Welcome Electrix!

Dear Constant Reader,

We have a new troupe member!

Electrix joined us as an apprentice at the beginning of the year. Previously she had taken classes at B.A.B.E. and volunteered at one of our shows. She was also performing burlesque around Boston, so her dedication to the art was pretty obvious. We had no idea at first how truly dedicated she was. You see, she lives in another state. Twice and sometimes three times a week she was driving much further than any of us, never with any complaint.

Although rather shy, she quickly jumped in, cheerfully doing whatever needed doing, like set up and break down and stage kittening. She had also been a professional theatre lighting tech (hence the name) so she was happy to be our follow spot operator when we needed it. And she loves cats a lot and Albert has reaped the benefits of her affection.

She and I first worked together when Scratch cast her as my naughty maid in “Mistress and Maid”. I was so impressed with how fast she learned the role and how hard she was rehearsing on her own time. She had video of Brigitte performing, but put her own spin on the part instead of just trying to replicate what she saw.

She made her solo debut at Surflesque in June and we decided to renew her apprenticeship for the summer. She has learned several group numbers and last weekend she debuted another solo. She’s also been making her own costumes and studying burlesque history.

As autumn approached and her apprenticeship was winding down, we thought about how hard she’d been working, how much talent she had, what a great attitude she showed, and how nice she was to be around. In other words, she felt like a member of the troupe, so we decided to make it official. We asked her to join us and she accepted!

Look for great things from this long-legged lovely!

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Welcome Artemisia

Dear Constant Reader,

I mentioned in a previous missive that Scratch asked someone something. That is, after the show at Rufflecon, we invited Artemisia to officially join the troupe. She said yes!

Artemisia Vulgaris joined our summer crop of interns in May. Of those three (dubbed “The Axis of Evil” for some reason), she was the only one who continued on into the fall. She started out as backstage help on The Big Time, but once we got to know her, we realized she was going to shine on stage. And so she has.

She made her striptease debut in a group number at a private event up in Maine this summer and shortly thereafter made her official public debut on stage at The Mini Burlesque Expo in the Opening Number and with the Axis of Evil. Soon she was creating and performing her own solos and was cast as the main character in Panties Inferno. We definitely wanted to keep working with her.

She’s multi-talented artist — dancer, singer, actor, and costumer. If that’s not enough, she’s enthusiastic and has a great (if dorky) sense of humor — in short, a joy to work with. We were all so delighted when she decided to become an official BeauTeaser.

In addition to performing with us, she can often been seen around Massachusetts singing with her band. You can see her next in December at New Year’s Tease!

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New Apprentices

Dear Constant Reader,

The Boston BeauTease have new apprentices!

From L-R, Valerie, Gin-ni, Nicole, and Artemisia!

Valerie and Nicole are both B.A.B.E. students, and Nicole also studied with Don’t Blink Burlesque in Arizona.

Gin-ni Gelato began her burlesque studies with our good friend Corinne Southern and has performed in a few local shows, including The Mini Burlesque Expo.

Artemisia Vulgaris has been an apprentice since May and has renewed her contract with us for another term.

We are so excited to be working with these ladies, teaching them the fine art of burlesque, and learning from them too!

You can see all four of them in Cover Girls at The Thalia on Saturday. Artemisia will be performing her first solo striptease as well as charming you with her lovely voice on Friday, October 13th in Bad Luck Burlesque at Deacon Giles Speakeasy Lab in Salem.

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A New Teaser

Dear Constant Reader,

I’m so excited to announce the The Boston BeauTease have a new troupe member!

Meet the devastating Devastasia!

Devastasia started as a student at B.A.B.E.. She completed three of our advanced act creation courses and performed in student showcases and The Newcomers Showcase at The Expo. She also volunteered her impressive artistic skills during The Wrathskellar in 2015.

In 2016 she was cast as a maid (like a stage kitten, only creepier and with more responsibilities) in Wrathskellar Tales and she was a major part of making our set as weird and fabulous as it was.

Here’s some of her fine work!

Summoning Circle

Wall in the Contessa’s Seraglio

Left Luggage Room Sign

The Lost Girl’s Doll House

At the end of last year, she auditioned for and was invited to join our first crop of apprentices, dubbed The Irregulars, and appeared in Twenty Seven-Tease, The Great Burlesque Exposition, and The Big Time. She proved to be invaluable as an artist, a costumer, and a performer. We all had such a great time working together that we mutually decided to extend her time as an apprentice into the next term.

Since then she appeared at the Mini BurlExpo, in a group number with The BeauTease at The Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival, and in Cover Girls on tour. In light of her hard-work, dedication, and skill, and that we like hanging out with her an awful lot, it only seemed natural to invite her to join the troupe.

We’re so delighted to have such a multi-talented performer and all-around lovely person join our ranks!

See her on stage in Cover Girls in Cambridge on Saturday, September 30th and Bad Luck Burlesque on Friday, October 13th in Salem.

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