 1st, along with Ginny Nightshade, Victoria Van Layer, Zia, and Mike Lemme. Get your tickets now while they’re still only $10!


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The Teaseday Club 12/3/13

Dear Constant Reader,

The Teaseday Club opened for members on December 3rd. Sadly, there were only about half the number of guests as in previous months. The late Thanksgiving really messed with everyone’s schedule, but those who were there got a real treat! Once again I was in the box office, so my reporting is a little spotty.

Scratch hosted the show. Our stage kitten was Naughtia the Elf. Photos were taken by Aaron Macks.

Set 1
Lucie Luxe, reigning Cookie Queen, reprised her chair dance to “Toxic”.

Rory Raven brought up an audience member and showed her his long Christmas wish list. She was asked to choose where he should cut it and then read off the item at the top of the new shorter list. Another audience member was summoned to whom Rory had given a sealed envelope before the show started. She opened the envelope and read off the very same item from the list. Amazing!

Vikki Likkerish performed an act I haven’t seen in a long time. She danced out to “Almost Like Being in Love” wearing pajamas & slippers and carrying a toaster (what the heck?). After stripping to a more showgirlish outfit (including heels!), she gleefully climbed into a bathtub and dropped in the toaster. And shimmied and shook as she was “electrocuted”.

James Earl Bones appeared at The Teaseday Club for the first time. He performed in the second year of “The Boston Babydolls’ Out for Blood” and boy, has his act become even more polished and impressive. I couldn’t do it justice. Let’s just say it involved comedy, stripping, feats of flexibility (he passed his body through unstrung rackets of increasingly smaller sizes) and balance, and tasticle* twirling.

Set 2
Peril S. Curves opened up the second set in one of her elaborate costumes. I only caught a glimpse because someone wanted a ticket.

Scratch did a little bit of the impossible by making a bottle of booze vanish. Not the contents — the whole bottle.

Lucie Luxe performed a humorous striptease to the old classic “The Stripper”.

Alissa Coates sang “How High The Moon”.

Vikki Likkerish performed her crowd-pleasing Muff ‘N Mix.

Set 3
Rory Raven returned and I think did something miraculous with a deck of cards. Once again, someone had the impeccable timing to need a ticket right at the start of a set.

James Earl Bones astounded and appalled the audience with some contortion. This was not pretty, I-can’t-believe-she-can-sit-on-her-own-head, Cirque de Soleil contortion. This was freakish, painful-looking contortion that made you wince. And hearing him calmly announce, in his Australian accent, that is was going to dislocate his shoulders now, made it even worse. Yet, no one could look away.

Alissa Coates, seasonally appropriate, sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

Peril S. Curves closed out the show to her gloriously showy Fan(ny) Dance. I think this was the first time a merkin** graced the stage at The Teaseday Club. Well, graced a performer on the stage. It stayed where it was supposed to.

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie?

For the first time in the history of The Teaseday Club we had a tie! The cookie was shared by Lucie Luxe and Peril S. Curves! You’ll see them both on January 7th.

*It’s a thing. Just ask Jonny Porkpie. And yes, the tassel was exactly where you think it was.
**Think g-string without the string. Now stop thinking about how it stays in place.

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The Teaseday Club 11/5/13

Dear Constant Reader,

The Teaseday Club has moved to the *first* Tuesday of every month. Mr. Scratch once again hosted the show, Brigitte Bisoux was stage kitten and yours truly was in the box office.


(All photos from Mystic River Studios by Rich Jarvis Photography)

Set 1
Matt Donaher opened the show with a little stand-up. He’s a very funny guy and I’m glad he returned to the Teaseday Club stage.
Corinne Southern brought us a classic balloon pop act to the classic song “Bumps and Grinds”. And some lucky guy in the front row got to pop a few of her balloons!
Sally the Altar Boy presented a beautiful glow-poi spinning act. It was one of those cases where the audience sat in an appreciative silence at the loveliness. He later told me it had been created for Zehara Nachash’s show Animus where he took the role of fireflies.

I was particularly excited to see this act. Lucie Luxe is an instructor at B.A.B.E. and this was her burlesque debut! She had a lot of friends in the audience and they were loudly approving for her first strip on stage.

Set 2
Sally the Altar Boy, in honor of the day (it was Election Day), campaigned and spun poi to Elected. Bigitte and Stella wiggled, held up signs, and passed out American flags. The audience cheered and waved their little flags. I’m a big Alice Cooper fan, so it was extra fun for me.

Lucie Luxe returned with a chair dance. I recognized most of those moves from the chair dance course at B.A.B.E. and I was delighted to see how she put them all together.

Scratch performed a scientific experiment involving heat and a deck of cards. The audience was supposed to be able to make the chosen card rise to the top of deck through the thermal powers of thought alone. Not surprisingly, it didn’t work. However, I can’t tell you what the pay-off for the act was as someone arrived very late and wanted to buy a ticket.

Corinne Southern, dressed as Eve and adorned with a snake, tempted the audience in all sorts of ways before succumbing to the apple. Corinne has some mighty slinky floor moves.

Matt Donaher returned for another stand-up set.

