Hello new readers

Dear Constant Reader,

It seems that there are a lot more of you today. Apparently Neil’s Twitter Wife mentioned my little scribblings here.

Well, welcome all. I send out missives a couple times a week. Fridays are reserved for Friday Tips — snippets of advice about burlesque, which means performance, costuming, hair & make-up, business, and anything else I feel can benefit the burlesque entertainer. Wednesdays were usually book review day, but I’ve recently commented on the last burlesque book on my shelf. (See Wish List for what I hope to review in the future.) I’m usually quiet on the weekends because I’m performing and/or rehearsing and on Mondays because I’m too tired from the weekend.

This Saturday Brigitte and I will be performing at The 3rd Annual Salute to Bettie Page while Scratch cooks and the rest of the Babydolls serve a delicious dinner at Stately Babydoll Manor to our most generous Kickstarter patron. On Sunday I’ll be taking some workshops with Princess Farahana of Hollywood and then racing back for rehearsal. Don’t expect to hear from me on Monday.

Again, welcome to my glamourous life.

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On Being the Perfect Twitterwife

Dear Constant Reader,

Even if you are not a denizen of Twitter, you are probably familiar with Amanda Palmer and/or Neil Gaiman (if you’re not, you should be). Amanda is going on tour for her new album and wanted to make sure Neil is well taken care of while she’s gone.

The next thing I knew, all 7 Boston Babydolls were signed up to be Neil’s Twitter Wife.

We’ve already given him the petname “Twitterpie”. Now every morning (at least for the next week) we shall cheerfully send him off to work with a perky twitterbow in our charming twitterhairdo and every evening serve him an icy twittermartini after a hard day of writing.

Must dash and make sure my twitterapron is freshly starched.

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