Good News!

Dear Constant Reader,

The Thalia got some good news last week! First the Cambridge Zoning Board granted them the variance they need to open a business in what is technically a residential zone. Hurrah! After months of waiting, more wheels can at last be set in motion.

Also the Kickstarter campaign was successful, bringing in some much needed funds. However, it’s just a fraction of what an ambitious project like this needs. If you (or your rich uncle) want to help bring The Thalia to life, you can find out more about supporting it here.


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Exciting News!

Dear Constant Reader,

If you’re in the Boston area, you probably know that there’s a dearth of small to mid-sized theatres. And there is no shortage of performers looking for space. We’ve been there…

I am so excited for the opening of The Thalia, a performing arts complex opening in Central Square, Cambridge. It will have a 99-seat theatre, a rehearsal space, and a lounge. It’s being built by theatre people for theatre people, so you know the backstage is going to be great.

I’m especially excited because we’re going to move B.A.B.E. to the rehearsal hall. While I have some regrets giving up our exclusive-use studio, having our classes right in the heart of Central Square is a win for everyone.

As with all arts projects, The Thalia needs your support, so it can turn from a vast and dingy basement into a fabulous performance space. There are three ways you can help:

1. Contribute to the Kickstarter campaign. No matter what, you should go watch the video to get the full story on The Thalia.

2. Come to the Summer Fun-Raiser on July 28th. Desserts, silent auction (including a little something from B.A.B.E.), music from Samantha Farrell, and keynote speaker Joyce Kulhawik! Tickets here.

3. Spread the word! Tell your friends, your enemies, your rich uncle about The Thalia!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress! And thank you for your support.


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