Set 3
Samantha Farrell, last month’s winner of The Great Teaseday Cookie, performed the entire last set with her band and a little burlesque from The Boston Babydolls.

She opened with an original song “Trouble You Need”, which she wrote in tribute to Benjamin Franklin. It’s much sexier than that sounds. Stella Diamond certainly thought so.

Then she sang “Sugar in My Bowl” and “Shake”, another original song, written because her mother complained that she had no songs you could “shake your ass to”. This one you certainly can. All the Babydolls back stage were doing just that.

Lastly she sang “Temptation” while Betty as Gambling Addiction, Devora as Intoxication, and myself as Inappropriate Lust tempted the audience. Samantha even joined us for a few dance steps!

We had so much fun!

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie?

Lucie Luxe! You’ll see her again next month on December 3rd.


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The Teaseday Club 10/8/13

Dear Constant Reader,

The Teaseday Club opened again this past Tuesday and again your Faithful Correspondent was in the Box Office. We had quite the crowd, so I was hopping well into the first set. (For future reference, folks, box office and bar open at 7pm, doors open at 7:30, the show actually starts at 8. Getting there at 8:15 and paying with a credit card just annoys everyone.) Mr. Scratch once again hosted the show.

(All photos from Mystic River Studios by Rich Jarvis Photography)

Set 1
Anthony Capobianco opened the show with a little stand-up. I was in the Box Office, still taking tickets at this point, so I missed pretty much all of his routine.
Brigitte Bisoux, reigning Cookie Queen, did a classic glove-and-gown strip to “Tombstone Blues”. Again, I was working, but I’ve seen this one before. As with everything Brigitte does, even the simplest movements look particularly dirty. I was amused that Dita used a version of this song when riding her mechanical bull on Sunday night.

Peril S. Curves was an adorable waitress in Sticky Buns. Stella, the stage kitten (in yet another delightful corset), laid out some tarps, which was enough to make me nervous and curious. Persil ices the buns on the table, as you can see in the photo. And then ices her own buns. I was only watching on the monitor, which doesn’t give a good view of the whole performance area, but I gather there was flying frosting everywhere!

Samantha Farrell and her band performed two songs, “Temptation” and one she wrote in honor of Benjamin Franklin. That’s nowhere near as strange as it sounds. By the way, the fellow playing bass next to her is Dave D’aranjo, creator of “The Wrathskellar Theme” and “April’s Blues” (2011).

Set 2
It’s Halloween season, so Delilah Spring of The Tasty Pasties performed “I Put A Spell On You”. Despite the fluffy pink fans, Delilah was uncharacteristically in black. This is a song, by the way, that the Babydolls are prohibited from using. Our very first Halloween show (Out for Blood 2005), I believe every single performer asked Scratch if she could use that song, so nobody got to. And so it stands to this day.

Baseema performed a bellydance with zills (that’s the Turkish name for finger cymbals. Consider the day lost in which you learn nothing.) to “Desert Rose”.

Anthony Capobianco provided some more comedy. This time I was in the audience and could actually hear the set. Honestly, we’ve had funnier at The Teaseday Club.

Scratch pulled a volunteer from the audience to help him demonstrate his super-human sense of smell with a deck of cards. She was a good sport about the whole thing.

Dagny Vanderlust brought a little creepy burlesque with a costume of latex gloves and stockings, a vinyl corset, and bondage tape. She slowly unwound the tape to Canvas Wonderland. Usually the tape is black (like her heart!) but this time it was pink! And Delilah was in black instead of her usual pink. It’s like they swapped for Halloween or something. Craziness!

Set 3
Samantha Farrell played two more songs, Nina Simone’s “Sugar in My Bowl” and a song she wrote called “Shake”, because her mother pointed out she hadn’t written any songs you could “shake your ass to”. My kind of mom. And I believe all the Babydolls do want to shake their asses to that song.

Peril S. Curves also brought a little halloween burlesque with her “Devil Bride”. Check out those amazing boots! The music was “O Fortuna” from the Carmina Burana. Scratch tried to make a little joke about Orff (the composer) being a burlesque dancer, but we never got to hear the punch line because some audience member decided it was time for a history lesson.

Bassema returned with a sword dance to “Un World Mysteriouse”. She’s an amazing sword dancer and is a real treat to watch. Just when you think she’s impressive with one sword, she adds a second.

Brigitte Bisoux closed out the show with “Alcohol”. I think this is one of Brigitte favorite numbers because she gets to wear her beloved Walter (that’s the name of the mink stole) *and* gets to stagger around the stage, smushing people’s faces into her boobs and stealing their drinks. Although, what was up with the people in the front row and their coffee? She likes to grab an audience member’s drink and down it. Seriously, who bring a cup of Dunks to a cabaret? Especially one with a bar. Anyway, it was a ton of fun to see her in her element.

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie?

Samantha Farrell*! You’ll see her again next month.

The Teaseday Club is moving to the FIRST Tuesday of the month, so the next meeting will be November 5th. Remember, remember!

* Yes, Brigitte was the runner-up. It was a difference of a single ticket. Don’t forget to support your favorite performer when you buy a ticket, it could be you that makes her (or him) a winner!

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