Review: The Lady is a Stripper

Dear Constant Reader,

This week marks the birthday of a lovely and truly magical lady, Dusty Summers! This is her story.

The Lady is a Stripper by Dusty Summers (2001).

To say that Donna had a lousy childhood would be an understatement. Her father was abusive, both physically and psychologically, and her mother refused to see it. Donna loved school, so her father made her quit. Finally, she ran away, and after she found someone who would listen to her woes, instead of just sending her back to her parents, she had a few years of happiness in foster care.

After an early marriage and divorce, at 18, in 1966, she found herself at the Airport Inn in Tucson applying to work as a bikini go-go dancer. Dusty Summers was born.

That was only the beginning. There were more marriages (nine total!), children, and a change from go-go to exotic dancing. Then Dusty met Professor Turban and her life changed again — she married him and he taught her magic. Abracadabra! She became Las Vegas’s Only Nude Magician.

And there’s even more, but I’ll leave that to the reader to discover.

Dusty’s story is often hard to read. The abuse she suffered from her parents and some of her husbands is heartbreaking. However, her determination, her accomplishments, and her love for her sister and daughters are inspirational. Throughout it all she was always classy, never raunchy, unashamed, completely a lady.

She’s still performing today, and if you have the chance to see her, don’t hesitate. Her magic is amazing and her performance skills are top-notch.

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